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Quality control of Drugs and pharmaceuticals “Limit test is defined as a quantitative or semi-quantitative test designed to identify and control small quantities of impurity which is likely to be present in the substance. The limit test is generally carried out to determine the inorganic impurities present in the compound”. In short, a limit test …

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Gastrointestinal agents | Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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ANTACID These are drugs used for neutralizing excess acid in the stomach. Classification(i) Systemic antacids.(ii) Non-systemic antacids. (i) Systemic Antacids They are used to reduce the acidity of blood. Eg. Sodium bicarbonate in sodium citrate. SODIUM BICARBONATE M.F. NaHCO3; Syn: Baking Soda PREPARATION Laboratory Method It is prepared by passing CO2 gas through a solution …

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