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Pharmaceutical Gargles, Throat Paint & Mouthwash


Gargles are aqueous solutions frequently containing antiseptics, antibiotics, and anesthetics used for treating the pharynx
and nasopharynx.

Many gargles must be diluted with water prior to use.


Mouthwashes are aqueous solutions, often in concentrated form, containing one or more active ingredients and excipients.
They are used by swishing the liquid in the oral cavity.
Mouthwashes can be used for two purposes i.e two types of Mouthwash: therapeutic and cosmetic. Therapeutic rinses or washes can be formulated to reduce plaque, gingivitis, dental caries, and stomatitis. Cosmetic mouthwashes may be formulated to reduce bad breath
through the use of antimicrobial and/or flavoring agents.

Throat Paint

Throat Paints are solutions or dispersions of one or more active ingredients intended for application to the mucosa of the throat or mouth.

Table: Summary of Gargles, Throat Paint & Mouthwash

GarglesMouthwashThroat Paint
-Aqueous Concentrated solution used to prevent/ treat throat infection
Dilute with warm water before use
-The diluted solution are brought into intimate contact with the mucous membrane of the throat & allowed to remain in contact with it for a few sec. before they are thrown out of the mouth
-Relieved soreness of throat infection
-Potassium  chlorate –used in a gargle for its weak astringent effect to tone relaxed throat
-Fluted glass bottles; External Use only; Dilute before use
-Aq. Solution with a pleasant taste & odor used to make clean & deodorize the buccal cavity.
-Contain sweetening, antibacterial flavoring agent, alcohol & coloring agents
-Mouth wash are dispensed in white fluted bottles
-Viscous liquid preparation used for mouth & throat infection
-Base- Glycerine (most commonly used)- provide adheres to mucous membrane for a longer period
– Supplied in Fluted bottle to distinguish from preparation used for internal use.
Antisceptic: Listerine or phenolic mouthwash
Analgesic: lidocaine hydrochloride
Anticavity: Floride rinse
1. Compound Iodine Paint (Mandl’s Paint) – used for pharyngitis or tonsillitis. Iodine throat paint is designed to kill germs. It can be used on sore throats and ulcers to ease them
2. Crystal Violet Paint – used for thrush.
3. Phenol glycerin (diluted with an equal volume of glycerin to reduce its causticity) produces analgesic effects in tonsillitis and ulcerative stomatitis.
4. Tannic acid Glycerin, has astringent action, relieve from sore throat.
Gargles, mouthwash & Throat Paint

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