Pharmacist Previous Year Solved Question Paper 2023 | AIIMS Raipur

AIIMS Raipur was conducted online exam for the post of Pharmacist Gr II on 4 Sep 2023. You can download the preview of the paper and answers of the above exam below.

AIIMS Raipur Pharmacist Solved Question Paper (with Answer Key) pdf:- Download

Pharmacist (AIIMS Raipur) Paper 2023

Q.1) A computer communicates with other computers on the internet through which of the following?

[a] TCP/IP

[b] www

[c] HTTP

[d] Only IP

Q.2) How many MBs are there in 1 GB?

[a] 800 MBs

[b] 1024 MBs

[c] 256 MBs

[d] 2256 MBs

Q.3) ……. is a 7-bit character set containing 128 characters


[b] WWW

[c] Unicode

[d] Number Code

Q.4) What is the insurance cover provided to a holder of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana account in case of accidental death?

[a] 65000

[b] 80000

[c] 240000

[d] 100000

Q.5) Which of the following passes is located in Arunachal Pradesh

[a] Rohtang Pass

[b] Bomdila Pass

[c] Both Bomdila & Roñtang mass

[d] Shipki la Pass Rohtang Pass

Q.6) Which of the following defines depreciation?

[a] Destruction of building in fire accident

[b] The monetary value of an asset decreases over time due to use, wear and tear

[c] Closure of plant due to labour trouble

[d]All of these

Q.7) In which of the following cities is the Yamuna river located?

[a]        Kolkata

[b]        Ludhiana

[c]        Mathura

[d]        None of these

Q.8) The All India institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi announced an IT outage on November 23, 2022 because of a major ……..attack

[a]        brain 

[b]        malware 

[c]        current 

[d]        weird 

Q.9) ‘Operation Kawach’ has been launched (in 2023) to crack down the menace of drugs in which of the following states/UTs

[a]        New Delhi

[b]        Haryana 

[c]        Himachal Pradesh 

[d]        Jharkhand 

Q.10) Find out the appropriate option to correct the given sentence;

The train reach its destination before time.

[a]        reach on destination

[b]        train reached its destination

[c]        destination before times

[d]        lrain reach for destination

Q.11) Find the correctly spelt word among the given options.

[a]        Postmartom

[b]        Postmortum

[c]        Postmortem

[d]        Postmartem

Q.12) Choose the noun from the below given sentence :-

Reebok is a famous brand of men's shoes.

[a]        Reebok

[b]        brand

[c]        of

[d]        famous

Q.13) Choose from the given options, the ANTONYM of the given word:


[a]        Furious

[b]        Quiet

[c]        Violent

[d]        Mad

Q.14) Choose an appropriate word from the following options to make it a meaningful sentence:

There is a antique vase ….the table.

[a]        during

[b]        then

[c]        they

[d]        on

Q.15) In the following number series only one number is wrong. Find the wrong number.


[a] 91

[b] 56

[c] 31

[d] 15

Q.16) The difference between selling price and cost price is 221 INR . If profit percent is 17 % then what is the cost price (in INR)?

[a] 2300 

[b] 1300

[c] 1000

[d] 1600

Q.17) The ratio expressed as percent equals:

[a] 75%

[b] 85%

[c] 125%

[d] 95%

Q.18) Find the average of 205, 302, 108, 403 and 20[b]

[a] 244

[b] 224

[c] 220

[d] 250

Q.19) Which of the following fractions is the smallest?

[a] 14/17

[b] 15/20

[c] 16/23

[d] 17/19

Q.20) In the following question, there is a certain relationship between two given words on one side of :: and one word is given on another side of:: while another word is to be found from the given alternatives having the same relationship with this word as the words of the given pair. Choose the correct alternative.

Clock: Time : : Thermometer: ?

[a]        Temperature 

[b]        Energy 

[c]        Heat 

[d]        Disease

Q.21) Study the following alphabetical series carefully and answer the question given below:

P R 0 F E S S 0 R S A U R A V S I N G H R E A S 0 N I N G

If all the vowels are dropped in the given series, then which element will be at 13th position from right end?

[a] M

[b] P

[c] S

[d] R

Q.21) Study the data given below and answer the following question: 

‘Roy a Monarch Regal’ is written as @#,

‘Regal legacy Gold’ is written as%?, 

‘Hope Gold Life’ is written as % & $, 

‘Regal Monarch Morals’ is written as #  Æ”

What will be the code for Gold legacy?

[a] @#

[b] ?%

[c] %

[d] $&

Q.22) A party consists of grandmother, father, mother, two sons and their wives and two daughters of each of the sons. How many females are there in all?

[a] 8

[b] 6

[c] 10

[d] 9

Q.23) if ‘+’ means ‘’, ‘-’ means ‘x’, ‘x’ means ‘+’, ‘’ ÷ means ‘- ‘, then what is the value of the given equation ? (using BODMAS rule)


[a] 7

[b] 6

[c] 5

[d] 5

Q.24) Sizes of hard gelatin capsules vary from

[a] 000 to 5

[b] 3 to 5

[c] 000 to 2

[d] 00 to 2

Q.25) Which of the following is a classification of alkaloids of Rauwolfia?

I.          lndole alkaloids

II.         Pseudo-indoxyl alkaloids

[a]        Only I 

[b]        Only II 

[c]        Both I and II 

[d]        Neither I nor II

Q.26) Which chapter of The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and rules 1945 is related with ’the import of drugs and cosmetics'?

[a]        Chapter III 

[b]        Chapter IV 

[c]        Chapter II 

[d]        Chapter V

Q.27) Which of the following is direct mode of transmission of infectious diseases in humans

[a]        Inoculation into the skin 

[b]        Uncleaned hands 

[c]        Vector borne 

[d]        Vehicle borne

Q.28) Which of the following comes under the plasma portion of the composition of human blood

[a]        Red blood cells

[b]        Platelets 

[c]        Water 

[d]        White blood ceIls

Q.29) The Government of India appointed a committee styled as the Drug Enquiry Committee in 1930 which was later known as        

[a]        Chadha Committee 

[b]        Chopra Committee 

[c]        Gupta Committee 

[d]        Sharma Committee

Q.30) In the context of Human brain, which of the following statements is correct regarding mid brain?

I.          It lies between medulla oblongata and diencephalon

II.         The movements of head and neck, in response to auditory reference are controlled by mid brain

[a]        Only I

[b]        Only II 

[c]        Both I and II 

[d]        Neither I nor II

Q.31) … the molecular formulae of Busulfan.

[a] C6H1406S2

[b] C6H44O6S2

[c] C14H14O6S2

[d] C6H14O2S6

Q.32) What is the molecular formula of Acetazolamide

[a] C4H4N4O3S4

[b] C4H6N4O2S3

[c] C4H6N4O3S2

[d] C4H6N6O3S2

Q.33) Which one is a non opiod analgesic?

[a]        Buprenorphine 

[b]        Pentazocine 

[c]        Meptazinol 

[d]        NSAID

Q.34) What is the proprietary name of Ribavirin, BP?

[a]        Virazole 

[b]        Fcscavir

[c]        Zidorex 

[d]        Retrovir

Q.35) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of Oral or Enteral route of Drug administration

[a] The onset of drug action is tardy

[b] Economical

[c] Convenient and safe

[d] Complications of parenteral therapy are avoided

Q.36) Griseofulvin has how many chiral centres?

[a] Nine

[b] Two

[c] Five

[d] Four

Q.37) means rapid spread of a disease, attaching many people in a region, in a very short period of time.

[a]        Pandemic 

[b]        Endemic 

[c]        Epidemic 

[d]        Contamination

Q.38) Which of the following antiôiotics are effective in both Gram-positive and Gram-negative infeciions?

I. Cephalosporins 

II. Tetracyclines

[a]        Only I 

[b]        Only II

[c]        Both I and ll

[d]        Neither I nor II

Q.39) What is the incubation period of chicken pox?

[a]        12 to 24 hours 

[b]  1 to 2 days 

[c]        14 to 21 days 

[d]        50 to 60 days

Q.40) Who is known as the father of medicine?

[a]        Aristotle 

[b]        Theophrastus 

[c]        Dioscorides

[d]        Hippocrates

Q.41) Which one is an acid resistant penicillinase-resistant penicillin?

[a]        Flucloxacillin 

[b]        Cloxacillin 

[c]        Nafcillin

[d]        Methicillin

Q.42) Study of blood circulation is called…?

[a] Angiology

[b] Serology

[c] Myology

[d] Odontology

Q.43) What are the adverse reactions of Flucytosine in Human body?

I. Liver damage

lI. Thrombocytopenia

[a]        Only l 

[b]        Only II

[c]        Both I & II

[d]        Neither I nor II

Q.44) Which of the following statement is correct regarding the penicillins ?

I.          They are strong monobasic acids

II.         Benzylpenicillin can be considered to be the parent compound of the penicillin family

[a]        Only l 

[b]        Only II

[c]        Both I & II

[d]        Neither I nor II

Q.45) Which of the following statements is NOT correct regarding the Nitrazepam?

[a] It is yellow, crystalline powder

[b] Its usual oral dose is 5 to 10 mg daily

[c] Its proprietary name is Somnite

[d] Oral Suspension is not one of its pharmaceutical preparations

Q.46) In the context of packaging of pharmaceuticals, which of the following is NOT a quality of ideal Rubber Closure?

[a]        It should withstand the sterilization temperatures 

[b]        It should migrate any additive to the preparation 

[c]        It should be compatible with the preparation contained in the container

[d]        It should provide air tight closing to the container

Q.47) As per the Bio medical Waste Management Rules, 2016, in the context of operating standards for treatment and disposal of bio-medical 'wastes combustible efficiency (CE) shall be at least 

[a]        20.00 percent 

[b]        39.99 percent 

[c]        99.00 percent 

[d]        46.50 percent

Q.48) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of Thiopental Sodium?

[a] Quiet respiration

[b] Nonexplosive and nonirritant

[c] Depresses the Myocardium

[d] Very rapid and smooth induction

Q.49) The contents of soft capsules varies from

[a] 50 ml to 80 ml

[b] 0.1 ml to 30 ml

[c] 90 ml to 100 ml

[d] 120 ml to 160 ml

Q.50) Human brain is covered by ho v many membranes?

[a]        Three 

[b]        Seven 

[c]        Eight

[d]        Nine

Q.51) …. is an absorbable suture.

[a]        Sterile catgut 

[b]        Sterile linen 

[c]        Sterile polyamide

[d]        Sterile braided

Q.52) In the context of measurement of fertility in humans, what is the formula to calculate crude birth rate?

[a] Number of live births during the year / Estimated mid-year population

[b] Number of live births during the year x Estimated mid-year population

[c] Number of live births during the year + Estimated mid-year population

[d]Estimated mid-year population / Number of live births during the year 

Q.53) What is the English meaning of term ‘Ante cibos' used in prescription writing?

[a]        Before meals

[b]        Boiling water

[c]        Left ear 

[d]        Twice a day

Q.54) Vegetable is the source of which crude drug?

[a]        Cinnamon

[b]        Kaolin 

[c]        Pyrethrin

[d]        Cantharides

Q.55) According to I.P., one gram of shark liver oil should not contain less than international units of Vitamin A activity

[a] 6000/6000

[b] 2500/ 2500

[c] 1000/1000

[d] 3200/3200

Q.56) In the context of mechanisms of size reduction of drugs, Ball mill 'works on the principle of

[a]        Crushing   

[b] Grinding

[c]        Shearing 

[d]        lmpact and Attrition

Q.57) Which section of The Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1945 is related with the 'Punishment for contravention in the relation to poppy straw?

[a] Section 15

[b] Section 10

[c] Section 9

[d] Section 20

Q.58) In the context of simple epithelial tissue of Human body. which epithelial cells are also called pavement epithelial cells?

[a]        Squamous epithelium 

[b]        Cuboidal epithelium 

[c]        Ciliated epithelium 

[d]        Columnar epithelium

Q.59) In the context of classification of amino acids which of the pairs is correct

I.          More number of amino groups than carboxyl groups — Acidic amino acids

II.         More number of carboxyl groups than amino groups — Basic amino acids

[a] only I

[b] only II

[c] Both I & II

[d] Neither I & nor II

Q.60) Proteins in the human diet are obtained from which vegetable sources?

l. Legumes

II. Cereals

III. Fruits

[a] Only I & II

[b] Only II & III

[c] Only I and III

[d] I, II and III

Q.61) In the context of deficiency of proteins in humans, what Is the full form of PCM?

[a]        Protein-Calorie Malnutrition

[b]        Protein-Calcium Malnutrition

[c]        Protein-Calorie Marasmus

[d]        Protein-Calcium Marasmus

Q.62) What is the molecular formulae of Glucose?

[a] C6H12O6

[b] C6H2O6

[c] C6H6O12

[d] C6H6O6

Q.63) ……. is a water soluble vitamin.

[a]        Vitamin B

[b]        Vitamin A

[c]        Vitamin E

[d]        Vitamin K

Q.64) Arrange the following steps involved i.n the procedure for gravimetric determination of nickel in steel from first to last.

P.         Bringing nickel present in steel into solution as Ni(II) ions and oxidizing iron to Fe (lll) ions

Q.        Selective precipitation of nickel ions with DMG in alkaline medium

R.         Filtration and washing of the precipitate

S.         Cooling and weighing of the precipitate

[a] PQRS

[b] QSPR

[c] RSQP

[d] SPQR

Q.65) Which of the following statement is correct regarding spleen in humans?

I.          It is located in the right half of the viscera

II.         Its own outer surface touches the left kidney

[a] Only I

[b] Only II

[c] Only I & II both

[d] Neither I and nor II

Q.66) As per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and rules 1945, in which cf the following conditions, a drug shall be deemed to be spurious.

I.          If it is imported under a name which belongs to another drug

II.         If it purports to be the product of a manufacturer of whom it is not truly a product

[a] Only I

[b] Only II

[c] Only I & II both

[d] Neither I and nor II

Q.67) Which pari of prescription contains prescriber's directions to the pharmacist regarding the

dosage form to be prepared and number of doses to be dispensed?

[a] Subscription

[b] Inscription

[c] Superscription

[d] Signature

Q.68) ……….is an third generation intrauterine device

[a] Lippe's loop 

[b]        Copper-T 

[c]        Nova 7

[d]        Progestasert

Q.69) In the context of Human Heart sounds, which of the following statement is correct?

I.          The first sound is called lubb

II.         The second sound is called dupp

[a] Only I

[b] Only II

[c] Only I & II both

[d] Neither I and nor II

Q.70) Which of the following is the method of adulteration the drugs?

I.          Replacement by exhausted drugs

II.         Substitution by artificially manufactured substitutes

[a] Only I

[b] Only II

[c] Only I & II both

[d] Neither I and nor II

Q.71) In the context of carminatives and Gastro-intestinal regulators, which statement is correct regarding coriander.

I.          Its colour is yellowish — brown to brown

II.         Its odour is not aromatic

[a] Only I

[b] Only II

[c] Only I & II both

[d] Neither I and nor II

Q.72) Which of the following statement is correct regarding the abnormal curves of the vertebral column of humans?

I.          Kyphosis is an exaggeration of the lumbar curve of the vertebral column

II.         Lordosis is an exaggeration of the thoracic curve of the vertebrae column

[a] Only I

[b] Only II

[c] Only I & II both

[d] Neither I and nor II

Q.73) The ‘A’ peptide chain of insulin is composed of ho « many amino acid residues?

[a] 30

[b] 11

[c] 40

[d] 21

Q.74) Balsam of the tolu contains what percent free cinnamic acid?

[a] 50-60

[b] 2-3

[c] 12-15

[d] 30-40

Q.75) In which of the following phases of handling the prescription, proper drug is dispensed in a suitable form?

[a]        Compounding 

[b]        Collecting and weighing the materials

[c]        Receiving 

[d]        Reading and Checking

Q.76) Dopamine Hydrochloride, BP, a acrystalline powder and freely soluble in water, is in which colour?

[a]        Orange 

[b]        Red 

[c]        Green 

[d]        White

Q.77) Which of the following are those physio-chemical factors that affect the absorption of drugs?

I.          Dissolution

II.         Crystal form

[a] Only I

[b] Only II

[c] Only I & II both

[d] Neither I and nor II

Q.78) Which chapter of the Pharmacy act, 1949 is related with ’State Pharmacy councils?

[a]        Chapier III 

[b]        Chapter IV 

[c]        Chapier V 

[d]        Chapter II

Q.79) …….. is the melting point (in degree Celsius) range for the crude drug ‘Coiophony’.

[a] 30-33

[b] 20-25

[c] 75-85

[d] 160-180

Q.80) ………… the deficiency disease of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)?

[a] Scurvy

[b]  Convulsions

[c] Rockets

[d] Pernicious anaemia

Q.81) Acetylcholine is a neurohumoral transmitter which mediates impulses at…. different kinds of synaptic sites.

[a] Four

[b] six

[c] six

[d] nine

Q.82) As per the taxonomical classification of Natural drugs, Colchicum drug belongs to which family?

[a]        Graminae 

[b]        Liliaceae 

[c]        Rutaceae 

[d]        Solanaceae

Q.83) As per the Drugs and Cosmetic Act 1940 and Rules 1945, for the drugs technical advisory board how many persons are to be nominated by the central government from among persons who are in charge of drugs control in the states?

[a] two

[b] four

[c] six

[d] five

Q.84) Cloxacillin sodium, BP, IP is kept in well —closed container and stored at a temperature not exceeding……?

[a]        50 degree 

[b]        65 degree

[c]        80 degree 

[d]        25 degree

Q.85) Human blood disorder due to deficiency of folic acid is called   

[a]        Pernicious anaemia 

[b]        Megaloblastic anaemia

[c]        Hemolytic anaemia 

[d]        Polycythemia

Q.86) As per the pharmacological classification of natural drugs, which of the following pairs of pharmacological action — drug is correct?

I.          Carminatives — Corlander

II.         Cardiotonics – Digitalis

[a] Only I

[b] Only II

[c] Only I & II both

[d] Neither I and nor II

Q.87) Which ot the following carbohydrates is known as ‘milk sugar'?

[a]        Sucrose 

[b]        Lactose 

[c]        Maltose            .

[d]        Starch

Q.88) As per the morphological classification of Natural drugs, ’Quassia’ belongs to which part of the plant?

[a]        Fruits 

[b]        Seeds 

[c]        Woods

[d]        Leaves

Q.89) …. is a weak diuretic?

[a]        Aminophylline

[b]        Mefruside 

[c]        Furosemide 

[d]        Bumetanide

Q.90) What is the chemical name of Metformin Hydrochloride, BP, IP?

[a]        1, 1- Dimethylbiguanide hydrochloride 

[b]        3,4 -Dimethylbiguanide 

[c]        4, 6 – Dimethylbiguanide  

[d]        2, 5 – Dimethylbiguanide

Q.91) What is the molecular weight of porcine insulin?

[a]        5778

[b]        5634

[c]        5833

[d]        5714 

Q.92) Which of the following statement is correct regarding the dusting powder?

I.          These are meant for external application 😮 the skin for antiseptic, antipruritic purposes etc.

II.         These are generally prepared by mixing two or more than two ingredients in which starch, kaolin or tale is used as one of the ingredients of formulation

[a] Only I

[b] Only II

[c] Only I & II both

[d] Neither I and nor II

Q.93) Which section of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954 is related with ‘Prohibition of misleading advertisement relating to drugs?

[a] Section 4

[b] section 12

[c] section 10

[d] section 8

Q.94) Calcium in association with which of the following is essential for the hardening of human bones and teeth?

I. Vitamin D

II. Phosphorus

[a] Only I

[b] Only II

[c] Only I & II both

[d] Neither I and nor II

Q.95) ……. Is an animal surgical fibre.

[a]        Hemp 

[b]        Jute 

[c]        Cotton 

[d]        Silk

Q.96) A person with which blood group can given blood to all the persons?





Q.97) ‘Human anatomical waste’ belongs to which colour category as per the Bio medical waste management rules, 2016?

[a]        Yellow 

[b]        Blue 

[c]        Red 

[d]        White

Q.98) Which part of prescription is represented by the symbol Rx?

[a] Subscription

[b] Inscription

[c] Superscription

[d] Signature

Q.99) On which of these following days is Labour day celebrated in India?

[a] 15th January

[b] 1st May

[c] 23rd Starch

[d] 8th May


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