Solved VMC Pharmacist Question Paper 2021 (VADODARA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION)

VMC Pharmacist Question Paper 2021

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Q.1 Yeast come under a group of:

(A) Bacteria

(B) Fungi

(C) Protozoa

(D) Virus

Q.2 Dapsone is used for the therapy of:

(A) Tuberculosis

(B) Ameobicide

(C) Leprosy

(D) Helminthiasis

Q.3 A non-drug part added to formulation to aid dilution, stability maintaining, taste masking
etc. is known as:

(A) Preservative

(B) Active Ingredient

(C) Additive

(D) Binding Agent

Q.4 Indicate the sympathomimetic agent, which is combined with a local anesthetic to
prolong the duration of infiltration nerve block:

(A) Epinephrine

(B) Xylometazoline

(C) Isoproterenol

(D) Dobutamine

Q.5 The extraction process where powdered crude drug is kept in contact with suitable
solvent for suitable time:

(A) Percolation

(B) Decoction

(C) Maceration

(D) Reverse Percolation

Q.6 The salt used in the X-ray studies of the gastrointestinal tract is:

(A) Barium sulphate

(B) Bismuth Sub-nitrate

(C) Thorium Dioxide

(D) Titanium Dioxide

Q.7 Etoposide is a semisynthetic derivative of:

(A) Plant terpene

(B) Plant Tannin

(C) Plant Alkaloid

(D) Plant Glycoside

Q.8 Parasympathomimetic drugs cause:

(A) Bronchodilation

(B) Mydriasis

(C) Bradycardia

(D) Constipation

Q.9 Pharmacodynamics involves the study of following:

(A) Mechanism of drug action

(B) Biotransformation of drugs in organism

(C) Distribution of drug in organism

(D) Excretion of drug from organism

Q.10 Tuberculosis is diagnosed by:

(A) Widal Test

(B) ELISA Test

(C) Mantoux test

(D) Alerts Method

Q.11 The pathogenic organism in milk is killed by:

(A) Tyndalization

(B) Pasteurization

(C) Autoclaving

(D) Dry Heat Sterilization

Q.12 Tropane alkaloids can be identified by :

(A) Thalloquin test

(B) Vitali test

(C) Biuret test

(D) Millon’s test

Q.13 Indicate muscles, which are more resistant to block and recover more rapidly:

(A) Hand

(B) Leg

(C) Neck

(D) Diaphragm

Q.14 The antifungal drug, fluconazole belongs to the class of:

(A) Pyridine

(B) Azoles

(C) Pyrimidines

(D) Acridines

Q.15 Which of the following is a female sex hormone:

(A) Stilbesterol

(B) Testosterone

(C) Estrogen

(D) Benzesterol

Q.16 The condensation of chromatin and shrinkage of the nucleus leading to cell death is
termed as:

(A) Karyorrhexis

(B) Pyknosis

(C) Karyolysis

(D) Autophagy

Q.17 An antimalarial obtained from natural source is:

(A) Strychnine

(B) Brucine

(C) Reserpine

(D) Quinine

Q.18 The active metabolite of Imipramine is:

(A) Nortriptyline

(B) Amitriptyline

(C) Desipramine

(D) Alloxanthin

Q.19 Kala Azar is a type of:

(A) Giardiasis

(B) Leishmaniasis

(C) Helminthiasis

(D) Schistosomiasis

Q.20 An example of sulfonyl urea is:

(A) Metformin

(B) Tolbutamide

(C) Rosiglitazone

(D) Repaglinide

Q.21 Phenobarbitone is a:

(A) Sedative (B) Antitussive

(C) Antipsychotic (D) Anxiolytic

Q.22 Naturally occurring sympatholytic is:

(A) Strychnine

(B) Morphine

(C) Reserpine

(D) Quinine

Q.23 A naturally occurring carminative is:

(A) Asafoetida

(B) Asoka

(C) Arjuna

(D) Agar

Q.24 Which of the following hormones inhibits the secretion of insulin, glucagon and growth

(A) Somatostatin

(B) Thyroxin

(C) Melatonin

(D) Serotonin

Q.25 Pilocarpine is an alkaloid containing:

(A) Pyrazole

(B) Imidazole

(C) Oxazole

(D) Pyrrole

Q.26 Glucocorticoids are involved in:

(A) Sodium Metabolism

(B) Potassium Metabolism

(C) Fat Metabolism

(D) Fluid Balance

Q.29 Senna belongs to the family of:

(A) Leguminosae

(B) Burseraceae

(C) Rhamnaceae

(D) Scrophulariaceae

Q.30 Vitamin tablets are generally formulated as:

(A) Hypodermic Tablets

(B) Sublingual Tablets

(C) Effervescent Tablets

(D) Chewable Tablets

Q.31 Spherical shaped bacteria are termed as:

(A) Bacilli

(B) Cocci

(C) Spirochaetes

(D) Vibrios

Q.32 An amino acid considered as a lipotropic factor is:

(A) Methionine

(B) Tryptophan

(C) Histidine

(D) Serine

Q.33 A parenteral anticoagulant drug is:

(A) Penicillin

(B) Phenindione

(C) Warfarin

(D) Heparin

Q.34 Wilms’ tumour is also known as:

(A) Hepatoblastom

(B) Nephroblastoma

(C) Neuroblastoma

(D) Oxioblastoma

Q.35 Marasmus is associated with:

(A) Fat & Protein Deficiency

(B) Fat & Carbohydrate deficiency

(C) Protein & carbohydrate deficiency

(D) Only Protein deficiency

Q.36 The percentage change in quantity caused by a 1% change in price is known as:

(A) Inelasticity of demand

(B) Cross-price elasticity

(C) Income elasticity of demand

(D) Price elasticity of demand

Q.37 An element having a vital role in the biosynthesis of thyroid hormone is:

(A) Zinc (B) Chlorine

(C) Bromine (D) Iodine

Q.38 Chlorpromazine is an antipsychotic drug possessing:

(A) Butyrophenone

(B) Thioxanthine

(C) Phenothiazine

(D) Acridine

Q.39 One among the following is a volatile oil containing crude drug:

(A) Chirata

(B) Cardamom

(C) Linseed

(D) Myrobalan

Q.40 Hospital acquired infections are called:

(A) Primary infection

(B) Secondary Infection

(C) Nosocomial Infection

(D) Latent Infection

Q.41 A narcotic analgesic:

(A) Reserpine

(B) Papaverine

(C) Quinine

(D) Morphine

Q.42 Ranitidine is a:

(A) H2 Antagonist

(B) H1 antagonist

(C) Beta adrenergic antagonist

(D) Alpha adrenergic antagonist

Q.43 Which of the following is a plasma kinin?

(A) Kallidin

(B) Serotonin

(C) Histamine (D) Renin

Q.44 The powerhouse of the cell is:

(A) Golgi bodies

(B) Mitochondria

(C) Ribosomes

(D) Nucleus

Q.45 The cardiovascular disease associated with disorder of heart rate or rhythm is called in:

(A) Arrhythmia

(B) Myocardial infarction

(C) Angina Pectoris

(D) Ischemia

Q.46 mRNA is synthesized in the nucleus as:

(A) tmRNA

(B) snRNA

(C) scRNA

(D) hnRNA

Q.47 Which of the following is a catecholamine:

(A) Thyroxine

(B) Melanine

(C) Tyramine

(D) Dopamine

Q.48 The component of tablet machine which controls the shape and size of the tablet is:

(A) Hopper

(B) Punches

(C) Cam Track

(D) Dyes

Q.49 Which of the following agents is used as an inhalation drug in asthama?

(A) Atopine

(B) Ipratropium

(C) Lobeline

(D) Homatropine

Q.50 Which among the following is antidandruff drug?

(A) Zinc Sulphate

(B) Selenium Sulfide

(C) Zinc Carbonate

(D) Sodium Fluoride

Q.51 Emetine is the main ingredient of:

(A) Ipecac

(B) Isabgol

(C) Pyrethrum

(D) Rhubarb

Q.52 When the anesthetic is injected in the subarachnoid space, it is termed as:

(A) Epidural anesthesia

(B) Surface anesthesia

(C) Infiltration anesthesia

(D) Spinal anesthesia

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