Pharmacist ESIC Solved Question Paper 2014

Please find below Pharmacist allopathic ESIC Question paper August 2014. Question Paper contains 100 MCQ (Pharmacy Section-70 MCQ & General Aptitude- 30 MCQ). Our Team published only questions of Pharmacy Sections.

ESIC Pharmacist Solved Question Paper 2014 pdf:- Download

Pharmacist (ESIC) Paper Aug. 2014

1)            The plasticizer used in coating solution is 

[a]          Polyethylene glycol

[b]          Castor oil

[c]          Propylene 

[d]          All of the above

2)            Which one of the following is used as vulcanizing agent for rubber?

[a]          ZnO

[b]          Sulphur

[c]          CaCO3

[d]          Zinc sulphate

3)            __________ sterilize talcum powder most effectively.

[a]          Dry heat

[b]          Autoclaving

[c]          Gaseous sterilization

[d]          Freeze drying 

4)            The formation of wings or ragged extending edges about periphery of the tablet is called

[a]          Mottling

[b]          Picking

[c]          Whiskering

[d]          Capping

5)            The pharmacy council of India is constituted by the _________

[a]          Central government 

[b]          State government

[c]          Parliament

[d]          President 

6)            “Herapathite” is formed in incompatibility of

[a]          Alkaloidal salt with alkaline substances 

[b]          Alkaloidal salt with soluble barbiturate

[c]          Alkaloidal salt with soluble iodides

[d]          Liquorice liquid extract

7)            The famous brand “ENO” is an example of

[a]          Effervescent granules

[b]          Dry scaled sachets

[c]          Tablet triturate

[d]          Powder

8)            “Zephiran” is a ___________ surfactant.

[a]          Anionic

[b]          Cationic

[c]          Non-ionic

[d]          Ampholytics

9)            Butylated hydroxyl toluene is used as

[a]          An antibacterial

[b]          An antioxidant

[c]          A suspending agent

[d]          A coloring agent 

Q.10.     Glycerine suppositories containing 92% glycerine are solidified by addition of

[a]          White wax

[b]          Stearic acid

[c]          Sodium stearate

[d]          PEG 4000

Q.11.     Who publish the Indian Pharmacopoeia?

[a]          Central Governor

[b]          Central Drug Laboratory

[c]          Ministry of Health and Family welfare

[d]          Central Indian Pharmacopoeal Laboratory

Q.12)     The lead acetate cotton wool is used in the limit test for arsenic to

[a]          Make the arsine gas

[b]          Develop the yellow colour

[c]           Trap the H2S gas

[d]          None

Q.13)     Washing soda is common name for

[a]          NaHCO3

[b]          Na2CO3

[c]          K2CO3

[d]          NaOH

Q.14)     _________ is known as Milk of magnesi[a]

[a]          Suspension of Mg(OH)2

[b]          Suspension of MgO

[c]          Suspension of MgCO3

[d]          Suspension of Milk and MgO

Q.15)     Moedant black is used as an indicator in the titration of

[a]          Calcium lactate

[b]          Sodium acetate

[c]          Ammonium chloride

[d]          Hydrogen peroxide

Q.16)     Which of the following conditions is not associated with ischemic heart disease?

[a]          Angina pectoris

[b]          Hypertension

[c]          Myocardial infarction

[d]          Congestive heart disease

Q.17)     CO2 is used as    

[a]          Antacid 

[b]          Acidifier 

[c]          Buffer

[d]          Respiratory stimulant

Q.18)     _______ is used for treating dandruff.      

[a]          Selenium sulphide 

[b]          Sulphur

[c]          Yellow mercuric oxide

[d]          Titanium dioxide

Q.19)     Sodium fluoride is used to cure

[a]          Inflammation of mouth 

[b]          Bacterial infection

[c]          Acidity 

[d]          Dental carries

20.         Sodium metal is stored in 

[a]          Well closed container 

[b]          Kerosene

[c]          Wax

[d]          Methanol

21.         Tetracycline should not be given with

[a]          Milk

[b]          Aluminium hydroxide gel

[c]          Beet root

[d]          All of the above

22)         Keller Killani test is specified for 

[a]          Anthraquinone glycosides 

[b]          Cardiac glycosides

[c]          Saponins 

[d]          Flavonoids

23)         Which bark drug is used as cardiotonics?

[a]          Ashoka

[b]          Cinnamon

[c]          Arjuna

[d]          Pterocarpus

24)         Which oil is a natural source of vitamin A?

[a]          Codliver oil

[b]          Hydnocarpus oil

[c]          Castor oil

[d]          Sharkliver oil

25)         __________ is botanical source of Indian senn[a]

[a]          Dried leaflets of Cassia angustifolia

[b]          Dried leaflets of Cassia acutifolia

[c]          Dried leaflets of Cassia auriculata

[d]          Dried leaflets of Cassia obovata

26)         Combined Umbelliferone test is positive for __________.

[a]          Nutmeg

[b]          Asafoetida

[c]          Tolu balsam

[d]          Guggul

27)         Clofibrate reduces the 

[a]          Blood pressure

[b]          Heart rate

[c]          Elevated triglyceride level

[d]          Fever

28)         ______________ is a major lipid constituent of the cell membrane.

[a]          Phospholipids 

[b]          Glycolipids 

[c]          Cholesterol 

[d]          Fatty acid

29)         Colour Index indicate- 

[a]          Relative amount of WBC present per cmm of blood 

[b]          Relative amount of haemoglobin present in single RB[C]

[c]          Relative amount of haemoglobin present in 100 WBC

[d]          Relative amount of RBC present per cmm of blood

30.         Naloxone is a morphine 

[a]          Agonist

[b]          Antagonist

[c]          Mixed agonist and antagonist

[d]          All of the above

31.         Digitalis is given to the patients suffering from 

[a]          Congestive heart failure

[b]          Left ventricular failure

[c]          Atrial flutter 

[d]          All of above

32)          Diaphragm is a

[a]          skeletal muscle

[b]          Smooth muscle 

[c]          Bone cavity 

[d]          Artery

33)         Which of the following is the function of Plasma proteins? 

[a]          Regulation of Blood Volume 

[b]          Regulation of Blood Pressure 

[c]          Helps in Coagulation process 

[d]          All of the above 

34)         Which of the following bone have no marrow cavity? 

[a]          Scapula 

[b]          Clavicle 

[c]          Ulna 

[d]          None of the above 

35)         Isoniazid induced peripheral neuritis can be prevented by administration of  

[a]          Anticonvulsants

[b]          Anti inflammatory agents  

[c]          Vit. B6

[d]          Vit B12 

36)         The ointment fuse of mineral origin is 

[a]          Olive oil   

[b]          Cottonseed oil 

[c]          Castor oil 

[d]          Paraffin wax 

37)         The Pharmacy Council of India is reconstituted every  ______ years

[a]          10  years  

[b]          1 year 

[c]          2 years  

[d]          5 years 

38)         Which of the following schedule gives standards of mechanical contraceptives? 

[a]          Schedule C 

[b]          Schedule F

[c]          Schedule D

[d]          Schedule R 

39)         Under which section of Indian Penal Code the drug inspectors are appointed?

[a]          Section 23

[b]          Section 17  

[c]          Section 21  

[d]          Section 22   

40.         District opium officer appoints one cultivator as ______ 

[a]          Drug inspector

[b]          Lambardar

[c]          Narcotic Comissioner 

[d]          Executive Commissioner 


41.         Phenobarbitone is a 

[a]          Short acting barbiturates

[b]          Intermediate acting barbiturates 

[c]          Long acting barbiturates 

[d]          None of the above 

42)         In a drug store, the expiry dated drug formulations are called 

[a]          Scrap items

[b]          Surplus items

[c]          Obsolete items

[d]          Dormant materials

43)         Ambulatory patients are:

[a]          Required to admit in the ward for treatment

[b]          Required to go home after taking treatment in OPD

[c]          Require emergency treatment

[d]          None of the above 

44)         Which one of the following is genetically determined adverse drug reaction?

[a]          Addiction  

[b]          Drug induced lupus syndrome 

[c]          Carcinogenicity 

[d]          Idiosynerasy 

45)          Which of the following can be used for counteraction for poisoning caused by organophophorous compounds? 

[a]          Naloxone 

[b]          Pethidine 

[c]          Pralidoxime

[d]          Charcoal 

46)         Which one is used in radiation sterilization? 

[a]          X-rays

[b]          β-rays

[c]           -rays

[d]           − rays

47)         Which of these substances is used as anticoagulant?

[a]          Sodium citrate 

[b]          NaCl

[c]          Sodium peroxide 

[d]          Hydrogen peroxide

48)         The shoulder of the cylinder of CO2 is painter

[a]          Blue 

[b]          Black

[c]          White

[d]          Grey

49)         ________ is used as anticonvulsant.

[a]          Pentobarbitone 

[b]          Phenobarbitone

[c]          Cyclobarbitone

[d]          Barbitone

50.         Common side effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug is ________

[a]          Sedation 

[b]          Kidney damage

[c]          Headache 

[d]          Ulceration

51.         ____________ is a tricyclic antidepressant drug.

[a]          Amitryptiline 

[b]          Imipramine

[c]          Phenelzine

[d]          Tiimipramine

52)         ________ is monoamine oxidase inhibitor.             

[a]          Imipramine 

[b]          Tranylcypromine

[c]          Lithium citrate

[d]          Amitriptyline

53)         Parkinson occurs due to _______.

[a]          Depletion of dopamine

[b]          Excess of dopamine

[c]          Excess of epinephrine

[d]          Depletion of epinephrine

54)         Mother clove is ______

[a]          Fruit 

[b]          Stalk

[c]          Seed

[d]          Mature flower

55)         Cardiac glycoside possess basic nucleus of

[a]          Tropane 

[b]          Triterpene

[c]          Quinolone

[d]          Cyclopentenophenanthrene

56)         Colchicum is commonly known as _____

[a]          Monkshood

[b]          Ma Huang

[c]          Autumn crocus

[d]          Finger flower

57)         Natural fibre gives test for sulphur is _________

[a]          Wool

[b]          Cotton 

[c]          Silk

[d]          Jute

58)         ________ leaf is to be dried at 60  immediately after collection.

[a]          Digitalis 

[b]          Senna

[c]          Datura

[d]          Hyoscyamus

59)         __________ is a carbohydrate containing drug obtained from marine source.

[a]          Agar

[b]          Honey

[c]          Acacia

[d]          Isapghula

60.         Dihydrofolate reductase is inhibited by _______

[a]          Trimethoprim

[b]           Purimethamine

[c]          Methotrexate

[d]          All of above

61.         ____________ is used as an adulterant of Benzoin. 

[a]          Myrrh  

[b]          Colophony

[c]          Asafoetida

[d]          Balsum

62)         ________ is used as a mosquito repellent.

[a]          Punarnava

[b]          Hyoscyamus 

[c]          Pyrethrum

[d]          Ephedra

63)         Rifampicin act by

[a]          Binding with 30 S ribosomes

[b]          Binding with 50 S ribosomes

[c]          Inhibition of DNA dependent RNA polymerase

[d]          Inhibition of Topoisomerase enzyme

64)         Myopia is characterized by one of the following 

[a]          Person can see the near objects perfectly

[b]          Person find difficulty in seeing near objects

[c]          Persons can see the far objects perfectly 

[d]          Person can see near and far both objects with difficulty

65)         ___________ is long acting insulin

[a]          Globulin Zinc insulin

[b]          Insulin Zinc suspension

[c]          Protamine zinc Insulin suspension

[d]          Isophane Insulin suspension

66)         Which of the following disease is not spread by mosquito?

[a]          Yellow fever

[b]          Q fever

[c]          Filaria

[d]          Dengue

67)         ________ is a selective  2 –receptor blocker.

[a]          Salbutamol 

[b]          Butoxamine

[c]          Atenolol

[d]          Dobutamine

68)         Xanthine alkaloids act as

[a]          β lactamase inhibitor 

[b]          GABA release inhibitor

[c]          Phosphodiesterase inhibitor 

[d]          5-HT releasing agent

69)         Which of the following is used in treatment of myasthenia gravis?

[a]          Physostigmine 

[b]          Neostigmine

[c]          Atropine

[d]          Diazepam

70.         __________ is selective arterial vasodilator.

[a]          Minoxidil

[b]          Diazoxide

[c]          Hydralazine

[d]          Losartan

ESIC Pharmacist Solved Question Paper 2014 pdf:- Download

Pharmacist (ESIC) Paper Aug. 2014

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