Coal Field (NCL)Pharmacist Question Paper 2020

Paper contains total 100 MCQ which divided into two section: Section A (Pharmacy section ) & Section B (General knowledge).

Section A: Pharmacy (70 MCQ)

Section B: General knowledge (30 MCQ)

Northern Coalfield Limited (NCL) Pharmacist Question Paper 2020 with Answer Key pdf:- Download

Pharmacist (NCL) solved Paper 2020

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Section A: Pharmacy
No of MCQ: 70

1Phase four clinical trials are also called:
A) Human Pharmacology and safety
B) Post-marketing surveillance
C) Therapeutic confirmation
D) Post-marketing surveillance
2Therapeutic Index is a measure of:
A) Efficacy                   
B) Safety
C) Adverse Effects        
D) Potency
3Elimination  after  3  half  lives  in  1st   order Kinetics is:
A) 12.5%                      
B) 75%
C) 87.5%                      
D) 94%
4As per  The Drugs and Cosmetic Act 1940, Prescription drugs are included in:
A) Schedule C              
B) Schedule H
C) Schedule P              
D) Schedule X
5Forced  Alkaline  Diuresis  is  effective  in management of poisoning by which of the following agents:
A) Phenobarbitone      
B) Lead
C) Iron                      
D) Organophosphates
6Bioavailability is:
A) Amount of drug that reaches the systemic circulation.
B) Drug metabolized in liver before the drug reaches the systemic circulation.
C) Drug metabolized in liver after the drug reaches the systemic circulation.
D) Maximum by rectal route.
7Pharmacodynamics include:
A) Drug elimination.    
B) Drug excretion.
C) Drug absorption.
D) Mechanism of Action.
8Which is not an effect of atropine:
A) Rise of body temperature.
B) Decreased salivary secretion.
C) Bradycardia.
D) Increased A-V Conduction.
9Which is not a cardio selective B-blocker:
A) Acebutolol           
B) Atenolol
C) Pindolol               
D) Metoprolol
10Which B1 selective blocker is used in glaucoma:
A) Betaxolol             
B) Levobunolol
C) Timolol                
D) Carteolol
11Blockade of neuromuscular transmission by botulinum toxin is an example of:
A) Depolarizing block
B) Competitive Block
C) Presynaptic block
D) Postsynaptic block
12Alpha-1 blocker without any effect on blood pressure is:
A) Tamsulosin          
B) Prazosin
C) Doxazocin            
D) Terazosin
13Mechanism of action of clonidine is mediated by which of the following receptor:
A) Alpha 1 
B) Alpha 2
C) Beta 1                 
D) Beta 2
14All of the following are the features of atropine poisoning except:
A) Mydriasis           
B) Hallucinations
C) Hypothermia       
D) Coma
15Antidote for nicotine poisoning is:
A) Neostigmine        
B) Atropine
C) Phentolamine       
D) Trimethaphan
16A most common dose-related side effect of Salbutamol is:
A) Nervousness       
B) Palpitation
C) Restlessness       
D) Tremors
17Mechanism of action of Zileuton:
A) Inhibits production of IgE
B) Inhibits Lipoxygenase
C) Inhibits Cycloxygenase
D) Inhibits the activity of mast cells.
18Which of the following drugs prevents the release of leukotrienes and histamine from mast cells?
A) Zileuton               
B) Fexofenadine
C) Nedocromil          
D) Tiotropium
19Prostaglandin    derivatives    are    used    in the following conditions except:
A) Cervical ripening
B) As an abortifacient
C) NSAID induced peptic ulcer
20Which  of  the  following  is  used  for an acute attack of Migraine:
A) Bromocriptine         
B) Cinnarizine
C) Sumatriptan             
D) Ondansetron
21Gout is a disorder associated with:
A) Increase in lactic acid.
B) Increase in uric acid.
C) Increase in hippuric acid.
D) Increase in glutamic acid.
22The drug which blocks both H1 and 5HT-2 receptors is:
A) Phenoxybenzamine  
B) Cyproheptadine
C) Ritanserin                
D) Ondansetron
23N-AcetylCysteine(NAC) reduces the severity of hepatic necrosis in toxicity due to:  
A) Acetaminophen      
B) Isoniazid
C) Halothane              
D) Methyldopa
24Cardiotoxicity is caused by which of the following:
A) Rofecoxib             
B) Nicorandil
C) Metoprolol            
D) Losartan
25All of the following diuretics cause an increase in Potassium excretion except:
A) Ethacrynic acid.     
B) Acetazolamide.
C) Frusemide.             
D) Triamterene.
26Which of the following is not a pulmonary use of Spironolactone:
A) Pulmonary Edema
B)  Hypertension
C)  Congestive Heart Failure
D)  To counteract hypokalemia due to thiazide diuretics.
27Antihypertensive  which  can  be  used  in  a patient with gout and diabetes mellitus is:
A)  Thiazide          
B)  Propanolol
C)  Enalapril               
D)  Diazoxide
28Digoxin can accumulate in toxic levels in patients with:    
A)  Renal insufficiency.
B)  Chronic hepatitis.
C)  Advanced Cirrhosis.
D)  Chronic Pancreatitis.
29Dofetilide is which class of anti-arrhythmic drug:
A) Class I                   
B) Class II
C) Class Ib                 
D) Class III
30The Vitamin which can be used for the treatment of Hypercholesterolemia:
A) Thiamine               
B) Niacin
C) Pyridoxine             
D) Vit. B12
31Cyanide Poisoning can be treated by:
A)  Pyridoxine
B)  Vitamin B12
C)  Hyperbaric Oxygen
D)  17Flumazenil
32Platelet aggregation is inhibited by all except:
A) Aspirin                    
B) Clopidogrel
C) Thromboxane A2      
D) Eptifibatide
33Which of the following drug can cause Thyroid Dysfunction:
A) Amiodarone            
B) Ampicillin
C) Ibutilide                  
D) Acyclovir
34Which of the following is contraindicated in pregnancy:
A) Labetalol                
B) Hydralazine
C) Nifedipine              
D) ACE inhibitors
35LMW heparin inhibits:
A) Factor Xa            
B) Factor Xa&IIa
C) Factor IIa
D) Factors II,VII, IX & X
36Which of the following is a Rho-Kinase Inhibitor:
A) Fasudil                
B) Nicorandil
C) Amiloride            
D) Ranalozine
37Mobius syndrome is due to antenatal intake of:
A) Mifepristone       
B) Misoprostol
C) Diniprostone       
D) Methotrexate
38Long term use of which drug results in Vitamin b12 deficiency:
A) Metformin         
B) Vildagliptin
C) Exetanide          
D) Repaglinide
39Which Insulin is never mixed with other Insulin:
A) Lente                 
B) Aspart
C) Lispro               
D) Glargine
40Lugol’s Iodine contains:
A) 5% Iodine & 10%KI
B) 10% Iodine & 5% KI
C) 10% Iodine & 15% KI
D) 10% Iodine & 20% KI
41Which of the following is an oxytocin antagonist:
A) Ritodrine          
B) Atosiban
C) Isoxsuprine        
D) Methergine
42cAMP  acts as 2nd messenger for the following except:
B) Insulin
43Which drug is used for pain control in cancer patient?
A) Pethidine              
B) Fentanyl
C) Methadone           
D) Remifentanil
44The effect of morphine which has least tolerance is:
A) Analgesia       
B) Respiratory depression
C) Constipation   
D) Bradycardia
45The drug of choice for status epilepticus is:    
A) Propofol
B) Lorazepam
C) Ethosuximide
D) Carbamazepine
46The drug of choice for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is:
A) Sertraline            
B) Amoxapine
C) Hydroxyzine       
D) Alprazolam
47Schizophrenia is treated by:
A) Antidepressants    
B) Antipsychotics
C) Antiepileptics       
D) Mood stabilizers
48Fomepizole is an antidote of:  
A) Mushroom poisoning
B) Benzodiazepine
C) Ethylene Glycol poisoning
D) Organophosphorous poisoning
49Drug of choice for prophylaxis for manic attacks is:
A) Lithium                
B) Haloperidol
C) Clozapine             
D) Carbamazepine
50Anti Parkinson drug known to cause cardiac valve fibrosis is:
A) Levodopa            
B) Ropinirol
C) Pramipexole        
D) Pergolide
51All are dopaminergic agonists used in parkinsonism except:
A) Bromocriptine       
B) Ropinirol
C) Pramipexole         
D) Selegiline
52Drug used in cancer chemotherapy induced vomiting is:
A) Aprepitant            
B) Dexamethasone
C) Ondansetron         
D) All of the above
53Which of the following is the drug of choice for peptic ulcer disease:
A) Omeprazole         
C) Ranitidine            
D) Sucralfate
54Which of the following is not used in Chron’s disease.
A) Infliximab           
B) Adalimumab
C) Ustekinumab       
D) Natalizumab
55Sulfasalazine is used in:
A) Ulcerative Colitis
B) Osteoarthritis
C) Gouty Arthritis
D) Irritable Bowel Syndrome
56Glucose is added in ORS to:
A) Improve taste
B) Decreasing bacterial colonization of GIT
C) Increase stability
D) Increase absorption of sodium
57Which drug is given in delayed vomiting after chemotherapy:
A) Metoclopramide           
B) Hyoscine
C) Domperidone                
D) Aprepitant
58Highly Vestibulotoxic drug is:
A) Cisplatin                      
C) Dihydrostreptomycin    
D) Quinine
59Which of the following tetracyclines can be used without dose adjustment in renal failure:
A) Oxytetracycline          
B) Doxycycline
C) Demeclocycline          
D) Tetracycline
60Antibiotic which is effective as single-dose therapy for trachoma is:
A) Doxycycline           
B) Clarithromycin
C) Azithromycin         
D) Erythromycin
61Which of the following is used as a prophylaxis for meningococcal meningitis:
A) Gentamycin       
B) Erythromycin
C) Rifampicin             
D) Chloramphenicol
62Drug of choice for pneumonia caused by Pneumocystis carinii
A) Penicillin                
B) Cotrimoxazole
C) Kanamycin             
D) Levofloxacin
63All of the following drugs are administered orally except:
A) Ciprofloxacin         
B) Cotrimoxazole
C) Gentamycin            
D) Amoxicillin
64Drug of choice for exoerythrocytic stage of malaria is:
A) Chloroquine           
B) Primaquine
C) Proguanil                
D) Mefloquine
65The other name for reverse transcriptase is:
A) DNA dependent DNA polymerase
B) RNA dependent RNA polymerase
C) RNA dependent DNA polymerase
D) DNA dependent RNA polymerase
66Drug of choice for Acyclovir resistant Herpes is:
A) Cidofovir         
B) Gancyclovir
C) Valcyclovir      
D) Foscarnet
67Which vitamin is most likely to be deficient in a patient on treatment with Isoniazid:
A) B1        
B) B2       
C) B12         
D) B6
68Bevacizumab is:
A) Monoclonal antibody against VEGF
B) Anti IL-2 monoclonal antibody
C) Monoclonal antibody against FGFR
D) Monoclonal antibody against EGFR
69Which of the following antineoplastic and immunosuppressant drugs is a dihydrofolatereductase inhibitor:
A) Methotrexate                
B) Adriamycin
C) Vincristine
D) Cyclophosfamide
70Treatment of chronic phase of CML is:
A) Imatinib                     
B) Hydroxyurea
C) Interferon                   
D) Cytarabine

Section B: General Knowledge
No of MCQ: 30

1As per the latest report by ISFR the total forest and tree cover area of India is how much of its geographical spread? A)Less than 20%         
B)Less than 25%
C)More than 25%        
D) More than 35%
2Surya Kiran-XIV is a joint Military Exercise between ….
A)India & Bangladesh
B)India & Myanmaar
C) India & Nepal
D)India & Bhutan
3Who is presently the Chief of Army Staff of India?
A)Sri Bipin Rawat
B)Sri Manoj Mukund Naravane
C)Sri B L Joseph
D) Sri Nagendra Nath Singh Solanki
4The government is planning to establish India’s First  Maritime  Museum at which  of the following place?
A) Bhuj                       
B) Kalinga
516th November 2019 was celebrated as-    
A) World Toilet Day
B) World AIDS Day
C) World Diabetes Day
D)COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease) Day
6Which of the following is the subject matter of 124th Constitutional Amendment Bill-
A) Abrogation of Article 370 which gave Special status to Jammu & Kashmir
B) 10% Quota reservation to economically weaker sections of forward caste in higher education and Government Jobs.
C) The Tripple Talaq for the Muslim Women (Protection of rights in marriage)
D) Protection of children from sexual offence
7Who  among  the  following  is  one  of  the authors of the Book ‘Poor Economics’?
A)Mrinal pandey         
B)Abhijeet Banerjee
C) Sudipt Bhattacharya  
D)Amartya sen
8Which of the following film is not an official entry from India for Oscars in International film category?
A)Mother India     
B)Gully Boy
C) Kesari              
9Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) of India is released by which of the following office?
A)Office of Registrar General of India
B) Office of CAG
C) Office of Union Health Minister
D) Office of Statistical computation of India
10What is ‘e- Dant Seva’-  
A)A mobile application launched by AIIMS in collaboration with Health Ministry
B)e -portal of Center for Cultural Resources and Training launched by Union Minister of State for Cultural & Tourism  
C) Initiative launched for quality health care at no cost for every women and new born by Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare    
D) Mobile app launched to enable people to search for Janaushadhi Generic Medicine
11Which of the following is not a category for which Nobel Prize is awarded?
12Which  word  has  been  declared  as  Hindi word of the year 2019 by Oxford Dictionary?
A) नारी शनक्त                         
B) पहदस्तान
C)  मुद्रा                               
D) पयाावरण
13The Company ‘Phoenix Medical Systems’ is related to which of the following?
A)Medical System to make cheaper breast cancer treatment at an affordable rate to women globally
B)India’s  first  indigenously  designed standing wheelchair
C)First Indigenous fuel cell system
D)    Discovery   of    ‘Phazolicis’,   a    new antibiotic in a forest of Mexico
14Which   of   the   following   Social   media platform has unveiled a ‘Preventive Health’ tool on 09/10/2019 that connects people to health resources and sends check-up reminders?
A) Facebook     
B) LinkedIn
C) YouTube      
D) Twitter
15How many CPSUs have got the status of Maharatna at present?
16Who among the following has been awarded with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2019?
A)Ravindra Jadeja
B)Bajrang Punia
C)Deepa Malik
D)Pooja Dhanda
17‘गत माह हम ताजमहल देिने जाएिंगे’ इस वाक्य मे अशुिी है-
A)पलिंग सिंबिंर्ी         
B) काल सिंबिंर्ी
C)वचन सिंबिंर्ी
D) सवानाम सिंबिंर्ी
18इहलोक का नवपरीताथाक शब्द ह-
B) पाताल
19Which  state  has  become  the  first  in  the country  to  issue  the  highest  number  of golden cards under ‘Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna (ABPMJAY) on 26/09/2019
B)Madhya Pradesh
C)Jammu & Kashmir    
20Project ‘Sangam’ of Ministry of Housing & Urban  Affairs  is  related  to  which  of  the following?
A) Swach Bharat Mission
B)PM-KISAN Scheme to all farmers
C) Make In India Project
D) Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna
21India’s rank in Human Development Index – 2019 is——
22Which of  the following was the theme of International  Conference  in  Yoga  held  in Mysuru (India)?  
A)Yoga for Heart Care
B) Yoga for All
C) Yoga for complete Health Care
D) None of the above
23Ajit has a certain average for 9 innings. In the tenth innings, he scores 100 runs thereby increasing the average by 8 runs. His new average is:
B) 21     
C) 28           
24It was Sunday on Jan 1, 2006. What was the day of the week Jan 1, 2010?    
A) Sunday
B) Saturday
C) Friday
D) Wednesday
25Two buses start from a bus terminal with a speed of 20km/h at interval of 10 minutes. What is the speed of a man coming from the opposite direction towards the bus terminal if he meets the buses at interval of 8 minutes? A)3km/h                         
B) 4km/h
D) 7km/h
26An accurate clock shows 8 o’clock in the morning. Through how may degrees will the hour hand rotate when the clock shows 2’o ‘clock in the afternoon?
A)144 degree              
B) 150 degree
C)168 degree              
D) 180 degree
27A and B are brothers. C and D are sisters. A’s son is D’s brother. How is B related to C?
B) Brother
D) Grandfather
28In a certain code FIRE is coded as DGPC. What will be the last letter of the coded word for SHOT.
A) Q             
B) R       
C) S        
D) P
29In the series 2, 6, 18, 54,………….what will be the 8th term?
B) 4374
D) 7434
30A man walks 1km to East and then he turns to South and Walks 5km. Again he turns to East and walks 2km. After this he turns to North and walks 9km. Now, how far is he from his starting point?  
D)7 km

Northern Coalfield Limited (NCL) Pharmacist Question Paper 2020 with Answer Key pdf:- Download

Pharmacist (NCL) solved Paper 2020

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