ESIC Pharmacist Solved Question Paper 2014

The ESIC Pharmacist exam is a competitive exam conducted by the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) to recruit pharmacists for its hospitals and dispensaries. The exam is held once a year, and the syllabus covers a wide range of topics related to pharmacy, including pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, and clinical pharmacy.

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Q.1)      The matrix of blood is known as

[a]   Plasma

[b]   Serum

[c]   RBC and WBC                                                               

[d]   WBC and platelets

Q.2)      The life span of WBC is approximately

[a]   Less than 10 days

[b]   Between 10-20 days

[c]   Between 2-3 months

[d]   More than three months

Q.3)      The normal level of Hb per 100 ml of blood in women is

[a]   14g

[b]   18 g

[c]   20g

[d]   10 g

Q.4)      A rise in blood cholesterol may lead to a deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels. This causes the arteries to lose their elasticity and get stiffened. This is called

[a]   Hypertension

[b]   Hypotension

[c]   Arteriosclerosis

[d]   Systolic pressure

Q.5)      Amino acids are the product of the digestion of

[a]   Protein

[b]   fat

[c]   Vitamin

[d]   Carbohydrate

Q.6)      All are true about milk as a diet except

[a]   It is low in iron content but rich in calcium, sodium and potassium

[b]   The major carbohydrate is lactose

[c]   The chief proteins are caseinogens and lactalbumin

[d]   It is rich in vitamin C and D but poor in Vitamin A and Riboflavin

Q.7)      A 68-year-old male has been brought to the emergency in a state of coma. The patient is a known alcoholic from the past 10 years. A diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy has been made. Which of the following nutrient should be avoided so as to reduce the ammonia formation in the body

[a]   Protein

[b]   Carbohydrates

[c]   Fats

[d]   Minerals and Vitamins

Q.8)      The stage in which daughter chromosomes move toward the poles of the spindle is

[a]   Anaphase

[b]   Metaphase

[c]   Prophase

[d]   Telophase

Q.9)      Ribosomes helps in

[a]   Protein synthesis

[b]   Photosynthesis

[c]   Lipid synthesis

[d]   Respiration

Q.10)    The plasma membrane is impermeable to all molecules except

[a]          Glucose

[b]          ATP

[c]          Urea

[d]          K+

Q.11)    Labeling, packaging are associated with

[a]   Price mix

[b]   Product mix

[c]   Place mix

[d]   Promotion mix

Q.12)    Which of the following packaging material is protect the drug content against light

[a]   Plastic containers

[b]   Amber coloured glass containers

[c]   Both

[d]   None

Q.13)    Which of the following packing is commonly used for packing of tablet & capsules

[a]   Blister pack

[b]   Strip pack

[c]   Both

[d]   None

Q.14)    Dissolution of a drug particle is described by

[a]   Noyes-Whitney equation

[b]   Stock’s equation

[c]   Drag’s equation

[d]   None

Q.15)    If the dose of a drug is inadequate, then it generally requires the following one, to make up its bulk

[a]   Binders

[b]   Disintegrants

[c]   Lubricants

[d]   Diluents

Q.16)    Which of the following mixer is a first high shear powder blender/mixer

[a]   Diosna mixer

[b]   Littleford lodige mixer

[c]   Plow mixer

[d]   Gral mixer

Q.17)    Which treatment is used for solubility of gelatin

[a]   Heat

[b]   Formalin

[c]   Water

[d]   Alcohol-

Q.18)    Which of the following one is used as opacifier

[a]   TiO2

[b]   MgO

[c]   Siliactes

[d]   All of the above

Q.19)    In dissolution test, flask is maintained at

[a]   37° C ±0.5 ºC

[b]   41°C ±1°C

[c]   37° C ± 2 ºC

[d]   40° C ± 1 ºC

Q.20)    Which of the following substance is used as muco adhensive

[a]   adhesive

[b]   Acacia

[c]   Sodium CMC

[d]   Burnt sugar

[e]   Saccharin

Q.21)    Which of the following is a type of Oral dosage form

[a]   Aerosol

[b]   Nebulizer

[c]   Subcutaneous administration

[d]   Tablet

Q.22)    What do you mean by otic dosage form

[a]   Dosage form for the drugs administered through the ears

[b]   Dosage form for the drugs administered through the eyes

[c]   Dosage form for the drugs administered through the nose

[d]   Both for the eyes and the nose

Q.23)    Of the following oral liquid formulations which would be considered as an oropharyngeal formulation

[a]   Syrup

[b]   Elixir

[c]   Mouth wash

[d]   Linctus

Q.24)    OROS is

[a]   Oral osmotic pump

[b]   Hydrodynamic balance system

[c]   Ocular insert

[d]   None

Q.25)    Rate limiting step of controlled release system is

[a]   Absorption of drug in body

[b]   Release of drug from dosage form

[c]   Elimination of drug from body

[d]   Distribution of drug in body

Q.26)    Which one of these is not an antioxidant

[a]   Sodium bisulphate

[b]   Sodium chloride

[c]   Sodium metabisulphite

[d]   Sodium sulphite

Q.27)    Chemically pyrogens are

[a]   Lipopolysaccharides

[b]   Proteins

[c]   Carbohydrates

[d]   Lipoprotein

Q.28)    In extemporaneous preparation of a suspension, levigation is used to

[a]   Reduce viscosity

[b]   Reduce zeta potential

[c]   Reduce particle size

[d]   All of the above

Q.29)    Wilson disease is due to the excess of

[a]   Cu

[b]   Zn

[c]   Fe

[d]   Ca

Q.30)    Pellagra is due to the deficiency of

[a]   Niacin

[b]   Thiamine

[c]   Vitamin B12

[d]   Vitamin C

Q.31)    Match the following

Capsule SizeCapacity
(i) 0(A) 0.10 mL
(ii) 1(B) 0.15 mL
(iii) 3(C) 0.30 mL
(iv) 5(D) 0.55 mL
 (E) 0.75 mL

[a]   i-E, ii-D, iii-C, iv-B

[b]   i-D, ii-A, iii-B, iv-C

[c]   i-D, ii-B, iii-A, iv-E

[d]   i-E, ii-D, iii-B, iv-C

Q.32)    Which one of the following is a retrovirus

[a]   Polio virus

[b]   Hepatitis B virus

[c]   Varicella virus

[d] Human immunodeficiency virus

Q.33)    Fatty acids in the body are mostly oxidized by

[a]   a-oxidation

[b] β-oxidation

[c]   γ-oxidation

[d]   All of the above

Q.34)    Ergot is produced during

[a]   Honeydew stage

[b]   Sclerotium stage

[c]   Ascopore stage

[d]   Sphacelia stage

Q.35) Belladona herbs belongs to the chemical class of

[a] Indole alkaloids

[b] Isoquinoline alkaloids

[c] Tropane alkaloids

[d] Quinazoline alkaloids

Q.36) Which of the following has Oxytocic in action

[a] Ipecac

[b] Ergot

[c] Cinchona

[d] Coca leaves

Q.37) Standards for disinfectant fluids come under

[a] Schedule O

[b] Schedule R

[c] Schedule S

[d] Schedule E

Q.38) One of the following is needed for the cosmetics manufacture

[a] Form 36

[b] Form 32

[c] Form 20

[d] Form 22

Q.39) Which pharmaceutical products is not included in schedule C

[a] Toxins

[b] Sera

[c] Antigen

[d] Capsule

Q.40) Blood bank comes under the shedule

[a] B

[b] D

[c] F

[d] G

Q.41) Match the following

Type of millPrinciple of action
A- cuttermilli-Impact
B- Revolving millii- Pressure
C- Roller milliii- Attrition and impact
D- hammer milliv- Cutting

[a] A-iv, B-iii, C-ii, D-I

[b] A-iv, B-ii, C-iii, D-I

[c] A-iv, B-I, C-iii, D-ii

[d] A-iii, B-iv, C-i, D-ii

Q.42) State pharmacy council should have the following number of elected members

[a] 6

[b] 5

[c] 9

[d] 7

Q.43) Drug and magic remedies act came into

[a] 1954

[b] 1948

[c] 1985

[d] 1919

Q.44) Grant a licence to manufacture a drug requires

[a] Form 24

[b] Form 25

[c] Form 26

[d] Form 27

Q.45) For parenteral preparation in glass containers, minimum area required

[a] 250 sq. metres

[b] 400 sq. metres

[c] 500 sq. metres

[d] 150 sq. metres

Q.46) Post marketing surveillance comes under clinical trial

[a] Phase I

[b] Phase II

[c]Phase III

[d] Phase IV

Q.47) Hensen’s disease name of which disease

[a] Tuberculosis

[b] Malaria

[c] Leprosy

[d] Viral disease

Q.48) Vitamin B6 is given with isoniazide prophylacticalcy to preventing

[a] Rickctisial infection

[b] Nephrotoxicity

[c] Neurotoxicity

[d] Hepatitis

Q.49) Match the following

Average weight of tabletMaximum % of difference allowed
1. <130 mg(i) 5
2. 130-124 mg(ii) 7.5
3. >324 mg(iii) 10

[a] 1-(iii), 2-(ii), 3-(i)

[b] 1-(1), 2-(ii), 3-(iii)

[c] 1-(iii), 2-(1), 3-(ii)

[d] 1-(ii), 2-(iii), 3-(1)

Q-50) Which mill is used to get the free flowing spheroidal particles

[a] Colloid mill

[b] Attrition mill

[c] Cutter mill

[d] Jaw crusher

Q.51) The Chick-Martin test is used to test the efficiency of

[a] Coumarins

[b] Heparin

[c] Disinfectant

[d] Blood clotting

Q.52) Which one of the following needles is most suited for the insulin administration

[a] 16 G 5/8″

[b] 21 G½”

[c] 21 G 5/8″

[d] 25 G 5/8″

Q.53) Antibiotics that inhibit cell wall synthesis include, except

[a] Cefuroxime

[b] Erythromycin

[c] Vancomycin

[d] Benzylpenicillin

Q.54) Causative organism for whooping cough is

[a] Clostridium tetani

[b] Bacillus pertusis

[c] Treponemma palladium

[d] Vibrio cholera

Bacillus pertusis

Q.55) True for aminoglycoside is

[a] Acts on the bacterial cell wall

[b] Are useful against anaerobes

[c] Should not be given the patients with renal failure

[d] Damage the cochlear nerve

Q-56 The only insulin preparation that can be given intravenously is

[a] Isophane insulin

[b] Prompt insulin zinc

[c] Regular insulin

[d] Globulin zinc insulin

Regular insulin

Q.57) HEPA filter are widely used in

[a] Autoclaves

[b] Laminar air flow hoods

[c] Face masks

[d] Oxygen masks

Q.58) Causative organism for syphilis is

[a] Clostridium titani

[b] Bacillus pertusis

[c] Treponema palladium

[d] Vibrio cholera

Q.59) Match the following

Sterilization methodReference organism
(1) Moist heat(A) Spores of Bacillus pumilus
(ii) Dry heat(B) Spores of Bacillu subtilis or Clostridium tetani
(iii) lonization radiation(C) Bacillus stearothermophilus
(iv) Gaseous sterilization(D) Fort detrik strain of Bacillus subtilus
(v) Filtration(E) Pseudomonus dimuntia

[a] i-C, ii-B, iii-A, iv-D, v-E

[b] i-B, ii-A, iii-C, iv-D, v-E

[c] i-B, ii-A, iii-E, iv-D, v-C

[d] i-A, ii-B, iii-C, iv-D, v-E

Q.60) Meaning of the Latin term ‘sumendus’ is

[a] To be taken

[b] You take

[c] To be used

[d] To be applied

Q.61) Meaning of ‘dolore urgente’ is

[a] When the pain is severe

[b] When the pain is absent

[c] Before meals

[d] When the fever is absent

Q.62)  Ampicillin capsule should be used within 24 months, this statement comes under

[a] Schedule A

[b] Schedule R

[c] Schedule M

[d] Schedule P

Q.63) Appendix II is

[a] Number of animals for long term toxicity

[b] Patient consent form for participation in a phase I clinical trial

[c] Format for submission of clinical trial reports

[d] Four groups of fixed dose combination and their data requirements

Q.64) Chemist, druggist and drug stores comes under

[a] Rule 61

[b] Rule 69

[c] Rule 65

Rule 66

Q.65) What will be the dose for a child of 5 years, if the adult dose of a drug is 400 mg

[a] 100 mg

[b] 17 mg

[c] 117 mg

[d] 217 mg

Q.66) Diphtheria is caused by

[a] Bacteria

[b] Viral

[c] Both

[d] None

Q.67) Calculate the amount of 70%, 60%, 40% and 30% alcohol should be mixed to get 50% alcohol

[a] 20, 10, 10, 20 parts respectively

[b] 20, 10, 10, 10 parts respectively

[c] 20, 20, 20, 20 parts respectively

[d] 10, 10, 10, 10 parts respectively

Q.68)  Widal test is for

[a] VSRL

[b] Kahn’s test

[c] AIDS

[d] Typhoid

Q.69) The displacement value is defined as

[a] Quantity of drug which displace one part of the base

[b] Quantity of base which displace one part of the drug

[c] Quantity of drug which displace one part of the acid

[d] Quantity of base which dispalce one part of the acid

Q.70) A volume of 10 dm³ may also be expressed as which one of the following

[a] 1 x 10-3 L

[b] 10 L

[c] 0.001 m3

[d] 0.1m3

Q.71) The following contain live attenuated live vaccines, except

[a] Polio

[b] Hepatitis B

[c] Yellow fever

[d] Measles

Q.72) Signatura is the direction given to

[a] Pharmacist

[b] Patient

[c] Manufacturer

[d] Doctor

Q.73) Match the Following

1. Microtubule disonetation(a) Flucytosine
2. Inhibiting squline epoxidase(b) Terbinafine
3. Thymidylate synthesis inhibitor(c) Amphotericine B
4. Micropore formation with ergostrol(d) Griseofulvin

[a] 1 (d), 2 (a), 3 (c), 4 (b)

[b] 1 (b), 2 (d), 3 (a), 4 (c)

[c] 1 (d), 2 (b), 3 (a), 4 (c)

[d] 1 (d), 2 (b), 3 (c), 4 (a)

Q.74) Whitefields Ointment contains

[a] Tolnaflate benzoic acid

[b] Benzoic + Undecylenic acid

[c] Sodium thiosulfate + Benzoic acid

[d] Benzoic acid + Salicylic acid

Q.75) Which one is not related with the physical instability of an emulsion

[a] Phase inversion

[b] Creaming or sedimentation

[c] Oxidation of the components

[d] Ostwald ripening

Q.76) Enteric coating is achieved by using

[a] Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC)

[b] Carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC)

[c] Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP, povidone)

[d] Cellulose acetate phthalate

Q.77) What does “pharmacokinetics” include

[a] Localization of drug action

[b] Mechanisms of drug action

[c] Excretion of substances

[d] Interaction of substances

Q.78) Prodrug is

[a] Levodopa

[b] Primidone

[c] Digitoxin

[d] Amitriptyline

Q.79) What is the type of drug-to-drug interaction which is connected with processes of absorption, biotransformation, distribution and excretion

[a] Pharmacodynamic interaction

[b] Physical and chemical interaction

[c] Pharmaceutical interaction

[d] Pharmacokinetic interaction.

Q.80) In which of the following phases of clinical trials healthy normal human volunteers participate

[a] Phase I

[b] Phase II

[c] Phase III

[d] Phase IV

Q.81) Pharmacovigilance is done for monitoring

[a] Drug price

[b] Unethical practices

[c] Pharmacology students

[d] Drug safety

Q.82) There are some undesirable but unavoidable pharmacodynamic effects of a drug, which are known as

[a] Toxic effects

[b] Idiosyncrasy

[c] Side effects

[d] Intolerance

Q.83) Which of the following is/are sulfonylureas

[a] Exenatide

[b] Glipizide

[c] Repaglinide

[d] Nateglinide

Q.84) Currently used alpha-glucosidase inhibitors include the following, EXCEPT

[a] Pioglitazone

[b] Miglitol

[c] All of the above

[d] Acarbose

Q.85) Sulfonylureas do not lower blood sugar level in

[a] Nondiabetics

[b]Type 1 diabetics

[c] Obese diabetics

[d] Type 2 diabetics

Q.86) Which one of the following is not an antacid

[a] Magnesium sulfate

[b] Magaldrate

[c] Magnesium carbonate

[d] Magnesium phosphate

Q.87) The ‘acid neutralizing capacity’ of an antacid is governed by

[a] The equivalent weight of the antacid

[b] The pH of 1N solution of the antacid

[c] The rate at which the antacid reacts with HCI

[d] Moles of HCl neutralized by one gram of the antacid

Q.88) Which of the following is an amine autocoid

[a] Prastaglandines

[b] Leukotriene

[c] Histamine

[d] Bradykinin

Q.89) Commonest side effect of antihistaminics is

[a] Sedation

[b] Tinnitus

[c] Euphorial

[d] Lassitude

Q.90) All are uses of antihistaminics except

[a] Urticaria

[b] Motion sickness

[c] Pruritis

[d] Glaucoma

Q.91) Triptans in migraine acts on which receptor

[a] 5HT1A


[c] 5HT1F


Q.92) Which drug does not influence leucopoiesis

[a] Filgrastim

[b] Erythropoetin

[c] Doxorubicin

[d] Methotrexate

Q.93) Tick the drug used as an oral anticoagulant

[a] Heparin

[b] Daltreparin

[c] Dicumarol

[d] Enoxaparin

Q.94) Ciprofloxacin acts on

[a] DNA histone proteins

[b] DNAgyrase

[c] Camp

[d] mRNA polymerase

Q.95) Which of the following drugs is a gastric acid resistant

[a] Penicillin G

[b] Penicillin V

[c] Carbenicillin

[d] Procain penicillin

Q.96) Gray baby syndrome is caused by

[a] Penicillin

[b] Chloramphenicol

[c] Rifampicin

[d] Erythromycin

Q.97) Tick the drug belonging to lincozamides

[a] Erythromycin

[b] Lincomycin

[c] Azithromycin

[d] Aztreonam

Q.98) All of the following drugs are protease inhibitors EXCEPT

[a] Nelfinavir

[b] Saquinavir

[c] Abacavir

[d] Ritonavir

Q.99) Tick the drug, inhibiting viral DNA synthesis

[a] Interferon

[b] Saquinavir

[c] Amantadin

[d] Acyclovir

Q.100) Which is not an antiviral drug

[a] Vidarabine

[b] Acyclovir

[c] Zidovudin

[d] Mitomycin

To download the ESIC Pharmacist Solved Question paper 2014 as pdf:- Download

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