Syllabus of Pharmacist (औषधनिर्माता) – DMER Mumbai

DMER, Syllabus, Pharmacist, Mumbai,

Syllabus for Pharmacist comprises 4 section:

  1. English
  2. Marathi
  3. General Knowledge
  4. Logical Ability
  5. Pharmacy Subject Related Knowledge

Section 1. English

  1. Grammar (Synonyms, Autonyms, Spelling, Punctuation, Tense.
  2. Vocabulary (Use of Idioms and Phrases and their meaning, Expressions)
  3. Fill in the blanks in the sentence
  4. Simple Sentence structure,

Section 2. Marathi

  1. मराठी व्याकरण (वाक्य यरचना, शब्दार्थ , प्रयोग, समानाथ्री शब्द व विरुद्धथ्री शब्द)
  2. भाषा सौंदयथ (उपमा, अलंकार, म्हणी व वाकप्रचार यांचा अर्थ आणि वाक्यात उपयोग , सर्वसामान्य शब्द संग्रह इत्यादि
  3. प्रसिद्ध पुस्तकेम आणि लेखक
  4. योग्य जोड्या लावा

Section 3. General Knowledge

  1. Current Affairs (India and Maharashtra)
  2. Indian History- Civics
  3. Indian Geography
  4. Indian Constitution
  5. General Science
  6. Sports and Culture
  7. Right to Information Act 2005 and Maharashtra Public Service Act 2015
  8. Information and Technology Related Basic Knowledge

Section 4. Logical Ability

  1. Aptitude Test
  2. Basic Arithmetic Knowledge
  3. Mathematics (Numeric, Algebra, Geometry, Statistic)
  4. General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Environment Science

Section5. Pharmacy Subject Related Knowledge

GENERAL pharmacology

  1. GENERAL pharmacology-Type of Drug Drugs, General Classifications of Drugs, Drug Doses forms, & Bioavailability. Indications, contraindications, Adverse Drug Reaction, Roll of antibiotics, Clinical Pharmacology, Neuro Pharmacology. Psycho Pharmacology, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Pharmacy epidemiology, Dental Pharmacology.
  2. Indian Pharmacopeia, British Pharmacopeia
  3. Pharmacy Act 1948, Drugs & cosmetic Act 1940, & amendments
  4. Food & Drug Administration
  5. Drug Storage, Logistics & inventory management
  6. Roll of Hospital Pharmacist
  7. Community Pharmacy
  8. Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP)
  9. Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP)
  10. EDL & ECL list (Standard list of Drugs & Consumables required to run hospital)

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