CGPSC Drug Inspector Question Paper 2015 with Answer key- Chhattisgarh

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CGPSC Drug Inspector (2015 & 2009) Solved Paper with Answer Key

Preview of DI Paper↓ 2015

Preview of Paper DI CGPSC 2015

Q.1) The WIDAL test is performed for

[a]       Typhoid fever

[b]       Malaria fever

[c]       Dengue fever

[d]       None of the above

Q.2)     The types of toothed tissue forceps are

[a]       Allis type

[b]       Lane’s type

[c]       Magnitan’s type

[d]       All of the above

Q.3)     Who is the ex-officio chairman of the Central Insecticide Board constituted to government about manufacture sale storage transport and distribution of insecticides with a view to ensure safety to human beings or animals?

[a]       Drugs Controller, India

[b]       Plant Protection Advisor, to the govt of India

[c]       Chief Advisor of Factories

[d]       Director- General of Health Services

Q.4)     Trepline and Trocar are

[a]       Surgical cutting instrument

[b]       Accessories and implants

[c]       Refrector

[d]       All of the above

Q.5)     To declare and make rule for any manufacturing process of operation as ‘Dangerous operations’ who is empowered under the Factories Act, 1948?

[a]       Central Government

[b]       State Government

[c]       District Administration

[d]       Inspector of Factories

Q.6)     The total number of members nominated by Central Government in Pharmacy Council of India

[a]       5

[b]       6

[c]       4

[d]       8

Q.7)     The Metzenbaun scissors are used

[a]       To dissect soft tissue

[b]       To cut surface

[c]       Both A and B

[d]       None of the above

Q.8)     Ceiling price of Schedule formulation is calculated by the formula:

P([C] = P(S)­ (1 + M/100) In this P(S)  signifies

[a]       Price of highest paid formulation

[b]       Average price of retailer

[c]       Margin to retail

[d]       Maximum Retail price

Q.9)     Mosquito clamp is used to

[a]       Hold mosquitoes

[b]       Stop blood flow

[c]       Hold delicate tissue and compress bleeding vessels

[d]       None of the above

Q.10)   Which body is entrusted with the task of maintaining the Central Register of Pharmacists?  

[a]       State Pharmacy Council

[b]       Pharmacy Council of India

[c]       Medical Council of India

[d]       Drug Controller of India

Q.11)   Which chapter of the Pharmacy Act, 948 deals with the Registration of Pharmacists?

[a]       Chapter II

[b]       Chapter III

[c]       Chapter IV

[d]       Chapter V

Q.12)   When can a person interested may make an application to the controller for grant of compulsory licence

[a]       After the expiration of seven years from the date of grand of patient

[b]       After the expiration of ten years from the date of grand of patient

[c]       After the expiration of twenty years from the date of grand of patient

[d]       After the expiration of three years from the date of grand of patient

Q.13)   Alongwith the duties of Controller of patents this Authority discharges what other duties?

[a]       Controller of Designs

[b]       Registrar of Trademark

[c]       Controller – General of patents Designs and Trademark

[d]       All of the above

Q.14)   Sutures are generally left for the longest time on what part of the body?

[a]       Face

[b]       Scalp

[c]       Joint

[d]       Trunk

Q.15)   Under the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act, 1954 the word ‘Advertisement’ means

[a]       Notice

[b]       Circular and label

[c]       Announcement made by any audio – visual means

[d]       All of the above

Q.16)   Which authority is competent under the Drugs and Magic remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act, 1954 to frame rules for carrying the purpose of the act?

[a]       State government

[b]       Central Government

[c]       Drugs controller General of India

[d]       Director-General of Health Services

Q.17)   Which body is empowered to make Education Regulations prescribing minimum standards of education required for qualification as a pharmacist?

[a]       Pharmacy council of India, subject to the approval of central Govt

[b]       State pharmacy council, subject to the approval of State Govt

[c]       University Grants Commission, subject to the approval of central Govt

[d]       All India Council of Technical Education, Subject to the approval of Central Govt

Q.18)   Schedule attached to the medicinal and Toiler Preparations (Excise Duties) Act, 1955 gives details of

[a]       Medicinal preparations Allopathic containing alcohol or narcotics

[b]       Medicinal preparations of allopathic, ayurvedic, Unani and other indigenous system of medicines

[c]       Description of dutiable goods Medicinal toiler preparations with their rate of duty

[d]       Description of dutiable goods Medicinal and toiler preparations containing alcohol or narcotics with their rate of duty

Q.19)   Who can be appointed as ‘Authority’ to hear and decide, claims arising out of payment of less than the minimum rates of wages under the minimum wages Act, 1948?

[a]       Commissioner for Workmen’s compensation

[b]       Labour commissioner

[c]       Jundge of a civil court or a stipendiary magistrate

[d]       All of the above

Q.20)   Aspirin can cause problems with which of these conditions?

[a]       Low blood pressure

[b]       Bronchitis

[c]       Sinusitis

[d]       Asthma

Q.21)   Who is empowered to bring any employment under the minimum wages, under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948?

[a]       State Government

[b]       Central Government

[c]       Appropriate Government

[d]       Labour Commissioner

Q.22)   Stick test in diphtheria is done to known whether patient is

[a]       Immunized

[b]       Susceptibles

[c]       Diseased 

[d]       Carriers

Q.23)   Who can declare any substance as ‘Controlled Substance’ by notification under the NDPS Act,1985?

[a]       State Government

[b]       Central Government

[c]       NDPS Consultative committee

[d]       Narcotic Commissioner

Q.24)   Under the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act, 1954 advertisement of certain drugs for treatment of certain diseases and disorders are prohibited and a schedule is annexed with the Act. This ‘Schedule contains

[a]       List of certain drugs

[b]       List of certain names of the diseases disorder or conditions

[c]       List of certain drugs and diseases

[d]       List of types of advertisement

Q.25)   Why the Second schedule to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 is considered important?

[a]       It details the class of drugs and standards to be complied with

[b]       It can be amended by the Central Government by following due procedure

[c]       Both A and B above are correct

[d]       None of the above

Q.26)   Requirement for the functioning and operation of a Blood Bank and/or preparation of blood components is detailed in which schedule of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 1945?

[a]       Schedule F part XII B, XII C and XII D

[b]       Schedule F (I) Part I, Part II, Part III

[c]       Schedule F (II) and F

[d]       Schedule G

Q.27)   What is the quantum of punishment provided under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, is the termination of pregnancy is done by a person who is not a registered medical practitioner?

[a]       Simple Imprisonment for a term of two years to seven years

[b]       Rigorous Imprisonment for a term not less than two years, which may extend to seven years

[c]       Imprisonment for the period as shown in the Indian Penal Code

[d]       Rigorous Imprisonment for a term of one year

Q.28)   Acetaminophen is, less likely than aspirin to cause gastric distress, but an overdose of as little as 4 grams can lead to irreversible liver disease) Who is most at risk?

[a]       People who drink alcohol

[b]       Anyone on diet

[c]       Smokers

[d]       A and C both

Q.29)   Which Authority approves courses of study and examination for the purpose of qualifying for registration as Pharmacist?

[a]       University

[b]       All India Council of Technical Education

[c]       Pharmacy Council of India

[d]       State Pharmacy Council

Q.30)   Under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 who is empowered to make rules to carry out the provisions of the Act?

[a]       State Government

[b]       Central Government

[c]       Appropriate Government

[d]       Director – General Health Services

Q.31)   The Central and State Pollution Boards have powers

[a]       To make surveys and keep records

[b]       To take samples analyze any matter from the industry

[c]       To recognize any laboratory for chemical analytical

[d]       None of the above

Q.32)   Provision of Drugs (Price Control) Order is not applicable in case of

[a]       Manufacture producing a new drug with a product patent, with indigenous R & D, for 5 years

[b]       Manufacturer producing a new drug with a process patent with indigenous R & D, for 5 years

[c]       Manufacturer producing a new drug involving a new delivery system developed through indigenous R & D, for 5 years

[d]       All of the above, when such new drugs approval by DCGI is produced before the Government

Q.33)   Maximum Retail price of drugs in the scheduled formulations are fixed by the manufacturer on this formula

[a]       Maximum Retail Price = Ceiling Price + Local taxes as applicable

[b]       Maximum Retail Price = Retail Price + Local taxes as applicable

[c]       Maximum Retail Price = Average Price to Retail + Margin to Retailer

[d]       None of the above

Q.34)   Term of patent under the Patents Act, from the date of filing the application for the patent is

[a]       14 years

[b]       20 years

[c]       7 years

[d]       10 years

Q.35)   How many members constitute State Pharmacy Council?

[a]       6

[b]       11

[c]       12

[d]       15

Q.36)   What is the meaning of Essential Narcotic Drug?

[a]       All Narcotic Drugs

[b]       All Psychotropic substances

[c]       All coca derivatives medicinal cannabis, opium derivatives

[d]       Narcotic Drugs notified by the Central Government for Medicinal and Scientific use

Q.37)   The registration of Trade mark is initially for how many years?

[a]       Five years

[b]       Six years

[c]       Seven years

[d]       None of the above

Q.38)   Who appoints a Narcotic Commissioner under the NDPS Act, 1985?

[a]       State Government

[b]       Central Government

[c]       NDPS Consultative Committee

[d]       Central Board of Excise and Customs

Q.39)   Controller General of which of the following has been called “Registrar of Trade Marks” Under Trade and Merchandise Act, 1958?

[a]       Patents

[b]       Designs

[c]       Trade Marks

[d]       All of the above

Q.40)   The Pharmacy Act was passed in the year

[a]       1948

[b]       1940

[c]       1945

[d]       1950

Q.41)   Under the patents Act, 1970, certain activities are not considered inventions and kept out of the purview of Patent. These are mentioned under which chapter of the Act?

[a]       Chapter III

[b]       Chapter IV

[c]       Chapter II

[d]       Chapter VIII

Q.42)   The recommended diagnostic test for HIV infection is

[a]       Karpa’s Test

[b]       Western blast Test

[c]       ELISA Test

[d]       Virus Isolation

Q.43)   The Drugs (prices control) order is issued by the Central Government by deriving powers from which Act/Rules?

[a]       The Drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940

[b]       The Drugs and Cosmetic Rules, 1945

[c]       Essential commodities Act, 1955

[d]       Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances Act, 1985

Q.44)   In the DPCO, which statement is incorrect about Scheduled formulation?

[a]       It is included in the First Schedule of the Drugs (Price Control) Order

[b]       It contains National List of Essential Medicines

[c]       It contains formulations whether referred to by generic versions or brand name

[d]       It contains formulations of only generic versions

Q.45)   The Schedule which deals with Good Manufacturing Practices for premises, plants and equipment for Allopathic Pharmaceutical Products gives under the Drugs and Cosmetics Rule, 1945 is

[a]       Schedule D and D (I), D(II), D(III)

[b]       Schedule F and F(I), F(II), F(III)

[c]       Schedule P and P(I)

[d]       Schedule M and M(I), M(II), M(III)

Q.46)   This state comes within the jurisdiction of Zonal Director of Narcotics Control Bureau, office of which is located in?

[a]       Raipur

[b]       Bhopal

[c]       Indore

[d]       New Delhi

Q.47)   Under the Trade and Merchandise Act, 1958 what does the Tribunal mean?

[a]       Registrar

[b]       High Court

[c]       A and B both

[d]       None of the above

Q.48)   Indian penal code, 1860 considers causing miscarriage a punishable offence but, the Medical Termination of pregnancy Act, permits termination of pregnancy under certain conditions. Which condition permit this?

[a]       Continuance of pregnancy would involve a risk to the life of pregnancy woman

[b]       Cause grave injury to the physical and mental health of the pregnancy woman

[c]       Child to be born would suffer from physical or mental abnormalities physical or mental abnormalities

[d]       All of the above

Q.49)   Older adults are especially vulnerable to the side effects of which of these OTCs?

[a]       Laxatives

[b]       Pain relievers

[c]       Antihistamines

[d]       Decongestants

Q.50)   How are prescription drugs different from OTC drugs?

[a]       They contain higher amount of active ingredients

[b]       They are unsafe for use without medical supervision

[c]       Both A and B

[d]       None of the above

Q.51)   Lithium is absolutely contraindicated in

[a]       Lactation

[b]       Jaundice

[c]       Diabetes

[d]       Typhoid

Q.52)   While fixing a ceiling price of scheduled formulations and retail price of new drugs what percentage of price to retailer as a margin to retail is allowed?

[a]       12%

[b]       16%

[c]       20%

[d]       10%

Q.53)   Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industries are kept under which Schedule of the Factories Act, 1948?

[a]       The First Schedule

[b]       The Second Schedule

[c]       The Third Schedule

[d]       None of the above

Q.54)   Under the Factories Act, 1948 w in any factor ho is authorized to undertake thee safety and occupational. Health survey in any factory?

[a]       Chief Inspector of Factories

[b]       Director – General of factory advice service

[c]       Director – General of Health Services to Govt. of India

[d]       Such other officer as may be authorized by the state Government, in addition to above mentioned authorities

Q.55)   Which one is the major criteria for selection of OTC drug?

[a]       Which covers wide range of symptoms

[b]       Which covers primary symptoms

[c]       Both A and B

[d]       None of the above

Q.56)   The generator of hazardous waste is allowed to store a maximum quantity of 10000 kg or truck load whichever is less for a period of which of the following number of days provided it is not extended due to unforeseen circumstances?

[a]       30 days

[b]       60 days

[c]       90 days

[d]       None of the above

Q.57)   The number of hours for an adult which constitute a normal working day and the maximum limit with intervals of rest provided under the Minimum Wages Act and Rules made there under are

[a]       6 hours and 9 hours respectively

[b]       9 hours and 12 hours respectively

[c]       8 hours and 10 hours respectively

[d]       6 ½ hours and 9 ½ hours respectively

Q.58)   The Ex-officio members of Pharmacy Counciling India

[a]       The Director General of Health Services

[b]       The Director of Central Drug Laboratory

[c]       The Drug Controller of India

[d]       All of the above

Q.59)   If a drug

I.   Consists any filthy, putrid or decomposed substance

II.  It is kept under insanitary condition

III.  If its container is composed of any poisonous substance

IV. If it contains any harmful be toxic substance which may be injurious to health such drugs are called

[a]       Misbranded Drugs

[b]       Adultered Drugs

[c]       Spurious Drugs

[d]       All of the above

Q.60)   The Section under the Patents Act, 1970 which enumerates the activities, which are not considered invention is

[a]       Section 3

[b]       Section 4

[c]       Section 5

[d]       None of the above

Q.61)   The wall of the Gram + ve Bacteria is

[a]       Thicker than Gram – ve Bacteria

[b]       Thinner than Gram -ve Bacteria

[c]       Both A and B

[d]       None of the above

Q.62)   The principal microorganism responsible for Yogurt

[a]       Streptococcus thermophilus

[b]       L. bulgrious

[c]       Both A and B

[d]       None of the above

Q.63)   The anticancer agent which causes dose limiting nephro-toxicity

[a]       Cisplatin

[b]       Vinblastin

[c]       Doxorubicin

[d]       Methotrexate

Q.64)   Decrease of thickness of tablet indicates

[a]       Less friability

[b]       More hardness

[c]       Both A and B

[d]       None of the above

Q.65)   Gene transfer from one bacteria to another is termed as

[a]       Translation

[b]       Transduction

[c]       Both A and B

[d]       None of the above

Q.66)   Which one of the following is about Herpes viruses?

[a]       Icosahedral, with envelope, ds DNA

[b]       Polyhedral with envelope, ds DNA

[c]       RNA, helical with envelope

[d]       ds DNA, brick shape

Q.67)   The B-lactam antibiotic is

[a]       Gentamicin

[b]       Cephalosporin

[c]       Cycloserine

[d]       Ampicillin

Q.68)   The moldy type of spoilage in bread is due to the microorganisms

[a]       Rhizopus nigricans

[b]       Aspergillus Niger

[c]       Penicillium

[d]       All of the above

Q.69)   What is the pH of a solution of ascorbic acid (pKa = 4.17) of concentration 0.284 mol dm-3?

[a]       1.82

[b]       2.64

[c]       2.36

[d]       9.36

Q.70)   The major carriers of Salmonellosis are

[a]       Meat and eggs

[b]       Meat and fish

[c]       Eggs and fish

[d]       Eggs and fruits

Q.71)   The time taken for 5% of a drug to decompose by first-order Kinetics is

[a]       0.022/K1

[b]       0.051/K1

[c]       0.105/K1

[d]       0.105/K1

Q.72)   Compelling contraindications of beta-blockers is/are

[a]       Pregnancy

[b]       Asthma

[c]       Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

[d]       Both B and C

Q.73)   Immunoglobin with shortest half life is

[a]       Ig E

[b]       Ig A

[c]       Ig D

[d]       Ig M

Q.74)   Common food poisoning microbes are

[a]       Clostridium and salmonella

[b]       Clostridium and E)coli

[c]       E)coli and Salmonella

[d]       Clostridium and Streptococcus

Q.75)   Gas gangrene is caused by

[a]       Streptococcus pyrogens

[b]       Clostridium perfringens

[c]       Clostridium botulism

[d]       Streptococcus pneumonia

Q.76)   In a prescription “ST[A]T” means

[a]       At once

[b]       Single tablet at a time

[c]       Straight

[d]       Stop after some time

Q.77)   The major mechanism of drug transport port involved in the transport of drug out of the blood into tissues is

[a]       Active transport

[b]       Aqueous diffusion

[c]       Lipid diffusion

[d]       Receptor mediated endocytosis

Q.78)   Antihistaminic used to increase appetite in underweight children is

[a]       Cetrizine

[b]       Loratidine

[c]       Loxatidine

[d]       Buclizine

Q.79)   The antimicrobial activity of Penicillin is due to

[a]       6-Amino Penicillanic acid

[b]       Thiazolidine ring

[c]       Both A and B

[d]       None of the above

Q.80)   Cocci arranged in pockets of eight are

[a]       Sla phylococci

[b]       Sarcina

[c]       Heptococci

[d]       Streptococci

Q.81)   Endotoxin produced by gram negative bacteria is present in

[a]       Peptidoglycan

[b]       Lipopolysaccharide

[c]       Theichoic acid

[d]       Inner membrane

Q.82)   An antidiabetic drug piogliazone used in type 2 diabetes acts by

[a]       Decrease of glucose uptake in muscles

[b]       Increase insulin sensitivity

[c]       Inhibiting intestinal a-glucosidase

[d]       Stimulating insulin secretion

Q.83)   Neuropathy is caused by

[a]       Isoniazid

[b]       Ethambutol

[c]       Both

[d]       None of the above

Q.84)   Sulfamethoxazole gives synergistic action with

[a]       Tatracycline

[b]       Calcium channel Mocker

[c]       Trimethoprim

[d]       None of the above

Q.85)   NSAIDS can inhibit the production of all except

[a]       PGI2

[b]       Cyclic Endoperoxides

[c]       TX2

[d]       Leucotrienes

Q.86)   The weakly bases drugs will be absorbed from small intestine because

[a]       The ionic form of basic drug is absorbed more rapidly from intestine

[b]       Weak bases will further increase the GIT-ptt

[c]       Weak bases exists greatly in the unionized more lipid soluble form

[d]       Weak bases are more soluble in basic and intestinal fluid

Q.87)   When a bacterial cell and mitochondria are treated with cyanide and carbon monoxide, what happens

[a]       Protein synthesis inhibits

[b]       Respiration inhibits

[c]       Photosynthesis inhibits

[d]       No effect occurs

Q.88)   Antiviral activity of Zidonudine is analogonised by

[a]       Ribavarin

[b]       Thymidine

[c]       Both A and B

[d]       None of the above

Q.89)   Atenolol gives synergistic effect with

[a]       Nifedepine

[b]       Metranidazote

[c]       Atropine

[d]       None of the above

Q.90)   The mercurial diuretic is

[a]       Chlormerodine

[b]       Mannitol

[c]       Furesemide

[d]       Acetazolamide

Q.91)   Which of the following is a floating National Park?

[a]       Keibul Lamjao

[b]       Kalesar

[c]       Keoladeo

[d]       Kudremukh

Q.92)   Recently, who has constituted a new Political Party ‘HAM’ Hindustan Awam, Morcha?

[a]       Upendra Kushwaha

[b]       Jeetan Ram Manjhi

[c]       Yogendra Yadav

[d]       Narendra Singh

Q.93)   Who proposed that all plants are made of cells?

[a]       James Chadwick

[b]       Matthias Schleiden

[c]       Euclid

[d]       None of the above

Q.94)   Which gas is not a green-house gas?

[a]       Carbon dioxide

[b]       Nitrogen

[c]       Methane

[d]       Ozone

Q.95)   The 73rd and 74th Amendments do not apply to which state?

[a]       Uttarakhand

[b]       Mizoram

[c]       Assam

[d]       Himachal

Q.96)   Which among the following states has been conferred with the Krishi Karman Award 2013-14 for record rice production?

[a]       West Bengal

[b]       Bihar

[c]       Jharkhand

[d]       Chhattisgarh

Q.97)   The most ground water polluting fertilizers are

[a]       Nitrate fertilizers

[b]       Ammonical fertilizers

[c]       Potassic fertilizers

[d]       Amide fertilizers

Q.98)   Who of the following was the first `Acharya’ of Kabirpanth in this state?

[a]       Dharmadas

[b]       Muktamani

[c]       Sudarshannam

[d]       Kewalnam

Q.99)   Which state has maximum number of SEZs (Special Economic Zone)?

[a]       Karnataka

[b]       Maharashtra

[c]       Tamil Nadu

[d]       Unified Andhra Pradesh

Q.100) The “Ozone layer” was discovered by

[a]       John Napier

[b]       Benjamin Franklin

[c]       Charles Fabry and Henri Buisson

[d]       None of the above

Q.101) Pollution by plumbum is mainly through the medium of

[a]       Air

[b]       Water

[c]       Land

[d]       Burning of coal

Q.102) Operation Neptune spear is related to

[a]       Osama-bin-Laden

[b]       Muammar Kaddafi

[c]       Saddam Hussein

[d]       El-Jawahiri

Q.103) Which hormone is first discovered?

[a]       Pepsin

[b]       Somatotropin

[c]       Secretin

[d]       Melanin

Q.104) Father of ECG is

[a]       Berger

[b]       Einthoven

[c]       Salton

[d]       Carmack

Q.105) Which of the following was the centre of mixed culture of this state in ancient times?

[a]       Malhar

[b]       Pacharahi 

[c]       Sirpur

[d]       Maheshpur

Q.106) On the basis of earthquake intensity (modified mercalli intensity scale) this state belongs to which of the following zone?

[a]       Less intensity zone

[b]       Medium intensity zone

[c]       More intensity zone

[d]       Maximum intensity zone

Q.107) Match the following

(1) Abhishek Verma               (a] Squash

(2) Saurav Ghoshal                 (b] Wrestling

(3) Bajrang                             (c] Archery

(4) Khushbir Kaur                  (d] 20 km walk          

[a]       1-(c), 2-(a), 3-(b), 4-(d)

[b]       1-(b), 2-(c), 3-(a), 4-(d)

[c]       1-(a), 2-(b), 3-(c), 4-(d)

[d]       1-(b), 2-(a), 3-(d), 4-(c)

Q.108) Jame Watson and Francis Crick have discovered

[a]       Heart Transplant

[b]       DNA structure

[c]       Penicillin

[d]       Asprin

Q.109) ‘Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission’ was launched on

[a]       2nd October 2005

[b]       3rd December 2005

[c]       2nd October 2006

[d]       14th November 2007

Q.110) What is true about BRICS summit meet

(i)        The first BRIC summit meet was held on 2009

(ii)       The first BRIC summit meet was held in India

(iii)      The sixth BRIC summit meet was held in Fortaleza

(iv)      The sixth BRIC summit meet was held in July 2014

(v)       The sixth BRIC summit meet was presided over by Putin

(vi)      The fourth BRIC summit meet was held in China

[a]       (i), (iii), (v)

[b]       (ii), (iv), (vi)

[c]       (ii), (v), (vi)

[d]       (i), (iii), (iv)

Q.111) Who was known as the “father of electrodynamics”?

[a]       Volta

[b]       Sir Isaac Newton

[c]       Andre Marie Ampere

[d]       None of the above

Q.112) Founder of Homeopathy

[a]       F. Banting

[b]       Gregor Mendel

[c]       Henry Mosely

[d]       Samuel Hahnemann

Q.113) The Administrative Head of Chandigarh is called

[a]       Lt. Governor

[b]       Chief Commissioner

[c]       Administrator

[d]       Deputy Commissioner

Q.114) LEISA is related

[a]       Organic farming

[b]       In organic farming

[c]       Natural farming

[d]       All of the above

Q.115) Tikka Disease is associated with

[a]       Wheat crop

[b]       Tobacco crop

[c]       Ground nut crop

[d]       Sugarcane crop

Q.116) In the present Budget session of state Legislative Assembly of this state which of the following is announced? 

[a]       Opening a Deemed University at Durg

[b]       Opening of State University at Durg

[c]       Opening of a Private University at Drug

[d]       Opening of IIIT at Drug

Q.117) Municipal Governance in India has been in existence since 1687 and the first municipal corporation was

[a]       Bombay

[b]       Madras

[c]       Calcutta

[d]       Delhi 

Q.118) “The substance and the Shadow” is the autobiography of

[a]       Amitabh Bachchan

[b]       Manoj Kumar

[c]       Raj Kapoor

[d]       Dilip Kumar

Q.119) Generally the parest seed is

[a]       Breeder seed

[b]       Foundation seed

[c]       Certified seed

[d]       Nucleus seed

Q.120) He started his career as a labourer in Tata Steel. Later on become Chief Minister of a state) Name the person

[a]       Raghubar Das

[b]       Jeetan Ram Manjhi

[c]       Pawan Kumar Chamling

[d]       None of the above

Q.121) `Charlier Hebdo’ is a Sattirilal Weekly Magazine of

[a]       France

[b]       Britain

[c]       Australia

[d]       America

Q.122) A Government Bill which is already passed by Lok Sabha and it is pending in Rajya Sabh[a] In the mean while Lok Sabha is dissolved, then the Government Bill

[a]       Will lapse

[b]       May be passed by Rajya Sabha

[c]       Will be sent to president

[d]       New Lok Sabha will consider

Q.123) What is correct?

(i)        Candidate contesting the election of Zila / Janpad Panchayat submits an affidavit)

(ii)       Candidate contesting the election of Zila/Janpad Panchayat submits a self – signed declaration

(iii)      Candidate contesting the election of Sarpanch/Panch submits an affidavit

(iv)      Candidate contesting the election of Sarpanch /Panch submits a self-signed declaration

(v)       Candidate contesting the election of sarpanch submits a self-signed declaration

(vi)      Every candidate contesting the election of Zila/Janpad/Sarpanch /Panch submits an affidavit

(vii)     No requirement to submit declaration form or affidavit to a candidate the election of Pinch

(viii)    Every candidate contesting the election of Zila/Janpad/Sarpanch/Panch submits self- signed declaration

[a]       (i), (iii), (vi)

[b]       (ii), (iv), (viii)

[c]       (i), (vi), (vii)

[d]       (ii), (iv), (v)

Q.124) Shivalik mountain is also known as

[a]       Upper Himalayas

[b]       Middle Himalayas

[c]       Lesser Himalayas

[d]       None of the above

Q.125) Name the discoverer of “Anesthesia”

[a]       Lord Rutherford

[b]       Roentgen

[c]       William Morton

[d]       Hans Berger

Q.126) Which of the following is unmatched with others?

(i)        To protect sovereignty unity and integrity of India

(ii)       To promote Public Health

(iii)      To safeguard public property

(iv)      To abjure violence

(v)       To preserve the rich heritage

(vi)      To renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of woman

(vii)     Improvement of environment

[a]       (i), (vi)

[b]       (ii), (viii)

[c]       (iv), (v)

[d]       (iii), (v)

Q.127) Name the discoverer of “Logarithm”

[a]       John Napier

[b]       Micheal Faraday

[c]       Max Plank

[d]       None of the above

Q.128) Who of the following was the pioneer in the field of women emancipation in India?

[a]       Raja Rammohan Roy

[b]       Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

[c]       Mahadev Govind Ranade

[d]       Sunder Lal Sharma

Q.129) Which of the following pyramids is inverted pyramid?

[a]       Grassland’s-pyramid of number

[b]       Grassland’s-pyramid of biomass

[c]       Grassland’s-pyramid of energy

[d]       Tank’s-pyramid of biomass

Q.130) In which year Gandhi ji visited this state in connection with emancipation of ‘Harijans’?

[a]       1920

[b]       1922

[c]       1930

[d]       1933

Q.131) Which of the following pair is not correct?

[a]       Tony Abbott-Australia

[b]       Ashraf Ghani – Afghanistan

[c]       Sergio Mattarella – Fiji

[d]       John key – Newzealand

Q.132) An example of explosive fertilizer is

[a]       Ammonium Chloride

[b]       Ammonium Sulphate

[c]       Ammonium Nitrate

[d]       None of above

Q.133) The causative organism of swine flu is

[a]       Bacteria

[b]       Virus

[c]       Protozoa

[d]       Fungus

Q.134) Which of the following can’t be removed from the office by Parliament

(i)        Judges of Supreme Court

(ii)       Judges of High Court

(iii)      Attorney General

(iv)      Controller and Auditor General

(v)       Lt. Governor of Delhi

(vi)      Chief Election Commissioner

[a]       (i), (iii)

[b]       (ii), (iv)

[c]       (iii), (v)

[d]       (iv), (vi)

Q.135) The 73rd constitutional amendment is not applicable on which states

(i)        Assam

(ii)       Meghalaya

(iii)      Tripura

(iv)      Nagaland

(v)       Manipur

(vi)      Mijoram

(vii)     Hill places of Tripura

(viii)    Hill paces of Darjiling (W[B])

[a]       (i), (ii), (iv), (v), (vii)

[b]       (i), (iii), (v), (vi), (vii) (vii)

[c]       (ii), (iv), (v), (vi), (viii)

[d]       (ii), (v), (viii)

Q.136) Who described the theory of Natural selection?

[a]       Carl Linnaeus

[b]       R. S. Lull

[c]       Charles Darwin

[d]       None of the above

Q.137) Match the following indices for this state

(a) HDI (Human Development Indicator)      (i) 0.127

(b) Standard of Living Index              (ii) 0.49

(c) Education Index                            (iii) 0.358

(d) Health Index                                             (iv) 0.526

[a]   (a)-(i), (b)-(ii), (c)-(iii), (d)-(iv)

[b]   (a)-(iii), (b)-(i), (c)-(iv), (d)-(ii)

[c]   (a)-(ii), (b)-(i), (c)-(iv), (d)-(iii)

[d]   (a)-(iv), (b)-(iii), (c)-(ii), (d)-(i)

Q.138) Itai Itai disease is caused by

[a]       Mercury

[b]       Lead

[c]       Cadmium

[d]       Arsenic

Q.139) Which state has won National Award in the ‘Renewable Energy’ segment?

[a]       Madhya Pradesh

[b]       Chhattisgarh

[c]       Jharkhand

[d]       Uttarakhand

Q.140) During the reign of which of the following Guru Ghasidas Founded ‘Satnam’ sect in this state?

[a]       Pandus

[b]       Sharabhpuriyas

[c]       Kalchuris

[d]       Maeathas

Q.141) Theory of Big Bang was proposed by

[a]       Galileo Galilei

[b]       Georges Lemaitre

[c]       E) Torricelli

[d]       E) Fermi

Q.142) Match the various committees constituted on Panchayati Raj.

(a )Balwant Rai Mehta                      (i) 1985

(b) V. T. Krishnammachri                  (ii) 1977

(c) Ashok Mehta                                 (iii) 1957

(d) G. V. K. Rao                                 (iv) 1960

[a]  (a)-(iii), (b)-(ii), (c)-(iv), (d)-(i)

[b]  (a)-(iv), (b)-(iii), (c)-(ii), (d)-(i)

[c]  (a)-(i), (b)-(ii), (c)-(iii), (d)-(iv)

[d]  (a)-(iii), (b)-(iv), (c)-(ii), (d)-(i)

Q.143) In India Crude Oil (Petroleum) was first discovered from which of the following place?

[a]       Bombay high

[b]       Digboi

[c]       Sanand

[d]       Naharkatia

Q.144) In the 29th Suraj Kund International Craft Mela ‘The theme state’ this year is

[a]       Madhya Pradesh

[b]       Himachal Pradesh

[c]       Arunachal Pradesh

[d]       None of the above

Q.145) Who among the following is credited for “Small pox vaccination”?

[a]       Joseph Lister

[b]       Edward Jenner

[c]       Alexander Fleming

[d]       None

Q.146) Saba Anjum-Why she is in news?

[a]       For Yash Bharti Samman

[b]       Appointed Hockey Coach

[c]       For Pandma Shri

[d]       None of the above

Q.147) Which is known as blood cancer?

[a]       Lymphomma

[b]       Leukemia

[c]       Myeloma

[d]       Sarcoma

Q.148) Which of the following line passes through the pact of this state?

[a]       Equator

[b]       Tropic of Capricorn

[c]       Tropic of Cancer

[d]       None of the above

Q.149) Which of the following pair of countries won all their matches before Quarter final round cricket world cup?

[a]       India and Australia

[b]       India and New Zealand

[c]       South Africa and Australia

[d]       South Africa and New Zealand

Q.150) J. Robert Oppenheimer is related with which of the following invention?

[a]       Radium

[b]       Neutron

[c]       Penicillin

[d]       Atomic bomb

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