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APPSC Drug Inspector Paper 2012 Andhra Pradesh with Answer Key
APPSC DI Paper 2012 with Answer Key

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Drug Inspector APPSC 2012 (Preview)

Q.1)      ‘Unguentum’ means

[a]          Cream

[b]          Lotion

[c]          Ointment

[d]          Plaster

Q.2)       What is rectified spirit?

[a]          75% ethanol

[b]          100% ethanol

[c]          90% ethanol

[d]          50% ethaol

Q.3)      In a prescription ‘vespere’ mean

[a]          Talk in whisper

[b]          Russer s viper

[c]          In the evening

[d]          At the morning

Q.4)      Function of sympathetic system include all except

[a]          Dilation of pupil

[b]          Constriction of pupil

[c]          Conversion of glycogen to glucose in liver

[d]          Production of sweat

Q.5)      Antihypertensive agent

[a]          Amphetamine

[b]          Adrenaline

[c]          Salbutamol

[d]          Propranolol

Q.6)      One kilo gram is equal to

[a]          2 pound

[b]          0 pound

[c]          3 pound

[d]          4 pound

Q.7)      What is strophanthus

[a]          Diuretics

[b]          Antianemic

[c]          Cardiac glycoside

[d]          Antiangina

Q.8)      Drug classified under narcotic drugs and psychotropic agent include all except

[a]          Ephedrine

[b]          Cocaine

[c]          Heroin

[d]          Hashish

Q.9)      Dapsone is useful in

[a]          Tuberculsis 

[b]          Leprosy 

[c]          Malabsorption 

[d]          AIDS

Q.10)    Vehicles in ophthalmic drops include all except

[a]          Ethanol 

[b]          Isotonic phosphate 

[c]          Special boric acid 

[d]          Boric acid

Q.11)    Zidovudine is used in chemotherapy of 

[a]          Acute immune deficiency syndrome

[b]          Small pox

[c]          Influenzal pneumonia

[d]          Bronchogenic carcinoma

Q.12)    In what disease heart fails as a pump 

[a]          Angina

[b]          Hepatic coma

[c]          Congestive cardiac failure

[d]          Nephrotic syndrome

Q.13)    In a prescription ‘QID’ means 

[a]          one fourth

[b]          one quart

[c]          once in four days 

[d]          Four times a day

Q.14)    Catgut is sterilized by 

[a]          Dry heat method 

[b]          Autoclavin

[c]          Ionizing radiation 

[d]          Chemical method

Q.15)    Example for Type I hyper sensitivity reaction

[a]          Complement mediated cell damage 

[b]          IgE mediated reaction

[c]          Serum sickness 

[d]          Cell mediated immunity reaction

Q.16)    What is the normal cardiac output?

[a]          1 liter/minute 

[b]          2 liter/minute 

[c]          4 liter/minute

[d]          5 liter/minute

Q.17)    Enzyme responsible for conversion of glucose to glucose 6-PO4

[a]          Glycogen synthase 

[b]          G-6-phosphate 

[c]          Glucokinase

[d]          Phosphorylase

Q.18)    Containers for eye drops should be having all the properties except

[a]          Child proof 

[b]          preserving the stability of content

[c]          Not adversely affect content 

[d]          Withstand sterilization

Q.19)    In a prescription what is ‘bi tern in die’ (b t i d)

[a]          Best taken in day time 

[b]          Taken at bed time

[c]          Take tablet with breakfast 

[d]          Two or three times a day

Q.20)    One of the following is not a parasympathetic response

[a]          Contract intestinal smooth muscle 

[b]          Increase heart rate

[c]          Decrease heart rate 

[d]          Stimulate gastric secretion

Q.21)    Anti-anginal agent

[a]          Hydrochlorothiazide 

[b]          Reserpine

[c]          Glyceryl trinitrate 

[d]          Sodium thiosulphate

Q.22)    Method of sterilization metal instrument

[a]          Adding antiseptic solution 

[b]          Steam under pressure

[c]          Hot air oven 

[d]          Radioactive isotopes

Q.23)    Lysins are antibodies

[a]          Which neutralize toxins

[b]          cause germs to stick together

[c]          Kills organisms by causing them to burst open into fragments

[d]          Combine with antigens on the outer surface of germs

Q.24)    In a prescription ‘STAT’ mean

[a]          Straight 

[b]          One half 

[c]          At one

[d]          Single tablet at a time

Q.25)    Vasodilator anti-hypertensive

[a]          Sodium nitro prusside 

[b]          Propranolol 

[c]          Verapamil 

[d]          Digokin

Q.26)    In a prescription H.S. Hora somne mean

[a]          Evening time 

[b]          After dinner 

[c]          At bed time 

[d]          Before and after lunch

Q.27)    Complement is

[a]          system of enzyme producing lysis of cells

[b]          Haptens which stimulate immune reaction

[c]          Globulin conferring immunity

[d]          Vaccine

Q.28)    Gastro intestinal hormones include all except

[a]          Gastrin 

[b]          Chole cytokinin

[c]          Secretin

[d]          Angiotensin

Q.29)    Blood pressure is regulated by all except

[a]          Vasomotore center 

[b]          Aortic baro receptors

[c]          Juxtaglomerular cells

[d]          Loop of Henle

Q.30)    Normal saline

[a]          10% sodium chloride 

[b]          20% sodium chloride

[c]          0.9% sodium chloride 

[d]          0.1% sodium chloride

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