Chapter 2: Preventive healthcare – Role of Pharmacists

Chapter 3: Preventive healthcare – Role of Pharmacists

1. Basics of nutrition – Macronutrients and Micronutrients
2. Importance of water and fibres in diet
3. Balanced diet, Malnutrition, nutrition deficiency diseases, & ill effects of junk foods,
4. Calorific and nutritive values of various foods, fortification of food
5. Introduction to food safety, adulteration of foods, effects of artificial ripening, use of pesticides, genetically modified foods
6. Dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, food supplements – indications, benefits,
7. Drug-Food Interactions
8. MCQ Question Quiz (Coming soon)

Chapter 4: Introduction of Microbiology & Epidemiology

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Chapter 6: Pharmacoeconomics

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