Solved Pharmacist Paper 2021 HPSSC Himachal Pradesh

Pharmacist, HPSSC, Himachal Pradesh, HP,

Please find below the solved pharmacist paper (code 894) HPSSSC, Himachal Pradesh. Answer key at the end of post.

1. A transparent or translucent semisolid preparation for external use is

(A) Paste

(B) Cream

(C) Lotion

(D) Jellies

2. In cyclonic separator the mixture is passed through

(A) Tangential inlet in the cylinder

(B) Central inlet at the top of cylinder

(C) Bottom inlet at the conical base of cylinder

(D) All of these

3. An example of adsorbent is

(A) Acacia

(B) Cellulose

(C) Magnesium stearate

(D) Magnesium silicate

4. Fluid preparation applied to skin without friction are

(A) Liniment

(B) Lotion

(C) Jellies

(D) Creams

5. Supplement to IP 1955 was published in the year

(A) 1958

(B) 1959

(C) 1960

(D) 1961

6. Convert 132 pounds to kilograms

(A) 40 kg

(B) 60 kg

(C) 80 kg

(D) 100 kg

7. Water resistance test for glass containers is tested by measuring

(A) determination of silicates released

(B) measurement of turbidity

(C) measurement of opalescence

(D) determination of alkali released

8. All of the below mentioned statements are true for bulk powders except

(A) consist of solid, dry particles.

(B) particles are of uniform size.

(C) contain one or more active ingredient

(D) usually contain non potent medicament

9. IP 2014 incorporates

(A) 1550 monographs

(B) 2050 monographs

(C) 2550 monographs

(D) 3050 monographs

10. Indian Pharmacopoeia uses

(A) Metric system

(B) Avoirdupois system

(C) Apothecaries system

(D) All of the above

11. Calculate the volume of 95% alcohol required to prepare 600 ml of 70% alcohol

(A) 157.9 ml

(B) 211.05 ml

(C) 368.9 ml

(D) 422.1 ml

12. An closure does all of the following except

(A) Keeps product safe

(B) Allows entry of air

(C) Prevent particulate matter from entering into product

(D) Assist in proper use of product

13. Factors affecting size reduction include all of the following except

(A) Stickiness

(B) Softening temperature

(C) Hardness

(D) Sublimation

14. In the working of cyclone separator, the suspension of solid in gas is introduced through

(A) Central opening at top of cylinder

(B) Tangential opening at the cylinder

(C) Conical end opening at the base

(D) All of these

15. Filter candles are made of

(A) Thin flat cellulose acetate

(B) Metal rings

(C) Borosilicate glass

(D) Kieselghur

16. An extraction process in which water is poured over drugs, allowing close contact for stated period and finally liquid is filtered off is called

(A) Maceration

(B) Percolation

(C) Infusion

(D) Digestion

17. Asava is ________ type of ayurvedic dosage form.

(A) Solid

(B) Semisolid

(C) liquid

(D) powder

18. The evaporating pan is heated with

(A) Steam

(B) Liquefied petroleum gas

(C) Electric heaters

(D) Chemical combustion

19. Time required to kill a specific microorganism at a given temperature under specific condition is called as

(A) D value

(B) Z value

(C) Inactivation factor

(D) Thermal death time

20. Weight variations in tablet processing is caused by all of the following except ____.

(A) Non uniform granule size distribution

(B) Poor flow of granules

(C) Higher speed of turret

(D) Presence of excessive fines

21. Which of the following test is not official in as per Indian Pharmacopoeia ?

(A) Uniformity of container content

(B) Uniformity of weight

(C) Content of active ingredient

(D) Friability

22. Active immunity may be gained by

(A) Vaccines

(B) Toxoids

(C) Natural infection

(D) All of the above

23. Ammonium hydroxide reacts with Iodine to form

(A) Salt

(B) Complex

(C) Slaked lime

(D) Explosive

24. Acidic buffer is a combination of

(A) Strong acid and its salt strong conjugate base

(B) Strong acid and its salt weak conjugate base

(C) Weak acid and its salt strong conjugate base

(D) Weak acid and its salt weak conjugate base

25. Which is known as spirit of salt ?

(A) Hydrochloric acid

(B) Sulphuric acid

(C) Nitric acid

(D) Acetic acid

26. Which is not a use of hypophosphorus acid ?

(A) Preparation of ferrous iodide syrup

(B) Antidote in cyanide poisoning

(C) Antioxidant

(D) Nervine tonic

27. Simeco is combination antacid containing

(A) Co-precipitate of aluminium hydroxide and magnesium carbonate

(B) Combination of aluminium hydroxide and magnesium carbonate

(C) Calcium carbonate with aluminium hydroxide gel, magnesium hydroxide and dimethicone

(D) Aluminium hydroxide magnesium carbonate co-dried gel, magnesium hydroxide and dimethicone

28. Chemical formula for talc is:

(A) 4MgO.4SiO2.H2O

(B) 3MgO.3SiO2.H2O

(C) 4MgO.3SiO2.H2O

(D) 3MgO.4SiO2.H2O

29. Povidone iodine contains _________ of available iodine.

(A) 2.5%

(B) 2 to 5%

(C) 5 to 9%

(D) 9 to 12%

30. Sublimed Sulphur is used as

(A) Anti-seborrheic

(B) Anti-dandruff

(C) Anti-scabies

(D) Anti-alopecia

31. In which of the following oxygen is not used ?

(A) Severe pulmonary damage

(B) Carbon monoxide poisoning

(C) In Rocket fuels

(D) In soft drinks

32. Body of nitrous oxide cylinder is painted

(A) Black

(B) Blue

(C) Grey

(D) White

33. Ammonium carbonate acts as respiratory  stimulant by

(A) binding to receptors on lungs.

(B) binding to receptors on intercoastal muscles.

(C) irritating lungs.

(D) through CNS.

34. Antimony potassium tartarate is ________ in taste.

(A) sweet

(B) bitter

(C) acrid

(D) astringent

35. Sodium nitrate _______ type of antidote.

(A) physical

(B) chemical

(C) physiological

(D) pharmacological

36. Electrolytes concentration are expressed in _________.

(A) mol/L

(B) mmol/L

(C) mEq/L

(D) mg/L%

37. _______ ions are responsible for release of AcH from neurons.

(A) Sodium

(B) Calcium

(C) Potassium

(D) Magnesium

38. Percentage of bicarbonate reabsorbed in proximal convoluted tubule is

(A) 15-20%

(B) 30-35%

(C) 55-60%

(D) 85-90%

39. In limit test of chloride, ________ is compared.

(A) Turbidity

(B) Opalescence

(C) Fluorescence

(D) Colour

40. Terpenoid fenchone has following ring system:

(A) Two six member rings

(B) One six member ring and One five member ring

(C) One six member ring One four member ring

(D) One six member ring One three member ring

41. Socotrine aloes are cultivated from species _____.

(A) Aloe spicata

(B) Aloe ferox

(C) Aloe perryi

(D) Aloe barbadensis

42. Colour of digitalis leaves is

(A) Dark green

(B) Dark purple green

(C) Dark reddish green

(D) Dark grayish green

43. At acidic pH, the amino acid is

(A) in anionic form

(B) in cationic form

(C) in zwitter ion form

(D) in salt form

44. Role of tyrosine in body is

(A) use by brain to produce norepinephrine.

(B) helps alleviate insomnia.

(C) production of hormones for immunity.

(D) transmit nerve impulses.

45. Pitting edema is characteristic feature of

(A) Protein deficiency

(B) Carbohydrate deficiency

(C) Vitamin deficiency

(D) Mineral deficiency

46. Agar is

(A) Pentapolysaccharide

(B) Oligopolysaccharide

(C) Homopolysaccharide

(D) Heteropolysaccharide

47. Saturated fatty acid Arachidic acid contains _________ carbon atoms.

(A) 16

(B) 18

(C) 20

(D) 22

48. Following equipment is not used for mixing of solids

(A) Tumbler mixer

(B) Double cone blender

(C) Air mixer

(D) Paddle mixer

49. Meta filter has following advantages except

(A) it provides large surface area for filtration.

(B) it has considerable strength and withstand high pressure.

(C) corrosive liquids can be filtered.

(D) cake can be easily removed.

50. Thick extracts of drugs prepared by boiling decoction of drug with sugar/honey is _________ ayurvedic dosage form.

(A) Netrabindu

(B) Asavas

(C) Sattava

(D) Avleha

51. Sterility testing of surgical suture material requires incubation for ______

(A) 7 days

(B) 14 days

(C) 28 days

(D) 2 months

52. Compound Benzoin tincture formula does not contain following ingredient :

(A) Storax

(B) Tolu Balsam

(C) Aloe

(D) Gylcerin

53. Chemical formula of Sodium Metabisulphite is

(A) NaS2O4

(B) NaS2O5

(C) Na2S2O4

(D) Na2S2O5

54. Belching may be caused by antacid preparations containing

(A) Magnesium carbonate

(B) Calcium carbonate

(C) Sodium bicarbonate

(D) Aluminium hydroxide

55. Antimony Potassium tartarate is used as

(A) Expectorant

(B) Styptic

(C) Antimicrobial

(D) Emetic

56. Compound Sodium Lactate injection is used as Fluid electrolyte replenisher and _________.

(A) Diuretic

(B) Irrigation

(C) Systemic alkalizer

(D) Nutrient

57. Rad is the _____.

(A) Unit of radioactivity

(B) Unit of absorbed dose

(C) Unit of ionizing radiation

(D) Unit of exposure

58. To check presence of Barium in sample, little quantity of substance is dissolved in 5 ml HCl, followed by addition of 2 ml H2SO4, which produces

(A) Pungent Gas

(B) Brown fumes

(C) White precipitate

(D) Red colour solution

59. A medicinal agent which promotes the secretion of bile is ______.

(A) Hydrogogue

(B) Sialogogue

(C) Emmenagogue

(D) Cholagogue

60. In second year of cultivation Digitalis purpurea bear ________ type of leaves.

(A) Sessile

(B) Whorled

(C) Alternate

(D) Rosette

61. Silk fiber contains chemical constituent known as

(A) Sericin

(B) Keratin

(C) Cysterine

(D) Fibroin

62. Drug having short fracture is

(A) Chinchona

(B) Kurchi

(C) Wild cherry bark

(D) Ginger

63. Recinolic acid is obtained from ______.

(A) Tragacanth

(B) Agar

(C) Papain

(D) Castor

64. ______ drug is used as CNS stimulant.

(A) Vasaka

(B) Myrrh

(C) Nux vomica

(D) Hyoscyamus

65. Bassorin is chemical constituent obtained from

(A) Guar

(B) Lanolin

(C) Tragacanth

(D) Olive oil

66. Signatura part of prescription contain

(A) Patient information

(B) Direction to dispenser

(C) Direction for patient

(D) Renewal instruction

67. Which is not true for dry gum method ?

(A) Dry acacia is used

(B) It is a quick process

(C) All apparatus should be dry

(D) Primary emulsion is viscous and creamy

68. Which sugar does not give a positive Benedict’s test?

(A) Sucrose

(B) Lactose

(C) Maltose

(D) Glucose

69. Glucose 6 Phosphate requires ______ metal iron activity.

(A) Cu2+

(B) Mg2+

(C) Mn2+

(D) Fe2+

70. Coenzyme FAD is derivative of

(A) Adenine

(B) Niacin

(C) Thiamine

(D) Riboflavin

71. Sphincter of oddi is present at exit of

(A) Oesophagus

(B) Stomach

(C) Urinary bladder

(D) Gall bladder

72. Male sex hormone testosterone is secreted by

(A) Spermatogenic

(B) Sertoli cells

(C) Leydig cells

(D) Epididymis

73. Pellagra is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin

(A) B1

(B) B3

(C) B5

(D) B7

74. Following is not a clinical feature of malaria :

(A) Chills and rigors

(B) Myalgia

(C) Anorexia

(D) Cough

75. “Post cibum” means

(A) At bedtime

(B) In morning

(C) After meal

(D) As needed

76. Which is not correct for deflocculated suspension ?

(A) Chances of cake formation are more

(B) Particles settle fast

(C) Particle present as separate unit

(D) Sediment is difficult to redisperse

77. Which is an example of absorption base ?

(A) Macrogol

(B) Coconut oil


(D) Wool fat

78. Observe prescription below and identify type of incompatibility


            Tetracycline chloride-250 mg

            Send 7 capsules

            One capsule with milk at bedtime

(A) Physical Incompatibility

(B) Chemical Incompatibility

(C) Therapeutic Incompatibility

(D) All of these

79. Which is not an evaluation parameter test for the parenterals ?

(A) Tonicity test

(B) Leaker test

(C) Sterility test

(D) Pyrogen test

80. Which is used as a deodorant ?

(A) Aluminium Chloral

(B) Buffered Aluminium Sulphate

(C) Hexamethylene Tetramine

(D) Petrolatum

81. The drug delivery deep into skin by means of galvanic current is called

(A) Depilation

(B) Intrathecal

(C) Inunction

(D) Iontophoresis

 82. An example of pyrazolone derivative analgesic is

(A) Phenacetin

(B) Phenylbutazone

(C) Indomethacine

(D) Mefanamic acid

83. Chlorpromazine exerts antipsychotic action by

(A) Depleting stores of catecholamines

(B) Inhibition of hypothalamic stimulation responses

(C) Blocking postsynaptic dopamine receptors

(D) Depleting stores of 5-Hydroxy tryptamine in brain

84. Which of the following is not an action of amphetamine ?

(A) Potent CNS stimulation

(B) Decreasing systolic and diastolic BP

(C) Increased mental and physical activity

(D) Reduces appetite

85. Sympathetic blocking drug “guanethidine” acts by

(A) Depleting catecholamines

(B) By interfering with synthesis of adrenergic transmitter

(C) Interfering with transmission of impulse across postganglionic adrenergic neuron

(D) By blocking adrenergic receptors

86. Which of the following is not a muscarinic action of Acetylcholine ?

(A) Vasodilation

(B) Increase in tone and activity of smooth muscle

(C) Inhibition of gastric secretions

(D) Decrease in heart rate

87. Heart rate of 160-180 refers to

(A) Atrial flutter

(B) Atrial fibrillation

(C) Adam syndrome

(D) Ectopic activity

88. Which is not correct with respect to Griseofulvin ?

(A) It is not effective against candida

(B) It interferes with nucleic acid synthesis

(C) It is largely excreted in urine

(D) It acts as purine analogue

89. Mechanism of action of Isonicotinic acid hydrazide is

(A) Combine with bacterial ribosome and interfere with mRNA

(B) Inhibit phospholipid synthesis and damage bacterial cell wall

(C) Interfere with utilization of p-amino benzoic acid

(D) Inhibit bacterial DNA dependent RNA polymerase

90. Which one of the following is an alkylating agent ?

(A) Vincristine

(B) Mercaptopurine

(C) Arabinoside

(D) Trimethyl melamine

91. The first stage of characteristic triple response upon injection of histamine is named

(A) Wheal

(B) Flush

(C) Flare

(D) Dolor

92. Kallikrein is activated by

(A) Renin

(B) Kininase

(C) Hageman factor

(D) Phospholipase

93. Chlorocresol has following functional groups attached to it:

(A) Two methyl groups, two hydroxyl groups and two chlorine

(B) Two methyl groups, two hydroxyl groups and one chlorine

(C) Two methyl groups, one hydroxyl group and one chlorine

(D) One methyl group, one hydroxyl group and one chlorine

94. IUPAC name of Sulphaguanidine is

(A) 2-(4-amino pyrimidine) sulphonyl guanidine

(B) 2-(4-amino phenyl) sulphonyl guanidine

(C) 4-(2-amino pyrimidine) sulphonyl guanidine

(D) 4-(2-amino phenyl) sulphonyl guanidine

95. Pyrazinamide is

(A) Pyrazine-1-carboxamide

(B) Pyrazine-2-carboxamide

(C) Pyrazine-3-carboxamide

(D) Pyrazine-4-carboxamide

96. Identify the heterocyclic structure

(A) Pyrimidine

(B) Pyrazine

(C) Pyridazine

(D) Piperazine

97. Pilocarpine is

(A) Selective muscarinic receptor antagonist

(B) Non Selective muscarinic receptor antagonist

(C) Selective muscarinic receptor agonist

(D) Non Selective muscarinic receptor agonist

98. Which is not a true for Insulin ?

(A) It is a amphoteric protein

(B) It is soluble in water

(C) It is inactivated by digestive enzymes

(D) It combines with zinc to lose activity

99. Bitter metallic taste is characteristic of drug

(A) Tetracycline

(B) Mepyramine

(C) Glibenclamide

(D) Phenformin

100. Penicillin produces ______ upon hydrolysis with hot dilute inorganic acids.

(A) Benzyl penicillin

(B) Pencilloic acid

(C) Propicillin

(D) Penicillinamine

101. Coil of life is

(A) Chromosome

(B) Chromatin



102. Related genera belong to same

(A) Variety

(B) Family

(C) Species

(D) None of these

103. Viruses have

(A) Prokaryotic nucleus

(B) Single chromosome

(C) Both DNA and RNA

(D) DNA enclosed in a protein coat

104. Typhoid is caused by

(A) Xanthomonas typhosus

(B) Bacillus dysenterial

(C) Salmonella typhi

(D) Bacillus

105. Leishmania tropica produces

(A) Sleeping sickness

(B) Kala-azar

(C) Dysentery

(D) Oriental sores

106. Common bread mould is

(A) Aspergillus

(B) Penicillium

(C) Erysiphe

(D) Rhizopus

107. The largest algae is

(A) Laminaria

(B) Macrocystis

(C) Nereocystis

(D) Sargassum

108. Nematocyst is a

(A) Cell

(B) group of cell

(C) Organ

(D) Part of a cell

109. In India, filariasis is transmitted by

(A) Culex fatigens

(B) Aedes aegypti

(C) Anopheles culcifacies

(D) Musca domestica

110. Maggot of Housefly is

(A) Pupa

(B) Larva

(C) Chrysalis

(D) Imago

111. The first microscope was invented by

(A) Leeuwenhoek

(B) Hooke

(C) F. Janssen and Z. Janssen

(D) Schleden

112. Disease caused by hyperactivity of lysosomes is

(A) Arthritis

(B) Gout

(C) Lung fibrosis

(D) All of these

113. Rubber is

(A) Monoterpene

(B) Diterpene

(C) Tetraterpene

(D) Polyterpene

114. Crossing over takes place in

(A) Prophase I

(B) Leptotene

(C) Diplotene

(D) Zygotene

115. Osmotic potential of pure water is

(A) One

(B) Zero

(C) Less than zero

(D) Between zero and one

116. An element essential as electron carrier is

(A) Potassium

(B) zinc

(C) Calcium

(D) Iron

117. Mitochondria are sites of

(A) Oxidative phosphorylation

(B) Photolysis

(C) Phosphorylation

(D) Starch synthesis

118. An example of short day plant is

(A) Maize

(B) Radish

(C) Chrysanthemum

(D) Wheat

119. Urea formation occurs in

(A) Heart

(B) Liver

(C) Spleen

(D) Kidney

120. Bile is formed in

(A) Gall bladder

(B) Liver

(C) Spleen

(D) Blood

121. Pin Valley National Park is located at which place in HP ?

(A) Lahaul-Spiti

(B) Kinnaur

(C) Kullu

(D) Sirmour

122. Which palce of H.P. has oldest skiing slopes ?

(A) Manali

(B) Bharmour

(C) Kufri

(D) Recong Peo

123. In which year Bhagat Singh Thakur received the Parshuram Award ?

(A) 1987

(B) 1991

(C) 1995

(D) 1997

124. ‘Contry life’ is a famous published work of

(A) Norah Richards

(B) Amrita Sher-Gill

(C) Nicholas Roerich

(D) Dr. Y.S. Parmar

125. Whose arrest by the police on July 16, 1939 near Ghanahatti led to the infamous Dhami Firing Tragedy?

(A) Pt. Padam Dev

(B) Bhagmal Sautha

(C) J.P. Baggi

(D) Yashpal Sharma

126. Kardang Monastery is located at which place in H.P. ?

(A) Keylong

(B) Kaza

(C) Udaipur

(D) Kalpa

127. Renuka fair is celebrated in which district of H.P. ?

(A) Sirmour

(B) Shimla

(C) Kullu

(D) Mandi

128. Jijed festival is celebrated in which district of H.P. ?

(A) Solan

(B) Bilaspur

(C) Hamirpur

(D) Lahaul-Spiti

129. Patikari hydroelectric project is constructed on which river of H.P. ?

(A) Satluj

(B) Chenab

(C) Ravi

(D) Beas

130. First H.P. Vidhan Sabha Secretary was

(A) N.C. Nandi

(B) Chet Ram Thakur

(C) B.D. Sharma

(D) D.B. Lal

131. Chamba dominion was founded by

(A) Meru Varman

(B) Lakshman Varman

(C) Sahil Varman

(D) Champavati

132. Gurkha Commander Amar Singh Thapa attacked the Kangra fort in which year ?

(A) 1802 A.D.

(B) 1805 A.D.

(C) 1809 A.D.

(D) 1815 A.D.

133. the old name of Nalagarh was

(A) Hindur

(B) Kirgram

(C) Baned

(D) Dhameri

134. Parbati valley is located in which district of H.P. ?

(A) Lahaul-Spiti

(B) Kangra

(C) Chamba

(D) Kullu

135. Bardonsar lake is located in which district of H.P. ?

(A) Mandi

(B) Una

(C) Shimla

(D) Bilaspur

136. DIPCOVAN, is an antibody detection based kit recently developed by which organization ?





137. Rushikulya river, which was in news recently is located in which state ?

(A) Karnataka

(B) Odisha

(C) Andhra Pradesh

(D) Bihar

138. Albert Pahimi Padacke has been recently named as the interim Prime Minister of which country ?

(A) Zimbabwe

(B) Philippines

(C) Chad

(D) South Africa

139. Missing terms in letter series

            Bc-b-c-b-ccb are

(A) cbcb

(B) bbcb

(C) cbbc

(D) bcbc

140. If in certain language, ‘CALCUTTA’ is coded as ‘GEPGYXXE’, which word would be coded as FSQFCE ?





141. A boy rode his bicycle northwards, then turned left and rode one km and again turned left and rode 2 km. He found himself exactly one km west of his starting point. How far did he ride northwards initially ?

(A) 1 km

(B) 2 km

(C) 3 km

(D) 5 km

142. Ravi is sixteenth from the front in a column of boys. There are twice as many behind him as there are in front. How many boys are there between Ravi and fifth boy from the end of the column ?

(A) 25

(B) 26

(C) 27

(D) 28

143. Biological death of patient means death of tissues of the

(A) Kidney

(B) Heart

(C) Lungs

(D) Brain

144. Which is not a tuber crop ?

(A) Groundnut

(B) Sugar beet

(C) Tapioca

(D) Sweet potato

145. A red object when seen through a thick blue glass appears

(A) Green

(B) Violet

(C) Black

(D) Red

146. The permissible upper limit of Arsenic in water is

(A) 0.005 gm/litre

(B) 0.005 mg/litre

(C) 0.05 mg/litre

(D) 0.05 gm/litre

147. Which is the source of information about early Vedic period ?

(A) Jataka stories

(B) Rig Veda

(C) Post vedic literature

(D) Excavations

148. Buddhism became the state religion during the reign of

(A) Chandragupta Maurya

(B) Ashoka

(C) Samudragupta

(D) Kumaragupta

149. During whose reign did the Mongols first invade India ?

(A) Alauddin Khilji

(B) Ghiyasuddin Balban

(C) Iltutmish

(D) Firoz Shah Tughlaq

150. Srirangapattam is associated with

(A) Tipu Sultan

(B) Hyder Ali

(C) Aurangzeb

(D) Ahmed Shah Abdali

151. Who built the famous Dilwara temple ?

(A) Mahendrapala

(B) Mahipala

(C) Rajyapala

(D) Tejapala

152. The first Indian to be elected to the leadership of Communist International was

(A) M.N. Roy

(B) P.C. Joshi

(C) S.N. Dange

(D) Sohan Singh Josh

153. Right to property was removed from the list of Fundamental Rights by which amendment ?

(A) 42nd

(B) 44th

(C) 66th

(D) 74th

154. Who decides whether particular bill is a Money Bill or not ?

(A) President

(B) Lok Sabha Speaker

(C) Vice President

(D) Finance Minister

155. Which is not in the state list under the Constitution of India ?

(A) Fisheries

(B) Agriculture

(C) Insurance

(D) Gambling

156. Which tax is not shared by the Centre and the States ?

(A) Sales tax

(B) Corporation tax

(C) Income tax

(D) Union Excise Duties

157. Recession is that economic state of a country when there is

(A) accumulation of unsold stocks

(B) slump trade and industry

(C) fall in consumer demand

(D) All of these

158. The Earth rotates around an axis pointing towards

(A) the moon

(B) the polestar

(C) the sun

(D) venus

159. Trade winds blow in the Northern Hemisphere from

(A) North to South

(B) South to North

(C) North- West to South-East

(D) North- East to South-West

160. Which environment supports the growth of Mangrove swamp ?

(A) Tidal flat

(B) Monsoon

(C) Equatorial

(D) None of these

161. Farakka Barrage was built to check

(A) water flowing into Bangladesh

(B) silting of Calcutta port

(C) erosion of Calcutta Port

(D) All of these

162. The first nuclear power station in India was commissioned in

(A) Gujarat

(B) Rajasthan

(C) Maharashtra

(D) U.P.

163. Antonym of ‘Forbid’ is

(A) Provoke

(B) Appreciate

(C) Celebrate

(D) Permit

164. One word substitution for ‘An expression for mild disapproval’ is

(A) Reproof

(B) Impertinence

(C) Warning

(D) Denigration

165. There was some confusion _______ the agreement.

(A) on

(B) in

(C) around

(D) over

166. Meaning of the idiom ‘To leave no avenue unexplored’ is

(A) To call in question

(B) To roam about

(C) To try every source

(D) To depend on

Q. No.AnsQ. No.AnsQ. No.AnsQ. No.AnsQ. No.Ans
1D16C31D46D61A &D
2A17C32B47C62A,C &D
Answer Key
Q. No.AnsQ. No.AnsQ. No.AnsQ. No.AnsQ. No.Ans
Answer Key
Q. No.AnsQ. No.AnsQ. No.AnsQ. No.AnsQ. No.Ans
Answer Key

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