PCI launches online Digital Platform for Pharmacist Registration & Tracking System (PRTS)

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The pharmacy council of India (PCI) has launched the Digital Platform for Pharmacist Registration & Tracking System (PRTS). All registered Pharmacists of India are requested to fill their pharmacist registration details on the PCI website.

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All registered Pharmacist of India are requested to fill their pharmacist registration details on the following website:


The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) is in the process of setting up a Pharmacist Registration and Tracking System with details of all pharmacists from across the country maintained on a live register. The system will facilitate easy verification of any pharmacist anywhere in India by any agency. It will also provide valuable information for data analysis that would help predict the future and scope of the profession, going forward.

PRTS will help PCI collect data on gender-wise, age-group wise, and education level-wise number of pharmacists in various states. It will also provide state-wise information on the employment status of pharmacists where they are working as community pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, or employed with the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy colleges, etc, said registrar-cum-secretary of PCI Archna Mudgal. The pharmacists who got themselves registered with respective state pharmacy councils are only allowed to register with PRTS, said Mudgal.

A qualified pharmacist can upload requisite details on the central web portal after uploading all his details with the online portal of the respective state pharmacy council. The PRTS will allow registration only after verification of details with the state council. If any discrepancy is found in the facts and figures given on the state and central council portals, the application of such pharmacists will not be successfully processed by PRTS. All state councils have to create their own online registries in order to link with the central registry.

It will also help track status of pharmacists working abroad whether they have renewed their rregistration or not.

PCI  further intends to revolutionize pharmacy education by revamping its website through creation of a student portal to make learning material available online and free of cost for any student across the country.

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