AMC Pharmacist Solved Question Paper 2023 Ahmedabad

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) conducted the pharmacist recruitment exam on 5 Nov 2023.

The solved paper is a valuable resource for candidates who are preparing for the AMC pharmacist recruitment exam. It provides insights into the types of questions that are asked in the exam and the level of difficulty of the exam. Candidates can use the solved paper to practice solving questions and to identify areas where they need to improve.

The AMC Pharmacist recruitment exam is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1: General Knowledge and Aptitude Consisting of 25 questions, this section assesses candidates’ general knowledge, aptitude, and reasoning abilities.
  • Part 2: Pharmacy and Pharmacology Comprising 75 questions, this section evaluates candidates’ understanding of pharmaceutical concepts, principles, and practices.

Each question in both parts carries one mark, and there is no negative marking.

AMC Pharmacist Question Paper 2023 with Answer Key pdf: Download

AMC Pharmacist Solved Paper 2023

Paper Preview

Q.1) “Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana” (PMJAY) renamed as “Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana” (PMBJP) in which of the following year?

[a] 2015

[b] 2018

[c] 2016

[d] 2017

Q.2) Which of the following is true regarding Pharmacy Council of India?

[a] Pharmacy Council of India is an independent body

[b] Pharmacy Council of India is a statutory body under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

[c] Pharmacy Council of India is an autonomous institute under Department of Pharmaceuticals

[d] None of the given

Q.3) Who is present Director General of ICMR?

 [a] Dr. Rajiv bahl

 [b] Dr. M. Srinivas,

 [c] Dr. Balram Bhargava

 [d] Dr. V. K. Paul

Q.4) Who has launched National Policy on Research and Development and Innovation in Pharma-MedTech Sector in India and Scheme for promotion of Research and Innovation in Pharma MedTech Sector (PRIP)?

[a] Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi

[b] Hon’ble CM Bhupendrabhai Patel

[c] Hon’ble Minister, Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya

[d] Ms. S. Aparna, Secretary (Pharma)

Q.5) National Medical Commission Act, 2019 came into force on

[a] 25-10-2020

[b] 24-09-2019

[c] 25-12-2019

[d] 25-09-2020

Q.6) is recognized as the “Father of American Pharmacy.”

[a] David Walters

[b] Michael Young

[c] Jacob Esac

[d] William Procter Jr.

Q.7) to become India’s first homegrown iPhone manufacturer.

[a] Adani

[b] Ambani

[c] Tata

[d] None of the given

Q.8) The Board of Control for Cricket in India announced ____ would take over as the Indian women’s cricket head coach.

[a] Amol Muzumdar

[b] Ramesh Powar

[c] Hrishikesh Kanitkar

[d] None of the given

Q.9) World Diabetes Day is celebrated on which day every year?

[a] November 12

[b] November 14

[c] November 16

[d] November 18

Q.10) Glaucoma is a disease related to which part of the human body?

[a] Lungs

[b] Ears

[c] Eyes

[d] Heart

Q.11) Outer layer of teeth made of what?

[a] Calcium phosphate

[c] Potassium Phosphate

[b] Calcium Nitrate

[d] Sodium phosphate

Q.12) The name Ajay Banga is associated with which of the following?



[c] IMF

[d] World Bank

Q.13) Who became Asia’s first woman ‘Loco Pilot’?

[a] Sita Devi

[b] Surekha Yadav

[c] Ami Munshi

[d] None of the given

Q.14) Which organization initiated the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) system?

 [a] BCCI

[b] SBI

[c] SEBI

[d] RBI

Q.15) India got its first In vitro fertilization (IVF) mobile unit for animals in of Gujarat.

[a] Ahmedabad

[b] Dwarka

[c] Amreli

[d] Junagadh

Q.16) What is the input unit used to directly read and enter information typed or printed on paper into a computer?

[a] Scanner

[b] Digitizer

[c] Optical Code Reader

[d] Optical Mark Reader

Q.17) Which shortcut key can be used to add ‘Copyright’ logo in MS Word?

[a] Ctrl+Shift+C

[b] Ctrl+Alt+C

[c] Shift+Alt+C

[d] Alt+Tab +C

Q.18) Which of the following represents all possible examples of system software?

( I) Windows

(II) Linux

(III) Debian

(IV) Android

(V) Oracle

[a] I & II

[b] I, II & IV

[c] I, II, III & IV

[d] I, II, IV & V

Q.19) The protocol for the communication over the internet is known as


[b] TCP/IP

[c] HMT/IP

[d] CTP/IP

Q.20) What is written on the change case icon in MS Word?

[a] Cc

[b] Aa

[c] AA

[d] Bb

Q.21) Which of the following is correct regarding font typeface?

[a] Font typefaces can be divided into two types: (1) serif and (2) sans serif

[b] Times, Bookman, Century etc) are sans serif type fonts

[c] Arial, Verdana, Helvetica etc) are serif type fonts

[d] All of the given

Q.22) Shortcut-key to select entire row in MS Excel is

[a] Ctrl + Space

[b] Shift + Space

[c] Alt+Space

[d] Alt+R

Q.23) A chart that can be contained in a single cell in MS Excel is called_

[a] Sparkline

[b] Slicer

[c] Goal Seek

[d] Magic Chart

Q.24) Maximum number of slides can be printed on one page in MS Powerpoint?

[a] 4

[b] 8

[c] 9

[d] 10.

Q.25) is not a search engine

[a] Bing

[b] Baidu

[c] Google

[d] Outlook

Q.26) The provision of Import under Drugs and Cosmetics Act – 194Q. is applicable to following categories except

[a] Allopathic drugs

[b] Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani drugs

[c] Homeopathic drugs

[d] Cosmetics

Q.27) The following heavy metal have least permissible limit as per WHO and FDA

[a] Lead (Pb)

[b] Cadmium (Cd)

[c] Arsenic (As)

 [d] Mercury (Hg)

Q.28) Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding Handling of Prescription by a pharmacist according to Code of Pharmaceutical Ethics?

[a] Upon receipt of prescription, pharmacist should not show any type of expression, which create doubt or fear in mind of patient)

[b] For certain cases like incompatibility the prescription should be referred back to physician

[c] Pharmacist has the privilege to add, omit or substitute any ingredient without the consent of prescriber

[d] Pharmacist should not discuss with patients regarding therapeutic efficacy of prescription

Q.29) An individual currently registered and who works according to legal and ethical Guidelines to ensure the correct and safe supply of medicinal products to general public is called as

[a] Drug Information Pharmacist

[b] Hospital Pharmacist

[c] Community Pharmacist

[d] Clinical Pharmacist

Q.30.) Who among the following is not an Ex-officio member of the pharmacy council of India?

[a] Member elected by Medical Council of India

[b] Director General of Health Services

[c] Drug Controller of India

[d] Director of Central Drug Laboratory

Q.31) The incompatibility between soluble salicylates and acids is favoured by use of in the preparation of sodium salicylate formulations

[a] Lemon Syrup

[b] Lemon Tincture

[c] Simple Syrup

[d] Orange Peel infusion

Q.32) Example of a nonwoven filter media is

[a] Membrane filter

[b] Kraft papers

[c] Filter cloth

[d] Stainless steel filter

Q.33) GLC method as a chemical method of assay for ___ is allowed as an alternative to microbial assay

[a] Penicillin

[b] Clindamycin

[c] Rifampicin

[d] Nystatin

Q.34) Solid in gas disperse system of____ are examples of a colloidal and coarse disperse system respectively.

[a] Smoke and spray

[b] Fog and spray

[c] Foam and dust

[d] Smoke and dust

Q.35) Gastric emptying rate is generally retarded by following factors except

[a] Lying on the right side

[b] Fatty foods

[c] High concentration of electrolytes (acidic solutions)

[d] Diseases such as gastric ulcers and hypothyroidism

Q.36) Mosquitoes act as vectors in spread of one of the following diseases

[a] Rocky Mountain Fever

[b] Plague

[c] Lyme disease

[d] Filariasis

Q.37) Following lymphokine is secreted from macrophages and B cells

[a] Gamma interferon

[b] Interleukin 1

[c] Interleukin 2

[d] Tumor necrosis factor

Q.38) The early antibody produced during a primary immune response is

[a] IgA

[b] IgM

[c] IgD

[d] IgG

Q.39) Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is an example of reaction

[a] Type II hypersensitivity

[b] Type I hypersensitivity

[c] Type III hypersensitivity

[d] Type IV hypersensitivity

Q.40) The following immune-diagnostic technique was introduced first in comparison to other stated techniques


[b] Southern Blot

[c] Western Blot

[d] Northern Blot

Q.41) Jaslok Hospital, Bombay is an example of_____ type in terms of  non-clinical basis

[a] Private ownership Limited Company

[b] Private ownership Trust

[c] Public Ownership Central Government

[d] Public Ownership State Government

Q.42) Number of pharmacists required in a hospital pharmacy department of a 200 bed hospital are

[a] 10

[b] 8

[c] 5

[d] 7

Q.43) A special type of needle used for ligaturing and have a handle and a blunt curved tip

[a] Hypodermic needle?

[b] Surgical needle

[c] Lumbar puncture needle

[d] Aneurysm needle

Q.44) The following is an example of tertiary source of drug information

[a] Conference proceedings

[b] Indian Pharmaceutical Guide

[c] Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

[d] Indian Pharmacopoeia

Q.45) The Indian Hospital Pharmacists Association was formed in the year

[a] 1947

[b] 1963

[c] 1990.

[d] 1928

Q.46) Generally if supplies are of minor characters and are urgently needed, following tender type is preferred

[a] Open Tender

[b] Single Tender

[c] Limited Tender

[d] Oral Tender

Q.47) Following is an example of on-the-job training except

[a] Sensitivity training

[b] Coaching and counselling

[c] Vestibule training

[d] Job rotation

Q.48) ____was formerly known as Imperial Bank of India

[a] Reserve Bank of India

[b] State Bank of India

[c] The Joint-Stock Commercial Banks

[d] The Exchange Banks

Q.49) The preference shares which do not carry the right to share in surplus profits are called as

[a] Non-convertible shares

[b] Non-participating shares

[c] Non-cumulative shares

[d] Irredeemable shares

Q.50) Financial position of business can be found and earning capacity of business can be easily determined by this accounting concept

[a] Dual Aspect concept

[b] Accounting equivalence concept

[c] Separate entity concept

[d] Going concern concept

Q.51) Which of the following is an official leaf constant?

[a] Vein termination number

[b] Stomatal Index

[c] Palisade ratio

[d] Vein islet number

Q.52) Identify the drug used as disintegrating agent in tablets

[a] Cocoa butter

[b] Sorbitol

[c] Carboxymethyl cellulose

[d] Lanolin

Q.53) Which of the following gum drug is used as pharmaceutical aid?

[a] Acacia

[b] Bees wax

[c] Kaolin

[d] Gelatine

Q.54) Which is not a method for adulteration of crude drugs?

[a] Substitution with inferior drugs

[b] Substitution with exhausted drugs

[c] Substitution with substandard drugs

[d] Substitution with allied drugs having similar therapeutic activity

Q.55) Identify the source of cinnamon

[a] Animal

[b] Mineral

[c] Vegetable

[d] Marine

Q.56) Swelling index is used to check adulteration in

[a] Nuxvomica

[b] Ispaghula

[c] Rauwolfia

[d] Ipecac

Q.57) Who coined the term ‘Pharmacognosy”?

[a] Hippocrates

[b] Seydler

[c] Tschirsh

[d] Aristotle

Q.58) Which of the following is a seed drug?

[a] Colchicum

[b] Ginger

[c] Vasaka

[d] Cinchona

Q.59) Which of the following is a glycoside drug?

[a] Nuxvomica

[b] Black catechu

[c] Asafoetida

[d] Digitalis

Q.60) Which of the following is not physical evaluation of crude drug?

[a] Determination of extractive value

[b] Determination of stomata number

[c] Determination of melting point

[d] Determination of ash value

Q.61) Which of the following is usually given in combination with Aluminium hydroxide as an antacid?

[a] Potash alum

[b] Calcium chloride

[c] Magnesium hydroxide

[d] Ferrous sulphate

Q.62) Which of the following is a desensitizing agent used as a dental product?

[a] Calcium Phosphate

[b] Zinc Sulphate

[c] Calcium carbonate

[d] Strontium chloride

Q.63) Which of the following ultra-short-acting hypnotic drugs is used intravenously in anaesthesia?

[a] Thiopental

[b] Flurazepam

[c] Phenobarbital

[d] Zolpidem

Q.64) The substance with capacity to accept electron pair is known as___

[a] Lewis base

[b] Lewis acid

[c] Bronsted acid

[d] Bronsted base

Q.65) Which of the following stereoisomers of chloramphenicol is biologically active?

[a] L-Erythro

[b] L-Threo

[c] D-Erythro

[d] D-Threo

Q.66) Hydrogen peroxide is used as___

[a] Acidifying Agent

[b] Antidot

[c] Antiseptic

[d] Dental product

Q.67) Which one of the following is used in sunburn?

[a] Titanium dioxide

[b] Potassium Iodide

[c] Boric acid

[d] Calcium oxide

Q.68) Which of the following heterocyclic ring is present in Clofazimine which is used for the treatment of leprosy?

[a] Thiophene

[b] Pyridine

[c] Pyrimidine

[d] Phenazine

Q.69) Buffers are a mixture of___

[a] Strong acid & Strong base

[b] Weak acid & its conjugated base

[c] Weak base & Weak acid

[d] Strong base and its salt

Q.70) Which of the following statement is not true for Benzodiazepines?

[a] Electron-withdrawing group at the 7th position enhances the pharmacological activity

[b] Electron-donating group at 7th position enhances the pharmacological activity

[c] Electron withdrawing group at 2′ and 6′ positions enhance pharmacological activity

[d] Unsaturation between C4 & C5 required for the activity

Q.71) Living standard of people is best measured by

[a] Infant Mortality Rate

[b] Maternal Mortality Rate

[c] Physical Quality of Life Index

[d] Death Rate

Q.72) The best indicator of protein quality for recommending the dietary protein requirement is

[a] Protein Efficiency Ratio

[b] Biological Value

[c] Digestibility coefficient

[d] Net Protein Utilization

Q.73) As per the operational guideline on Kala-Azar elimination in India 2015 in NATIONAL VECTOR BORNE DISEASE CONTROL PROGRAMME (NVBDCP), All of the following drugs are used in treatment of Visceral Leishmaniasis except:

[a] Amphotericin B

[b] Paramomycin

[c] Hydroxychloroquine

[d] Miltefosine

Q.74) All of the following are clinical manifestations of Dengue shock syndrome except:

[a] Hepatomegaly

[b] Pleural effusion

[c] Thrombocytopenia

[d] Decreased Haemoglobin

Q.75) Which of the following agent is used to reduce the gastrointestinal absorption of ingested poison?

[a] Succimer

[b] Activated charcoal

[c] Pralidoxime

[d] Dimercaprol

Q.76) Which of the following route of administration does not have the absorption phase?

[a] Subcutaneous

[b] Intramuscular

[c] Intravenous

[d] Sublingual

Q.77) Which of the following is an example of metabotropic receptor?

[a] Muscarinic Receptor

[b] Nicotinic Receptor

[c] 5 HT-3 Receptor

[d] Insulin Receptor

Q.78) Which of the following is an example of synergism?

[a] Imipenam+ Cilastatin

[b] Noradrenaline + Phenoxybenzamine

[c] Acetylcholine + Atropine

[d] Charcoal + Alkaloid

Q.79) Which of the following term is used to describe the process of release of neurotransmitter from neuron when vesicles fuse with neuronal membrane?

[a] Endocytosis

[b] Exocytosis

[c] Pinocytosis

[d] Phagocytosis y

Q.80) Which of the following is mechanism of action of selegiline for its anti-parkinsonian action?

[a] Inhibition of COMT

[b] Inhibition of MAO-B

[c] Inhibition of Dopa decarboxylase

[d] Blocks the reuptake of dopamine

Q.81) Which of the following is the common mechanism of action for phenytoin and carbamazepine?

[a] Inhibition of Benzodiazepine receptor

[b] Stimulation of Benzodiazepine receptor

[c] Prolonging the inactivation of Sodium ion channel

[d] Decrease Glutamate synthesis

Q.82) Which of the following antipsychotic drug improves both positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia and have fewer episodes of extrapyramidal symptoms?

[a] Chlorpromazine

[b] Haloperidol

[c] Thiothixene

[d] Risperidone

Q.83) Which of the following opioid is highly lipophilic and available in market as transdermal patch for the treatment of chronic pain?

[a] Dextromethorphan

[b] Naltrexone

[c] Scopolamine

[d] Fentanyl

Q.84) Which of the following property is used to compare the potency of gaseous general anaesthetic agent?

[a] Blood: Gas partition co-efficient

[b] Minimal alveolar concentration

[c] Relative analgesic potency

[d] Rate of uptake and elimination

Q.85) Which of the following drug is used for treatment of benzodiazepines intoxication or overdose?

[a] Vareniciline

[b] Flumazenil

[c] Bupropion

[d] Buprenorphine

Q.86) Which of the following ion is participating in the process of clotting as clotting factor?

[a] Sodium

[b] Chloride

[c] Calcium

[d] Potassium

Q.87) Which of the following cells of blood are likely to stick with adhesion molecules in the process of emigration?

[a] Erythrocytes

[b] Thrombocytes

[c] Neutrophils

[d] Reticulocytes

Q.88) Which stage of cardiac cycle normally lasts the longest?

[a] Complete Cardiac diastole

[b] Ventricular contraction

[c] Atrial systole

[d] Atrial contraction

Q.89) Which of the following is the end product of glycolysis?

[a] Glucose

[b] Pyruvic acid

[c] Citric acid

 [d] Glycogen

Q.90) Which of the following vitamin deficiency is observed in pernicious anaemia?

[a] Ascorbic acid

[b] Pyridoxine

[c] Niacin

[d] Cyanocobalamin

Q.91) Which of the following is the most sensitive detector for analysis of phosphorus containing pesticide samples using gas chromatography

[a] Thermionic detector

[b] Flame ionization detector

[c] Thermal conductivity detector TCD FID

[d] Electrolytic conductivity detector ECD

Q.92) Select the correct sequence of chromatographic column according to their separation efficiency

[a] WCOT column> SCOT column> Packed column

[b] SCOT column> WCOT column> Packed column

[c] Packed column> SCOT column> WCOT column

[d] Packed column> WCOT column> SCOT column

Q.93) Which of the following sentence is true for reverse phase chromatography?

[a] Stationary phase is nonpolar, mobile phase is polar and nonpolar component elute out first

[b] Stationary phase is polar, mobile phase is nonpolar and polar component elute out first

[c] Stationary phase is nonpolar, mobile phase is polar and polar component elute out first

[d] Stationary phase is nonpolar, mobile phase is nonpolar and nonpolar component elute out first

Q.94) In HPLC, a pre-column placed between the mobile phase reservoir and injector is called

[a] Guard column

[b] Scavenger column

[c] Analytical column

[d] Packed column

Q.95) Which of the following electronic transition is forbidden transition?

[a]  σ-σ*

[b] n-σ*

[c]  π- π*

[d] n- π *

Q.96) In IR spectroscopy, the very near infrared region is also known as

[a] Overtone region

[b] Rotation region

[c] Vibration region

[d] Photographic region

Q.97) An energy-level diagram in a molecule called Jablonski diagram is associated with which of the following spectroscopic technique?

[a] UV Visible spectroscopy

[b] IR spectroscopy

[c] Fluorimetry

[d] Raman spectroscopy

Q.98) In mass spectrometry, degree of unsaturation is predicted using

[a] Nitrogen rule

[b] Index of Hydrogen Deficiency

[c] Stevenson’s rule

[d] Rule of thirteen

Q.99) The positions of signals in NMR spectrum provide information about

[a] Environments of absorbing proton with respect to neighbouring proton

[b] Number of proton

[c] Relative number of proton

[d] Electronic environment of proton

Q.100) The largest peak in the mass spectrum having highest intensity is called

[a] Fragment peak

[b] Molecular ion peak

[c] Base peak

[d] Daughter ion peak

AMC Pharmacist Question Paper 2023 with Answer Key pdf: Download

AMC Pharmacist Solved Paper 2023

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