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Definition of Aerosol

Aerosol or pressurized packages are defined as system that depends upon the power of compressed or liquefied gas to expand the content from the container.


Pharmaceutical aerosols are products that contain therapeutically active ingredients which are packed under pressure and are released upon activation of an appropriate actuator and valve system. The term “aerosols” was originally accustomed to describe a liquid or solid fine mists particles with a specific size range. The term “aerosols” now refers to pressurized packed products that contain the active ingredient(s) and excipients that are dispersed in a liquefied or compressed gas known as the propellant.

Aerosols dosage forms can be topically, orally, nasally, and systemically inhaled.

Advantages of Pharmaceutical aerosol over other doses form

  1. Dose removal without contamination of remaining material is possible.
  2. Enhance stability of substances which adversely affected by Oxygen and moisture.
  3. Maintenance of sterility of product during dispensing dose.
  4. Directly delivery of Medicameant to the affected area in a desired form with minimum or no irritation
  5. Rapid onset of action
  6. Circumvention of first pass metabolism
  7. Aerosols are temperproof system so no adulteration is possible
  8. Aerosol product can be applied in a thin layer
  9. Irritation Produced by the mechanical application of topical medication is reduced or eliminated.

Disadvantage of aerosols

  • Expensive
  • Chlorofluorocarbons propellants cause ozone layer depletion
  • Toxicity
  • Explosive nature of propellant
  • Inflammability

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