Now you can test the corona at home, ICMR approved the kit: CoviSelf

Home Testing kit for Corona using Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs)

The Indian Council of Medical Research, or ICMR, has emphasized the importance of rapid antigen test (RAT) for Covid-19, saying that people who have symptoms of corona infection and who have been in contact with a patient found positive in the test , They should check at home with the help of RAT to confirm Covid-19.

According to the latest ICMR consultation, all those who are found positive in RAT should be treated as Covid positive and there is no need to get them tested again.

The ICMR has said that “Those people who use RAT kits at home have symptoms of corona. Do not do these tests without thinking.”

“But people who have symptoms of corona and if they get negative in RAT, they should get RT-PCR test done immediately. This is because we have seen that patients who have low virus load (volume), many At times, they are unable to confirm Covid-19 via RAT. However, people with corona symptoms should follow the precautions given by the Ministry of Health even after coming negative and treated as a potential corona patient. . “

RAT for COVID-19 Home testing

How to test at home using Coviself kit

The ICMR has said that the information given on the prescription given with the RAT kit contains all the information related to its use. Read them, follow them.

How to Use COviSelf COVID-19 Test Kit at home: Video Tutorils

CoviSelf  COVID-19 Antigen test user manual English download here

CoviSelf  COVID-19 Antigen test user manual Hindi download here

According to ICMR, all the people checking at home can register themselves by uploading the test picture through the mobile phone in the app.

ICMR said that people’s data will remain on a secure server which is connected to ICMR’s Covid-19 Testing Portal. All the data is collected here. In this new process, patients’ privacy will be maintained.

According to ICMR, Kovicelf TM (Pathocache) and Covid-19 OTC antigen LF (MyLab Discovery Solution) are two test kits currently recognized in India.

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