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Answer Key: at the end of Quiz

1)    An ingredient used to improve flow properties of granules into a die for compression during tablet formulation is a

a)    Disintegrant

b)    glidant

c)    Surfactant

d)    Lubricant

2)    Elimation of capping of tablet achieved by

a)    Pre- compression

b)    Reducing the final compression rate

c)    Using flat punches

d)    All of above

3)    Sweeter aspartame has the main disadvantage

a)    Carcino genic

b)    Bitter after taste

c)    Hygroscopic in nature

d)    All of these

4)    Small pinholes on the surface of the tablet is a tablet defect which known as

a)    Capping

b)    Mottling

c)    Craking

d)    picking

5)    Widenly used sweetener agent in chewable tablet is a

a)    Glucose

b)    Mannitol

c)    Sucrose

d)    Sacharin

6)    Maillard’s reaction is related to

a)    Diluent

b)    Binder

c)    Glident

d)    Disintegrant

7)    Which of the following agent is/are used in enteric coating of the tablet

a)    HPMC

b)    CMC

c)    CAP

d)    All of the above

8)    Disintegration time for sugar coated tablet is

a)    15 minutes

b)    30 minutes

c)    60 minutes

d)    90 minutes

9)    Shellac is used for the purpose of coating of tablets or

a)    Polishing agent

b)    Film coating agent

c)    enteric coating agent

d)    Sub- coating in sugar coating

10)  First step in the absorption of drug from the tablet is a

a)    Disintegration

b)    Deaggregation

c)    Diffusion

d)    Dissolution

11)  Cab-o-sil is used as

a)    Anti adherent

b)    Lubricant

c)    Disintegrant

d)    Glidant

12)  Spray dried Lactose is used for

a)    Direct compression

b)    Wet granulation

c)    Coating of tablet

d)    None

13)  Weight variation limit as per USP for the tablet weight more than 324 mg

a)    7.5 mg

b)    7.5%

c)    5%

d)    5 mg

14)  Temperature condition in Dissolution test

15)  Temperature condition in disintegration test

16)  Lactose is used as _______ in the tablet formulation

a)    Lubricants

b)    Glidents

c)    Diluents

d)    Disintegrants

17)  Dry granulation process is also known as

a)    Chipping

b)    Seiving

c)    Mixing

d)    Slugging

18)  Moisture & heat sensitive drug are formulated into tablets by

a)    Direct compression

b)    Dry granulation

c)    Wet granulation

d)    All of these

19)  Which of the following is a Binder

a)    Lactose

b)   Acacia

c)    Stearic acid

d)    Colloidal Silica

20)  Stearic acid is used as

a)   Lubricant

b)    Glidents

c)    Binders

d)    Disintegrants

21)  At Gastric pH does enteric coated tab release the drug

a)    Yes

b)    No

c)    May be or may not

d)    None  

Answer Key

Q. No.AnsQ. No.AnsQ. No.Ans

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