Various Educational Programs in the field of Pharmacy and Scope in Pharmacy

Before 1948, there were no any provisions for the regulation of the profession and practice of pharmacy in India.

At independence in 1947, India inherited a system for the pharmacy profession from the British rulers that was unorganized and there was no legal restriction on the practice of pharmacy. The concept of pharmacy practice was not realized until after independence was gained.

In 1948, the Pharmacy Act 1948 was enacted as the nation’s first minimum standard of educational qualification for pharmacy practice to regulate the practice, education, and profession of pharmacy.”

pharmacy act 1948

Currently, one needs at least a diploma in pharmacy to practice as a pharmacist. Provisions of the Act are implemented through the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).

Educational Programs/Courses in the Pharmacy

CourseMin educationDurationScope
Diploma in Pharmacy
Bachelor in Pharmacy
Master in Pharmacy
Educational Programs & Scope in Pharmacy

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