Pharmacy Notes D.Pharma, B.Pharma, M.Pharm & GPAT


Pharmaceutical Chemistry

List of Chapters
  1. Acid, base and buffers
  2. Antioxidants
  3. Gastrointestinal agents
  4. Topical Agents
  5. Antimicrobials and Astringents
  6. Various Iodine Solutions (Aqueous Iodine Solution, Weak Iodine Solution, Strong Iodine Solution & Iodine tincture)
  7. Dental Products
  8. Respiratory stimulants
  9. Expectorants and Emetics
  10. Antidotes
  11. Major Intra and Extracellular electrolytes
  12.  Inorganic official compounds (Iron, Iodine and Calcium, Ferrous Sulphate and Calcium Gluconate in IP) 
  13. Radiopharmaceuticals and contrast media
  14. Quality control of Drugs and pharmaceuticals/Limit Tests
  15. Identification tests for cations and anions as per Indian Pharmacopoeia

Pharmaceutical Analysis


List of Chapters


List of Chapters
  1. Cell and its structure
  2. Tissue
  3. Cardiovascular System
  4. skeleton system
  5. Respiratory system
  6. Urinary System
  7. Muscular System
  8. Central Nervous System
  9. Sensory Organs
  10. Digestive System
  11. Endocrine System
  12. Reproductive system

Health Education & Community Pharmacy



List of Chapters
  1. Pharmacological Classification of Drugs (complete)
  2. Introduction to pharmacology
  3. Routes of administration of drugs
  4. Mechanism of a drugs action
  5. Drugs acting on the Autonomic Nervous system
    1. Cholinergic drugs
    2. Anticholinergic drugs & Anticholinesterase drugs
    3. Adrenergic drugs and adrenergic receptor blockers
    4. Neurone blockers and ganglion blockers.
    5. Drugs used in glaucoma.​
  6. Drugs acting on the central Nervous system
    1. General anaesthetics
    2. Local anaesthetics
    3. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
    4. Narcotic analgesics.
    5. Antirheumatic and anti-gout.
    6. Sedatives and Hypnotics
    7. Psychopharmacological agents
    8. Anticonvulsants,
    9. Analeptics.
    10. Centrally acting muscle relaxants
    11. Anti parkinsonism agents
  7. Drugs acting on the respiratory system
  8. Autocoids
  9. Cardiovascular drugs
  10. Drugs affecting renal function
  11. Hormones and hormone antagonists
  12. Drugs acting on GIT system Theory & Classification: Peptic Ulcer, Antiemetics, Drug for Diarrhoea, Laxatives, Purgatives & Cathartics
  13. Chemotherapy of microbial diseases
  14. Disinfectants and antiseptics
  15. Hematincs/Drug used in Anaemia
  16. Important Antibiotics and Their Source

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy

List of Chapters

Drug-store and Business Management

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