OPSC Drug Inspector/DI Question paper 2012-Odisha

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Please find below Question paper of DI (Drug Inspector) 2012 organized by Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC), Odisha.

DI OPSC Question Paper-Pharmacy 2012

1. The Committee appointed by Government of India to look into the drug industry and various aspects of drugs like licensing, price control, imports, role of foreign sdctor, quality control was headed by :

(a) Mudaliar

(b) Bhatia

(c) Hathi

(d) Bhore

2. The Poison Act was introduced in the year:

(a) 1878

(b) 1894

(c) 1919

(d) 1930

3. One of the following is not correct in the main of objectives of PharmacyAct, 1948 of India :

(a) Restoration of pharmacy profession in its due place in the health service

(b) Raising the status of pharmacy profession

(c) To regulate the practice of pharmacy

(d) To have common syllabus of pharmacy throughout India

4. Fine for false claim to be a registered pharmacist on first conviction is :

(a) Rs. 500

(b) 6 months imprisonment

(c) Rs. 1,000

(d) Both fine and imprisonment

5. The main objective of Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and subsequent amendments is to regulate the import, manufacture, distribution and sale of drugs and cosmetics of allopathy and the following categories except :

(a) Ayurveda

(b) Siddha

(c) Unani Tibb

(d) Homoeopathy

6. One of the following does not come under the purview of PCI :

(a) Education regulations

(b) Recognition of foreign qualification

(c) Approval of pharmacy institutions and withdrawal of approvals

(d) Issuing licenses to pharmacists

7. The sale of opium to the State Governments or manufacturing chemists is made by Central Government Opium Factory located at :

(a) Ghaziabad

(b) Ghazipur

(c) Ghorakhpur

(d) Goa

8. Pharm cy Councii of India was constituted in which year?

(a) 1949

(b) 1948

(c)  1947

(d)  1950

9. All products of parenteral use are listed under the following Schedule :

(a) A

(b) B

(c) C

(d) D

10. The total number of State Pharmacy Council members are :

(a) 10

(b) 15

(c) 20

(d) 25

11. The first edition of Indian Pharmacopoeia was out in :

(a)  1945

(b)  1950

(c)  1955

(d)  1960

12. Applications for grant or renewal of license for manufacturing Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani drug is required to be made in :

(a) Form 24-D

(b) Form 48

(c) Form 25-E

(d) Form 24-E

13. Drugs to be taken under the medical supervision are included under the following Schedule :

(b) E

(c) G

(d) H

(e) K

 14. The Drugs (Price Control) Order, 1995 does not take into account one of the following in fixing the retail price :

(a) Material cost and conversion cost

(b) Packing material and packing charges

(c)Excise duty

(d) Local taxes

15. New drugs developed through research are exempted from price control for a period of:

(a) 5 years

(b) 10 years

(c) 15 years

(d) 20 years

16. As per the Shops and Establishment Act young persons (12-18 years) should not be made to work more than one of the following hours per day :

(a) 4 hours

(b) 6 hours

(g) 8 hours

(d) 10 hours

17. Forms used to send a memorandum to Government Analyst under Schedule A is done in:

(a) Form 14-A

(b) Form 18 and 18-A

(c) Form 15

(d) Form 19

18. License for retail of drugs specified in Schedule X is given in the following form :

(a) 20-A

(b) 20-B

(c) 20-F

(d) 20-G

19. The effectiveness of the new drug is confirmed in one of the following phases of clinical trials :

(a) Phase!

(b) Phase II

(c) Phase lll

(d) Phase IV

20.The list of diseases and ailments that a drug should not claim to cure are given in the following schedule of Pharmacy Act, 1940:

(a) H

(b) J

(c) K

(d) M

21. The Drugs and Magic Remedies Act came into force in :

(a) 1953

(b) 1954

(c) 1955

(d) 1956

22. Ayurvedic preparations containing lessthan the following % of self generated alcohol are  exempted from excise duty as per the Medicinal and Toilet Preparations (Excise Duties) Act, 1955:

(a) 1%

(b) 2%

(c) 3%

(d) 4%

23. One of the following is not a member of the IAEC :

(a). Biologist

(b) Veterinarian

(c) Social worker

(d) Advocate

24. One of the following is not an essential commodity as per the Act 1955 :

(a) Raw Jute

(b) Cotton Textiles

(c) Petroleum Products

(d) Raw Wool

25. Under New Drug Policy, 1994, with National Drug Authority, the Central Government has the responsibility of granting license itself to the following except :

(a) Large volume parenterals

(b) Sera and vaccines

(c) Whole human blood and blood products

(d) Small volume parenterals

26. As per the Code of Pharmaceutical Ethics a registered pharmacist can not do the following except:

(a) Dispense drugs on humanitarian grounds

(b) Render first acid in emergencies

(c) Prescribe remedies in emergencies

(d) Can practice medicine in emergencies

27. As per the Shops and EstablishmentAct , pharmacies differ from others in one of the following :

(a) Hours of work for employees

(b) Cleanliness ventilation and lighting

(c) Wages for employees

(d) Opening and closing times

28. The first National Institute for Pharmacy Education and Research (NIPER) was started at :

(a) Banaras

(b) Chennai

(c) Mohali

(d) Chandigarh

29. Regarding functions of the Pharmacy Councils in India one of the following is not correct :

(a) A State Council takes care of the corresponding State

(b) AState Council can serve the need of another State

(c) There can be Joint Council to serve the need of both the States

(d) The Central Council can also serve the need of a State

30. As per the Medicinal and Toilet Preparations Act, “Bonded Laboratories” means :

(a) Excise duty has not been paid

(b). Excise duty has been paid

(c) Excise duty need not be paid

(d) None of the above

31. In one of the following alkaloids, the nitrogen atom is secondary amine :

(a) Mescaline

(b) Ephedrine

(c) Atropine

(d) d-tuboaurarine

32. Asiaticosides are present as active constituents in :

(a) Nuxvomica

(b) Opium

(c) Tulsi

(d) Brahmi

33. Opium is the dried latex obtained by vertical incisions of the following part of papaver somniferum :

(a) Ripe capsules

(b) Unripe capsules

(c) Semiripe capsules

(d) Allofthe above

34. The alkaloidal content in atropa belladonna is highest in the following part :

(a) Root

(b) Leaf

(c) Berries

(d) Seeds

35. The following species Rauwolfia is indigenous to West Indies :

(a) R. Serpentina

(b) R. Vomitoria

(c) R. Nitida

(d) R. Tetraphylla

36. The following are involved as precursors for the biosynthesis of cinchona alkaloids except :

(a) Indole

(b) Anthanilic acid

(c) Tryptophan

(d) Geraniol

37. The active constituents in senna and aloes are Anthracene :

(a) Alkaloids

(b) Glycosides

(c) Polymers

(d) Esters

38. Spanish foxglove is :

(a) Digitalis purpurea

(b) Digitalis lanata

(c) Digitalis lutea

(d) Digitalis thapsi

39. The botanical name for Tulsi is :

(a) Thevelia nerifolia

(b) Tinospora cordifolia

 (c) Triticum aestivum

(d) Oscimum sanctum

40. The primary metabolites for alkaloid synthesis in plants are :

(a) Carbohydrates

(b) Amino acids

(c) Proteins

 (d) Peptides

41. A lubricating cream should possess the following properties except:

(a) Itshould spread easily

(b) it should not have good skin absorption

{c) it should not be sticky in nature

(d) it should be smooth in nature with less oiliness

42. In limulus Amoebocyte Lysate Test the extract from the blood ceil of which crustacea is used :

(a) Octopus

(b) Horse Shoe Crab

(c) Lobsters

(d) Elephant Shoe Crab

43. The first edition of Pharmacopoeia of India was published in :

(a) 1936

(b) 1946

(c) 1955

(d) 1966

44. Hydrolytic Resistance Test is performed on glass in order to find out:

(a) Mechanical strength

(b) Quality

(c) Limit of alkalinity liberated by it

(d) Impermeability

45. The approximate capacity of the capsule number zero is :

(a) 950 mg

(b) 450 mg

(c) 300mg

(d) 100 mg

46. Schick Test is performed to test the degree of immunity of an individual against :

(a) Syphilis

(b) Tetanus

(c) Tuberculosis

(d) Diphtheria

47. How much quantity of 60% alcohol required to make one liter of 45% of alcohol ?

(a) 2 liter

(b) 500 ml

(c)300 ml

(d) 750ml

48. Avoid cheese, chocolate and red meat in patient those who are under therapy :

(a) Benzodiazepines

(b) Phenothizines

(c) MAO inhibitors

(d) Prednisolone

49. Transdermal drug delivery system has the following advantages except:

(a) Side effects are reduced

(b) Patient compliance is improved

(c) First pass metabolism is not avoided

(d) Duration of action is increased

50. Drug which produce malignant hyperthermia is :

(a) Diazepam

(b) Halothane

(c) Chloroquine

(d) Phenytoin

51. Hoffman elimination is seen in :

(a) d-Tubocurosine

(b) Atrocurium

(c) Hexamethonium

(d) Ether

52. Aspirin is lipid soluble when the medium has :

(a) Low pH

(b) High pH

(c) Both of the above

(d) None of the above

53. Which drug generally obey zero order kinetics ? ‘

(a) Alcohol

(b) Ampicillin

(c) Atenolol

(d) Adrenalin

54. Which antihistamine is now withdrawn from market due to its cardic toxicity ?

(a) Terfenadine

(b) Fexofenadine

(c) Cetrizine

(d) Loratidine

55. Which bird is generally taken for the bioassay Of digitalis ?

(a) Parrot

(b) Pigeon

(c) Sparrow

(d) Fowl

56. Whichis nota brand name of amlodipine ?





57. Which is a non-BZD newer hypnotics ?

(a) Zileuton

(b) Zoledronate

(c) Zolpidem

(d) Zolmitriptan

58. For treatment of Morphine dependence,the drug used is :

(a) Naloxone

(b)} Disulfiram

(c) Methadone

(d) Midazolam

59. Which is a potent mineralocorticoid ?

(a) Dexamethasone

(b) Fludrocortisone

(c) Prednisolone

(d) Hydrocortisone

60.For Pyrogen Test which animal is taken for experiment ?

(a) Rat

(b) Cat

(c) Rabbit

(d) Hamster

61. Which is a inhaled corticosteroids ?

(a) Hydrocortisone

(b) Budesonide

(c) Prednisolone

(d) Dexamethasone

62. Which is not a brand name of Ibuprofen ?





63. The minimum area requirement for store- room of a 700 beds hospital is :

(a) 1000 sq. feet

(b) 1600 sq. feet

(c) 2400 sq. feet

(d) 3600 sq. feet

64. For drugs which are given as enteric coated tablet, ail the following are true, except :

(a) Drugs which are destroyed in the acidic medium of the stomach

(b) Produce irritation in stomach

(c) Absorption takes place in intestine

(d) Early action of drug is required

65. Which vaccine is prepared from live bacteria ?

(a) Cholera

(b) Typhoid

(c) BCG

(d) Pertussis

66. Which is a tri-cyclic antidepressant ?

(a) Fluoxetine

(b) Paroxetine

(c) Amoxapine

(d) Sertaline

67. Which is the most potent opioid analgesic ?

(a) Pentazocin



(d) Buprenorphine

68. Which one is the brand name of Nifedipine ?

(a) Cardilox

(b) Calcigard

(c) Calaptin

(d) Corvadil

69. Bioassay gives the idea about of the test drug.

(a) Unit quantity of the drug

(b) Efficacy of the drug

(c) Safety of the drug

(d) Chemical structure of the drug

70. According to I. P. Syrup has density at 20°C is :

(a) 1.213

(b) 1.113

(c) 1.313

(d) 1.413

71. Which is not true for evaluation of suspensions ?

(a) Determination of rate of sedimentation

(b) Determination of viscosity

(c) Determination of Zeta potential

(d) Determination of pH and stabilising agent

72. For a good ophthalmic solution the dispersed particle should be very fine in size :

(a) Not greater than 5 micron

(b) Not greater than 10 micron

(c) Not greater than 15 micron

(d) Not greater than 20 micron

73. Which one is a synthetic anionic emulsifying agent ?

(a) Benzalkonium

(b) Sodium laury! sulfate

(c) Cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide

(d) Tragacanth

74. For preparation of a primary emulsion by peppermint oil the Oil: Water : Gum should be:

(a) 4:2:1

(b) 3: 2:1

(c) 2:2:1

(d) 1:2:1

75. if an object or a solution absorbs blue light then the transmitted colour will be :

(a) Green

(b) Yellow

(c) Violet

(d) Blue

76. All are essential components of colorimete except :

(a) Photo cell

(b) Galvanometer

(c) Alight source

(d) Thermometer

77. Nephlometer is used to determine :

(a) Concentration of Nephron in Kidney

(b) Number of Nephron in Kidney

(c) Concentration of a dispersed phase of a suspension

(d) Concentration of radiation of the substance

78. Which is a angiotensin receptor blocker ?

(a) Teimisartan

(b) Terazocin

(c) Ticlopidine

(d) Timolol

79. Which phosphodiesterase inhibitor can be used in congestive heart failure ?

(a) Midazolam

(b) Mitrinone

(c) Mivacurium

(d) Miltefosin

80. Which is a atypical antipsychotic drug ?

(a) Haloperidol

(b) Olanzapine

(c) Thioridazine

(d) Penfiuridol

81. Which is a anabolic steroid ?

(a) Stanozolol

(b) Salmeterol

(c) Satranidazol

(d) Sotalol

82. Epoxide intermediates are formed during metabolism of which drug ?

(a) Alcohol

(b) Paracetamol

(c) Procaine

(d) Clozapine

83. For bio-assay of Vit.12, the microorganism taken is :

(a) Lactobacilus leichmannii

(b) Lactobacilus acidophilus

(c) Lactobacilus plantarum

(d) Lactobacilus rhamnosus

84. All drugs excretion is enhanced in alkaline urine except :

(a) Salicylate

(b) Pethidine

(c) Barbiturate

(d) Sulfadoxine

85. Reye’s syndrome occurs in children if having viral infection, takes the drug :

(a) Aspirin

(b) Paracetamol

(c) Ampicillin

(d) Ibuprofen

86. Which of the following drug is not given by intravenous root ?

(a) Heparin

(b) Nitroglycerine

(c) Neomycin.

(d) Linezolide –

87. Which one of the following drug can be safely given to G-6-PD deficient patient ?

(a) Vitamin K (water soluble derivatives)

(b) Primaquine

(c) Dapsone

(d) Propranolol

88. What is true regarding the highly ionized drug ?

(a) Mainly excreted by the kidney

(b) Accumulates in the cellular lipids

(c) Highly protein bound

(d) Should be given by oral route only

89. Which of the following is an example of physiological antagonism ?

(a) Protamine in case of heparin toxicity

(b) Terbutaline in leukotrienes mediated bronchoconstriction

(c) Reduction of anticoagulant effect of warfarin in presence of phenobarbitone

(d) Urinary alkalisers for poisoning due to salicylates

90. Microsomal enzymes induction can result:

(a) Tolerance

(b) Dependence

(c) Super sensitivity to drug

(d) Drug toxicity

91. Therapeutic drug monitoring is indicated in:

(a) Insulin therapy

(b) Anti hypertensive therapy

(c) Lithium

(d) Oral anticoagulant

92. in phase I clinical trial Mr. X was given new drug. The clearance and volume of distribution in Mr. X is 1.296 L/hr and 75 L respectively. The half life of drug will be: |

(a) 20hr

(b) 40 hr

(c) 80hr

(d) 120 hr

93. Which of the following drug shows therapeutic window phenomenon ?

(a) Diazepam

(b) Insulin

(c) Warfarin

(d) imipramine

94. A 8 days old new born is suffering from unconjugated hyperbilirubinaemia, the  risk of kernicterus will be increased with the use of the following drug :

(a) Sulphonamide

(b) Phenobarbitone

(c) Amoxycilline

(d) Amikacin

95. Which of the following statement regarding loading dose is true 2

(a) Aimis to quickly achieve therapeutic concentration

(b) It is done to individualize the therapy

(c) It is-always single drug administration

(d) It is governed by clearance and plasma halflife

96. Regarding the controlled release of  dosage form of drug, which of the following statement is not true ?

(a) Bioavailability of some drug can be improved

(b) It can improve patient’s compliance

(c) Drugs with short half lives are not suitable for making controlled release preparations

(d) Dose dumping can lead to drug toxicity

97. Which of the following is not an example of targeted drug delivery system ? .

(a) Nano particles

(b) Drug eluting stent

(c) Pilocarpine ocusert

(d) Transdermal system

98. Therapeutic index of drug is a indicator of :

(a) Safety

(b) Potency

(c) Efficacy

(d)- Potency and Efficacy

99. What is not correct regarding the drug allergy ?

(a). It is immunologically mediated reaction

(b) It is because of use of large doses

(c) Itis also called hypersensitivity

(d) Itmay occur even with use of small doses

100. What is the best description for Orphan Drug ?

(a) Actions are mediated through orphan receptors

(b) It has placebo like effects

(c) Required to treat or prevent a rare diseases

(d) Itis always very cheap drug

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