Drug Inspector Previous Year Question paper

S. No.Exam conducting body
1.Bihar Drug Inspector 1998
2.DI Paper 1st (JPSC- Jharkhand)
3.DI Paper 2nd (JPSC- Jharkhand)
4.DI Paper 3rd ( JPSC-Jharkhand)
5.DI Paper 4th ( JPSC-Jharkhand)
6.DI Paper 5th ( JPSC-Jharkhand)
7.Drug Control Officer, RUHS Rajasthan 2018
8.Drug Control Officer, RUHS Rajasthan 2012
9.Drug Inspector paper, RPSC Rajasthan 1996
10Drug Inspector paper 2009
11Drug Inspector paper 2012
12.Drug Inspector PEB (Professional Examination Board) Bhopal, MP paper 2017
13.DI APPSC, Andhra Pradesh 2012
14.UPSC Drug Inspector 2015
15.Drug Inspector MP 2012
16.Drug Inspector HPPSC Paper Himachal Pradesh 2009
17Drug Inspector HPPSC Paper Himachal Pradesh 2016
18.Drug Inspector MP 2013
19.Drug Inspector 2018 (Karnataka)
20.Drug Inspector GOA 2020
21.Drug Inspector Sikkim/SPSC 2020
22.Drug Control Officer/DCO Haryana 2019
23.Drug Inspector/DI Paper 2020 HPPSC Himachal Pradesh
24.DI/ Drug Inspector UPSC 2019 Paper
25.Drug Inspector UPSC (medical device) 2018 Paper
26.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 Pharmaceutical Science/Pharmacy Paper | Ans Key
27.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 Clinical Pharmacology Paper | Ans Key
28.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 Chemistry Paper | Ans Key
29.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 MD Microbiology Paper | Ans Key
30.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 Pharmaceutical Chemistry Paper | Ans Key
31.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 General Study Paper | Ans Key
32.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2009 paper
33.Assistant Commissioner (Drug), FDA, GJ, GPSC 2020 Exam Paper with ANS Key
34.Deputy Commissioner (Drug), FDA, GPSC GJ 2020 paper with Ans Key
35.Designated Officer (Drug) Exam Paper, FDA, GPSC 2020 GJ
36.Joint Commissioner (Drug) Exam Paper, FDA, GPSC-GJ 2020
37.Senior Drugs Inspector, Food and Drugs Control Administration, GJ 2022
38.Drug Inspector Question Paper-2008, MPSC, MH
39.Drug Inspector, FDA, Exam Paper-2016, MPSC, MH
40.Assistant commissioner (Drug) Question Paper-2012, MPSC, MH
41.Assistant commissioner (Drug) Question Paper-2014, MPSC, MH
42.Assistant Commissioner-Drugs-HOD, Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor-Pharmacy Online Examination Question paper-2014, MPSC, MH
43.Drug Inspector Question Paper 11.11.2020 HPPSC, Himachal Pradesh
44.Drug Inspector Question Paper 2021 HPPSC, Himachal Pradesh
DI Exam Papers

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