GSSSB Junior Pharmacist Solved Question paper 2018

Here our team has included only MCQ Question of Pharmacy subject/DOMAIN from the GSSSB Junior Pharmacist Question paper 2018. To download complete paper, Please click below.

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GSSSB Junior Pharmacist Solved Question paper 2018
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Q.1) Type-2 diabetes means

[a] Non Insulin Dependant Diabetes Mellitus

[b] Insulin Dependant Diabetes Mellitus

[c] Diabetes Insipidus

[d] Insuline Resistant diabetes

Q.2) Parotid gland is a part of _________

[a] Submaxillary glands

[b] Salivary glands

[c] Sublingual glands

[d] Submandibular glands

Q.3) Goitre is caused due to deficiency of

[a] Chloride

[b] Iodine

[c] Calcium

[d] Sodium

Q.4) In Bronsted-Lowry concept acid is

[a] Proton donor

[b] Electron donor

[c] Proton accepter

[d] Electron accepter

Q.5) Which acid is used in the limit test of Iron?

[a] Thioglycolic acid

[b] Benzoic acid

[c] Acetic acid

[d] Cinnamic acid

Q.6) Efflorescence means

[a] Loss of water molecule from a crystalline substance

[b] A substance that has ability to absorb water from the air

[c] A substance that has ability to absorb water from the solution

[d] A process in which a substance absorbs sufficient water to form a liquid

Q.7)  Which colour is painted on Nitrous oxide cylinder?

[a] Blue

[b] Grey

[c] White

[d] Orange

Q.8) Phenytoin chemically belongs to which class?

[a] Barbiturate

[b] Hydantoin

[c] Oxazolidinedione

[d] Succinimide

Q.9) Clofibrate is used as

[a] Lipid lowering agent

[b] Antibiotic

[c] Sedative

[d] Tranquilizing agent

Q.10) Which is sulphur containing amino acid?

[a] Alanine

[b] Methionine

[c] Aspartic acid

[d] Tyrosine

Q.11) What is saturated fatty acid?

[a] Arachidonic acid

[b] Linoleic acid

[c] Linolenic acid

[d] Palmitic acid

Q.12) Which hetrocyclic ring is present in chloroquine?

[a] Purine

[b] Pyrimidine

[c] Quinoline

[d] Isoquinoline

Q.13) Cholesterol is identified by which test?

[a] Molisch test

[b] Ninhydrin test

[c] Liberman-burchard test

[d] Rothera test

Q.14) Epsom Salt is a synonym of

[a] NaCl

[b] MgSO4

[c] CuSO4

[d] ZnSO4

Q.15) _________ differentiate monosaccharide and disaccharide)

[a] Barfoed’s test

[b] Molisch’s test

[c] Fehling’s test

[d] Tollen’s test

Q.16) Deficiency of Vitamin K leads to  

[a] Dermatitis

[b] Night blindness

[c] Defective blood clotting

[d] Scurvy

Q.17) In living cell, _________ is just like the brain of body)

[a] Nucleus

[b] Lysosomes

[c] Endoplasmic reticulum

[d] Mitochondria

Q.18) Which one of the following is not obtained from animal source?

[a] Shark liver oil

[b] Lanolin

[c] Tragacanth

[d] Gelatin

Q.19) OH-1 ion is called as

[a] Hydrogen Ion

[b] Hydrate Ion

[c] Hydroxide Ion

[d] Hydronium Ion

Q.20) Hydrogen peroxide is used as

[a] Protective

[b] Haematinics

[c] Acidifying agent

[d] Antiseptic

Q.21) Green vitriol is a synonym of

[a] Ferrous sulphate

[b] Magnesium sulphate

[c] Sodium sulphate

[d] Calcium sulphate

Q.22) How much % w/v Iodine is present in Lugol’s solution?

[a] 2)5

[b] 5

[c] 10

[d] 15

Q.23) Which oxygen is containing hetrocyclic ring?

[a] Thiophene

[b] Pyrrole

[c] Furan

[d] Imidazole

Q.24) What is chemical name of paracetamol?

[a] N-acetyl o-aminophenol

[b] N-acetyl m-aminophenol

[c] N-acetyl p-aminophenol

[d] N-acetyl salicylic acid

Q.25) Diphenhydramine chemically belongs to ________ class?

[a] Alkylamine

[b] Aminoalkyl ether

[c] Ethylenediamine

[d] Phenothiazine

Q.26) Beriberi occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin

[a] Riboflavin

[b] Vitamin A

[c] Thiamin

[d] Vitamin E

Q.27) Which diagnostic agent is used for liver function test?

[a] Phenolsulphophthalein

[b] Aminohippuric acid

[c] Indigocarmine

[d] Sulphobromophthalein

Q.28) ___________ is added as stabilizer in Formalin solution)

[a] Methyl paraben

[b] Propyl paraben

[c] Propanol

[d] Methanol

Q.29) Millon’s test is positive for which amino acid

[a] Tyrosine

[b] Tryptophan

[c] Arginine

[d] Lucine

Q.30) Which is required for crystallization and storage of insulin?

[a] Mn++

[b] Mg++

[c] Ca++

[d] Zn++

Q.31) In shampoo selenium compound is used as

[a] Antidandruff

[b] Conditioning agent

[c] Colourant

[d] Preservative

Q.32) Bougies are introduced in to

[a] Nose/Urethra

[b] Ear

[c] Rectum

[d] Vagina

Q.33) ________ is related to expiry date of drugs)

[a] Schedule A

[b] Schedule O

[c] Schedule P

[d] Schedule U

Q.34) The maximum number of partners allowed in a banking firm is

[a] Ten

[b] Twenty

[c] Fifty

[d] Hundred

Q.35) State the appropriate meaning of Diaphoresis

[a] Fever

[b] Loss of memory

[c] Loss of appetite

[d] Sweating

Q.36) What is the meaning of “Gutta”

[a] Drop

[b] Grain

[c] Gallon

[d] Gel

Q.37) Which is the sweet principle present in Fennel?

[a] Anethole

[b] Fenchone

[c] Menthol

[d] Carvone

Q.38) Which of the following drug belongs to Myrtaceae family?

[a] Vinca

[b] Vasaka

[c] Shankhapushpi

[d] Eucalyptus

Q.39) Hyponatremia is a condition in which

[a] Low potassium level in blood

[b] Low sodium level in blood

[c] Low calcium level in blood

[d] Low iodine level in blood

Q.40) Strontium chloride is used as

[a] Anticaries agent

[b] Cleansing agent

[c] Polishing agent

[d] Desensitizing agent

Q.41) Phenobarbitone is

[a] Long acting barbiturate

[b] Short acting barbiturate

[c] Intermediate acting barbiturate

[d] Ultra short acting barbiturate

Q.42) Which heterocyclic ring is present in indomethacin?

[a] Quinolone

[b] Acridine

[c] Pyrimidine

[d] Indole

Q.43) Which is non reducing sugar?

[a] Glucose

[b] Fructose

[c] Sucrose

[d] Lactose

Q.44) Alkaptonuria disease occurs due to lack of enzyeme

[a] Homogentisate oxidase

[b] Glucosidase

[c] HMG Co A reeductase

[d] Lipoprotein lipase

Q.45) Fill in the blank:

Chirag : Will Ram come back in half an hour?

Chintu : ______ He’s gone for shopping

[a] I have not know

[b] I had be not know

[c] I will not know

[d] I am not sure

Q.46) Which metal is present in cisplatin?

[a] Au

[b] Hg

[c] Pt

[d] Ag

Q.47) Which is polyenes antibiotic?

[a] Penicillin

[b] Amphotericin

[c] Tetracyclin

[d] Erythromycin

Q.48) Cobalt is a constituent of

[a] Biotin

[b] Niacin

[c] Vit B12

[d] Folic acid

Q.49) Precipitated chalk is synonym of

[a] Calcium chloride

[b] Calcium acetate

[c] Calcium gluconate

[d] Calcium carbonate

Q.50) Normal urine is _________

[a] highly acidic

[b] Slightly acidic

[c] Slightly alkaline

[d] Neutral

Q.51) Diaphragm is a type of _________

[a] Smooth muscle

[b] Bone cavity

[c] Artery

[d] Skeletal muscle

Q.52) _________ is known as cough drop

[a] Syrup

[b] Liniment

[c] Lozenges

[d] Chewable tablet

Q.53) Semel means

[a] Twice

[b] Once

[c] Thrice

[d] Four times

Q.54) Schedule F3 describes about

[a] Standards for umbilical tapes

[b] Standards for Surgial dressing

[c] Standards for ophthalmic preparation

[d] Standards for disinfectant

Q.55) When at least 51% shares of a business organization is in the hands of government it is called as

[a] Public company

[b] Public corporation

[c] Government company

[d] Departmental organization

Q.56) The process in which on heating a solid gets converted to gas without intermediate formation of liquid is known as

[a] Sublimation

[b] Exsiccation

[c] Desiccation

[d] Evaporation

Q.57) One dessert spoonful is equal to _______

[a] 4 ml

[b] 8 ml

[c] 15 ml

[d] 60 ml

Q.58) Adulteration of mother clove in clove bud can be detected microscopically  by the presence of ________

[a] Large thick-walled sclerieds

[b] Glandular trichomes

[c] Starch grains

[d] Prism crystals of calcium oxalate

Q.59) How many vittae are present in one cremocarp of coriander?

[a] Two

[b] Four

[c] Six

[d] Eight

Q.60) Unicellular, conical, warty, trichome is the diagnostic character of _______

[a] Datura

[b] Senna

[c] Nux vomica

[d] Digitalis

Q.61) Viscose rayon is a regenerated fibre derived from ________

[a] Gossypiumherbaceum

[b] Bombyxmori

[c] Ovisaries

[d] Piceaabies

Q.62) ________ works on the principle of sublimation)

[a] Fluidised bed dryer

[b] Freeze dryer

[c] Tray dryer

[d] Tunnel dryer

Q.63) Cellulose acetate phthalate is used as ________

[a] Polishing agent

[b] Sub coating agent

[c] Film coating agent

[d] Enteric coating agent

Q.64) _____ produce 1-20 µ size particles)

[a] Ball mill

[b] Hammer mill

[c] Disintegrator

[d] Fluid energy mill

Q.65) Unequal distribution of color in tablet is known as _________

[a] Mottling

[b] Whiskering

[c] Chipping

[d] Picking

Q.66) _______ is the principle of Hot air oven (Dry heat sterilization)

[a] Oxidation of cell contents

[b] Protein coagulation

[c] Protein denaturation

[d] Excitation

Q.67) _______ is common side effect caused by NSAIDS

[a] Constipation

[b] Diarrhea

[c] Dizziness

[d] Ulceration

Q.68) Moisture content of empty hard gelatin capsule shell is __________

[a] Between 5 to 10%

[b] Between 12 to 15%

[c] Less than 5%

[d] Less than 2%

Q.69) In sugar coating, seal coat is done

[a] To prevent moisture absorption)

[b] To prevent breaking of tablet)

[c] To smoothen tablet)

[d] To build up tablet and round the edges of tablet)

Q.70) _______ is working principle of Ball mill

[a] Cutting

[b] Compression

[c] Impact

[d] Impact and attribution

Q.70) _______ is working principle of Ball mill

[a] Cutting

[b] Compression

[c] Impact

[d] Impact and attribution

Q.71) In capsule shell formulation Titanium dioxide is used as __________

[a] Plasticizer

[b] Preservative

[c] Opacifying agent

[d] Colorant

Q.72) Autoclave is not suitable for sterilization of _______

[a] Rubber Closures

[b] Screw caps with rubber liners

[c] Injection solutions

[d] Oils

Q.73) Chikungunya is _________ disease

[a] Viral

[b] Bacterial

[c] Fungal

[d] Protozoal

Q.74) _______ works on the principle of elutriation)

[a] Rotex screen

[b] Rotap sieve shaker

[c] Setting tank

[d] Double cone classifier

Q.75) On hydrolysis, Purpurea glycoside A gives

[a] Digitoxigenin + 3 Digitoxose + Glucose

[b] Gitoxigenin + 3 Digitoxose + Glucose

[c] Gitoxigenin + Digitalose  

[d] Gitoxigenin + 3 Digitoxose + Rhamnose

Q.76) The mace of nutmeg is _____ type of seed outgrowth)

[a] Arillus

[b] Caruncle

[c] Strophiole

[d] Hairy outgrowth

Q.77) Ascorbic acid in parental formulation is used as ________

[a] Antibacterial agent

[b] Antioxidant

[c] Buffer

[d] Tonicity adjusting substance

Q.78) Which of the following is not the manual method for artificial respiration?

[a] Drinker’s method

[b] Schafer’s method

[c] Sylvester’s method

[d] Eve’s rocking method

Q.79) How much taxable alcohol would be required in one gallon of 40 proof alcohol?

[a] 0)4 gallon

[b] 0)6 gallon

[c] 0)5 gallon

[d] 0)2 gallon

Q.80) Vaccines is pertaining to ______

[a] Schedule G

[b] Schedule C1

[c] Schedule X

[d] None of the above

Q.81) The preparation of a trial balance helps in

[a] Locating errors of principle

[b] Locating errors of commission

[c] Locating errors of complex omission

[d] None of the above

Q.82) ________ is the longest and strongest bone of the body

[a] Femur

[b] Fibula

[c] Radius

[d] Humerus

Q.83) _________ is the heading of prescription

[a] Inscription

[b] Subscription

[c] Superscription

[d] Signa

Q.84) Which of the following drug is known as ‘Sarpagandha’?

[a] Rauwolfia

[b] Withania

[c] Satavari

[d] Aconite

Q.85) Which drug is obtained from a fungus?

[a] Guggal

[b] Dioscorea

[c] Ergot

[d] Pterocarpus

Q.86) Out of the following drugs, which one is a popular anti-gout drug?

[a] Opium

[b] Gymnema

[c] Gokhru

[d] Colchicum

Q.87) _______ mesh powder is known as coarse powder

[a] 10/44

[b] 22/60

[c] 85/120

[d] 44/85

Q.88) _______ is the smallest size capsule

[a] 000

[b] 0

[c] 5

[d] 1

Q.89) _______ is absent in Chewable tablet

[a] Sweetening agent

[b] Binder

[c] Disintegrant

[d] Flavouring agent

Q.90) Which of the following is anti TB drug?

[a] Cetrizine

[b] Pyrazinamide

[c] Atenolol

[d] Chloroquin

Q.91) ____________ is an example of positive mixture)

[a] Suspension

[b] Emulsion

[c] Sugar in water

[d] Powder

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