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GPSSB Senior Pharmacist Question Paper GJ 2020

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1)         Which of the following is not a benzodiazepine derivative but act in a similar manner? a)  Triazolam b)  Zolpidem c)  Nitrazepam d)  Alprazolam 2)         Which of following is recently introduced drug for treatment of Tuberculosis? a)  Bedaquilline b)  Linezolid c)  Terizidone d)  Capreomycin 3)         ____ is a morphine analogue with more than 1000 times …

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AMC Pharmacist Question Paper 2022

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Pharmacist Paper 2022: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Note: Here our team has included only MCQ Question of Pharmacy subject. 1)           Relative sweetness of sucrose, to saccharin is a)  1:100 b)  1:300 c)  1:400 d)  1:500 2)           Following statement is more accurate with respect to limitation of Arrhenius relationship for stability prediction a)  Order of degradation will …

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