Latin term and Abbreviation commonly used in prescription writing

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Latin term AbbreviationMeaning
 adadto, up to
  ad pleasure
 addeaddadd (thou)
 agitaagitshake, stir
 alternis horisalt. h.every other hour
 anaa.a. or aaof each
 ante cibuma.c.before food, before meals
 ante meridiena.m.morning
 aqua adaq. ad.water up to
  ag. dest; aqua dist.distilled water
 aurisaur.; aear
 auris dextera.d.right ear
 aurix laevusa.l.left ear
 auris sinistera.s.left ear
 auris utroa.u.each ear
  a.t.c.around the clock
 bis in dieb.i.d.twice a day
 brachiumbrach.the arm
  BSAbody surface area
 capsulacapsa capsule
  c.c.cubic centimeter
 chartulaechartspowder papers; divided powders
 collunariumcolluna nose wash
 collutoriumcollut.a mouthwash eyewash
 congiuscong.; C.gallon
 cumc or c.with
 cum cibusc.c.with food; with meals
 denturd.give (thou); let be given
 dentur tales dosesd.t.d.give of such doses
 diebus alternisdieb. alt.every other day
 dilutusdil.dilute, diluted
  DWdistilled water
 ex modo the manner prescribed; as directed
 fac, fiat, fiantf.; ft.let it be made; make
  f.; fl.fluid
  g.; G.; gm.gram
 guttaegtt.a drop
 horahat the hour of
 hora bedtime
  i.v.; IVintravenous
  i.v.p.; IVPintravenous push
  IVPBintravenous piggyback
 liquorliq.a solution
 minimummin; Mxminim
 miscem.; Mmix
  ml.milliliter night
 naristillaenarist.nasal drops
 nebuleneb.a spray
  N.F.National Formulary
 non not repeat
  NSnormal saline
 oculentumocculent.eye ointment
 oculus dextero.d.right eye
 oculus laevuso.l.left eye
 oculus sinistero.s.left eye
 oculus utroo.u.both eyes, each eye
 omni maneo.m.every morning
 parti affectae be applied to affected part
 per mouth
 post cibump.c.after meals
  p.r.per rectum
 pro re needed
 quater in dieq.i.d.four times a day
 quaqueq.each, every
 quaque dieq.d.every day
 quaque horaq.h.every hour
 quantum sufficiatq.s.a sufficient quantity
 quantum sufficiat adq.s. ada sufficient quantity to make
 secundum artems.a.according to the art
  S.C.; subc; subqsubcutaneously
 signaSig.write, label
 si opus sits.o.s.if necessary
 ter in diet.i.d.three times a day
  tinc.; tr.tincture
 tussistuss.a cough ointment
 ut dictumut dict.; directed
Latin term & Abbreviation used in prescription


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