ISRO Pharmacist Solved Question Paper 2021

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ISRO Pharmacist Question Paper with answer key pdf: Download

Pharmacist Solved Paper ISRO 2021

1. Saccharin is sweeter than sucrose by

(A) 50 times

(B) 100 times

(C) 500 times

(D) 1000 times

2. How many millilitres of U-100 insulin should be used to obtain 40 units of insulin?

(A) 40 ml

(B) 4 ml

(C) 0.4 ml

(D) 400 ml

3. In coffee seed, caffeine is present as a salt of

(A) Chlorogenic acid

(B) Lysergic acid

(C) Miconic acid

(D) Uric acid

4. Prostaglandin analogues in ulcer therapy causes

(A) Diarrhoea

(B) Abortion

(C) Uterine bleeding

(D) All of the above

5. Oral hypoglycemic agent which is a Thiozolidinedione derivative is

(A) Repaglinide

(B) Glipizide

(C) Pioglitazone

(D) Glimepiride

6. BCG vaccine is

(A) Live attenuated viral vaccine

(B) Live attenuated bacterial vaccine

(C) Killed bacterial vaccine

(D) Inactivated viral vaccine

7. The Central Drugs Research Institute at

(A) Kolkata

(B) Kasauli

(C) Izzat Nagar

(D) Lucknow

8. A receipt given by a seller to a buyer who has returned goods, which can be offset against future purchases

(A) Credit note

(B) Invoice

(C) Debit note

(D) Bill

9. Which of the following is not a macrolide antibiotic?

(A) Erythromycin

(B) Spiramycin

(C) Azithromycin

(D) Vancomycin

10. Morphine is present in

(A) Atropa belladonna

(B) Papaver somniferum

(C) Ricinus communis

(D) Solanum nigrum

11. Autoclaving of ampoules in a dye bath is for

(A) Clarity testing

(B) Pyrogen testing

(C) Leak testing

(D) Sterility testing

12. Anticancer drugs kill cancer cells by

(A) Zero order kinetics

(B) Pseudo first order kinetics

(C) First order kinetics

(D) Second order kinetics

13. Dopamine is degraded by



(C) Both (a) and (b)

(D) None of the above

14. Tyndallization is the process of

(A) Sterilization by heating under pressure for 3 days

(B) Sterilization by heating without pressure for 3 days

(C) Sterilization by heating under pressure for 1 day

(D) None of the above

15. Which of the following may cause cycloplegia when used topically in the eye?

(A) Cortisone

(B) Physostigmine

(C) Pilocarpine

(D) Atropine

16. Captopril action by inhibiting conversion of

(A) Angiotensin I to II

(B) Angiotensin II to I

(C) Angiotensinogen to Angiotensin

(D) Angiotensin to Angiotensinogen

17. The largest peak in a mass spectrum is called as

(A) Parent peak

(B) Daughter peak

(C) Metastable peak

(D) Base peak

18. Keller kiliani test is the identification test for

(A) Digitalis

(B) Senna

(C) Metformin

(D) Rifampicin

19. The storage form of Iron in the human body is

(A) Ferritin

(B) Ferrous fumarate

(C) Heme

(D) Globulin

20. Micromeritics refers to the study of

(A) Microscopes

(B) Micro organisms

(C) Metric system of measurement

(D) Small particles

21. How many half lives is required to disintegrate 90% of a drug?

(A) 3

(B) 4

(C) 1

(D) 2

22. A patient with Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency if treated with Dapsone will develop

(A) Hemolytic anaemia

(B) Pernicious anaemia

(C) Diarrhoea

(D) None of the above

23. Aztreonam is a

(A) monobactum

(B) Carbapenem

(C) Betalactamase inhibitor

(D) None of the above

24. DOTS refers to

(A) Divided Option Treatment System

(B) Drug resistance Optimizing Treatment System

(C) Directly Observed Treatment Short course

(D) None of the above

25. Sublingually used organic nitrate is

(A) Nitroglycerine

(B) Isosorbide dinitrate

(C) Isosorbide mononitrate

(D) Both (a) and (b)

26. Thromboxane is mainly synthesized by

(A) Lungs

(B) Spleen

(C) Platelets

(D) Endothelium

27. The Wurster process can be used to

(A) Coat tablets

(B) Determine the disintegration time

(C) Gas sterilize parenteral solutions

(D) Automatic filling of capsules

28. Emulsions containing more than two phases are called as

(A) Mixed emulsion

(B) Heterogenous emulsion

(C) Homogenized emulsion

(D) Multiple emulsion

29. The hypotensive effect of Clonidine is due to action on

(A) Alpha adrenergic receptor

(B) Beta adrenergic receptor

(C) H1 receptor

(D) H2 receptor

30. Antidiabetic agent of choice in diabetic ketoacidosis is

(A) Protamine Zinc Insulin

(B) Isophane Insulin

(C) Crystalline Insulin

(D) Tolbutamide

31. Black pepper consists of the dried unripe fruits of

(A) Piper betle

(B) Piper cubeba

(C) Piper longum

(D) Piper nigrum

32. Reddish brown colour of calamine is due to

(A) Zinc chloride

(B) Ferric chloride

(C) Ferric oxide

(D) Potassium permanganate

33. Disposable syringe are made of

(A) Polypropylene

(B) Glass

(C) Polytetrachloroethylene

(D) None of the above

34. Which of the following is a physical sunscreen?

(A) TiO2

(B) Para aminobenzoic acid

(C) Methyl salicylate

(D) Silicone oil

35. Seal coating is applied

(A) To build up the tablet size

(B) To prevent moisture penetration into the tablet core

(C) To round the edges

(D) None of the above

36. Which Vitamin contain steroidal structure?

(A) Vitamin E

(B) Vitamin A

(C) Vitamin D

(D) Vitamin C

37. Endothelium dependent relaxing factor of blood

(A) Acetyl choline

(B)Nor adrenaline

(C) Nitric oxide

(D) None of the above

38. 5HT3 antagonist used as anti-emetic agent

(A) Ondansetron


(C) Cisapride

(D) Both (a) and (b)

39. All the following causes hyperglycemia except

(A) Streptozotocin

(B) Diazoxide

(C) Glucagon

(D) Miglitol

40. The breakdown of glucose to pyruvic acid is called

(A) Gylcolysis

(B) Glucogenesis

(C) Gylcogenolysis

(D) TCA cycle

41. Standard for Cosmetics is included in

(A) Schedule P

(B) Schedule T

(C) Schedule S

(D) Schedule F

42. Poorly manufactured tablets may have small pinholes on the surface. This is called

(A) Mottling

(B) Picking

(C) Leaching

(D) Cracking

43. The term bioavailability refers to the

(A) Relationship between the physical and chemical properties of a drug and its systemic absorption

(B) Movement of the drug into body tissues over time

(C) Dissolution of a drug in the gastrointestinal tract

(D) Measurement of the rate and amount of the therapeutically active drug that reaches systemic circulation

44. Selective inhibition of serotonin uptake is by

(A) Desipramine

(B) Fluoxetine

(C) Maprotoline

(D) Lobeline

45. Largest organ in the body is

(A) Liver

(B) Skin

(C) Bone

(D) Lungs

46. Which one is the unit of wave number?

(A) Kaiser

(B) Hertz

(C) ms-1

(D) cps

47. Capacity limited processes can be described by

(A) Linear kinetics

(B) Nonlinear kinetics

(C) Michaelis-Menten kinetics

(D) Mixed kinetics

48. The cytotoxic drug with maximum emetic activity is

(A) Cisplatin

(B) Chlorambucil

(C) Methotrexate

(D) Busulphan

49. Liver microsomal enzymes are stimulated by

(A) Cimetidine

(B) Phenobarbitone

(C) Procaine

(D) Adrenaline

50. Which one of the following is an example of nonionic emulsifying agent ?

(A) Yellow paraffin wax

(B) Bee’s wax

(C) Liquid paraffin

(D) Spans

51. Rotoweigh is used to measure

(A) Rotation speed of capsules

(B) Weight of capsules

(C) Sorting speed of capsules

(D) None of the above

52. Solid Fat Index (SFI) is determined by

(A) Potentiometry

(B) Amperometric titration

(C) Voltametry

(D) Dilatometry

53. Ergotoxine contains

(A) Ergocryptine

(B) Ergocristine

(C) Ergocornine

(D) All of the above

54. The particles which are deeply bonded, settle rapidly, easily redispersible are known as

(A) Coagules

(B) Defloccules

(C) Floccules

(D) Sediments

55. Nux vomica seeds contain

(A) Unicellular lignified covering trichomes

(B) Unicellular conical covering trichomes

(C) Unicellular biseriate head

(D) Multicellular unbranched trichomes

56. The active metabolite of Diazepam

(A) Nitrazepam

(B) Nor Diazepam

(C) Des methyl fluorazepam

(D) None of the above

57. NSAIDS produce ulcerogenic actions because

(A) They decrease acid secretion in stomach

(B) They increase mucus secretion in stomach

(C) They increase mucosal blood flow in stomach

(D) None of the above

58. End product pf Purine catabolism in man

(A) Allantoin

(B) Inosine

(C) Uric acid

(D) Xanthine

59. Asafoetida is obtained from

(A) Afghanistan

(B) Spain

(C) Burma

(D) Malaysia

60. Liquid paraffin is of

(A) Animal origin

(B) Mineral origin

(C) synthetic origin

(D) Semisynthetic origin

61. The term MDT (Multi Drug Therapy) is related to

(A) Leprosy

(B) Tuberculosis

(C) Amoebiasis

(D) Giardiasis

62. Dihydropyridine ring containing Calcium channel blocker is

(A) Verapamil

(B) Diltiazem

(C) Nifedipine

(D) Losartan

63. To prevent INH induced neurotoxicity, ___________ is given along with it.

(A) Pyridoxine

(B) Niacin

(C) Cyanocobalamine

(D) Riboflavin

64. Endotoxin is produced by the following bacteria except

(A) Salmonella typhi

(B) Bordetella pertussis

(C) Yersinia pestis

(D) Clostridium tetani

65. The drug Amikacin is derived from

(A) Kanamycin

(B) Sisomicin

(C) Gentamicin

(D) Neomycin

66. The term Amplum denotes

(A) Teblespoonful

(B) Teaspoonful

(C) Dessertspoonful

(D) Wineglassful

67. Bile is produced by

(A) Gallbladder

(B) Liver

(C) Pancreas

(D) Intestine

68. morphine does not cause

(A) Constriction of pupil

(B) CNS depression

(C) Respiratory depression

(D) Diarrhoea

69. Barrier creams are used to protect the skin from

(A) Sunlight injury

(B) Microorganisms

(C) Viral infections

(D) Industrial chemicals and UV rays

70. Epinephrime is added to local anaesthetics to

(A) Cause haemostasis

(B) Prolong the action of the drug

(C) stimulating healing of wound

(D) Decrease side effects

71. The phenomenon of repeated administration of a drug resulting in cell receptor blockage is known as

(A) Tachyphylaxis

(B) Idiosynchrosy

(C) Tolerance

(D) Synergism

72. BAL is used against which metal poisoning?

(A) Copper

(B) Cyanide

(C) Mercury

(D) Iron

73. An oral hypogylcemic agent which is a Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor

(A) Piogliazone

(B) Sitagliptin

(C) Liraglutide

(D) Empagliflozin

74. A low volume of distribution of a drug indicates

(A) Short biological life

(B) Does not accumulate in various organs

(C) Not bioavailable

(D) None of the above

75. The mineral deficient in milk

(A) Phosphorous

(B) Sodium

(C) Potassium

(D) Iron

76. Which of the following monoclonal antibody is fully human in origin?

(A) Daclizumab

(B) Infliximab

(C) Adalimumab

(D) Edrecolomab

77. Optic neuritis is a side effect of

(A) Sulphasalazine

(B) Rifampicin

(C) Ethambutanol

(D) Pyrazinamide

78. Which among the following is contra indicated in patients with eGFR less than 15mg/ml/1.75m2?

(A) Insulin

(B) Metformin

(C) Linagliptin

(D) None of the above

79. Precursor of Thyroxine, epinephrine and nor epinephrine is

(A) Phenyl alanine

(B) Valine

(C) Threonine

(D) Tyrosine

80. The hardness rings of tablets is usually

(A) 1-2 kg

(B) 0.5-1 kg

(C) 3-7 kg

(D) None of the above

ISRO Pharmacist Question Paper with answer key pdf: Download

Pharmacist Solved Paper ISRO 2021

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