DSSSB Pharmacist Question Paper 2021

1)           Sinusoids are generally found in all of the following except

a)  Lever

b)  Spleen

c)  The brain

d)  Bone marrow

2)           The source of Salmonella generated enterocolitis is

a)  Shell fish

b)  Water

c)  Cheese

d)  Beef

3)           The icteric the index is a measure that is used to identify

a)  Jaundice

b)  Anaemia

c)  Diabetes

d)  Got

4)           Catabolism of serine take place after getting converted to:

a)  Alanine

b)  Tyrosine

c)  Proline

d)  Cysteine

5)           The RNA virus that cause cancer in human is

a)  Hepatitis B virus

b)  Epstein Barr virus

c)  Human T cell leukaemia virus

d)  Human papilloma virus

6)           The type of aneurysm occurring mainly in the Ark of aorta is

a)  saccular

b)  Dissecting

c)  Fusiform

d)  Microaneurysm

7)           Which of the following is a software program that is program for doctors to enter patient symptoms into the computer

a)  IPES


c)  COPE


8)           One of the chemical constituents present in Van den in Bergh reagent A is

a)  Sulphanilic acid

b)  Sulfanilamide

c)  Sod.chloride

d)  Sod. thiosulphate

9)           The enzyme that is responsible for the conversion of ATP to cyclic GMP is

a)  Phosphodiesterase

b)  Lipoprotein lipase

c)  Adenylyl cyclase

d)  guanyl cyclase

10)        Which of the following is a plasma protein derived chemical mediator of inflammation?

a)  Globulin

b)  Bradykinin

c)  Cytokine

d)  Serotonin

11)        The thermoregulatory centre in the brain is located in

a)  Cerebellum

b)  Medula oblongata

c)  Cerebrum

d)  Hypothalamus

12)        The most abundant plasma protein present in the body is

a)  Fibrinogen

b)  Albumin

c)  Globulin

d)  Plasminogen

13)        The number of ATP yield in the body from one molecules of the glucose as a result of electron transport chain is

a)  6

b)  4

c)  2

d)  32

14)        The alcohol contained in glycolipid is

a)  Sorbitol

b)  Sphingosine

c)  Maltitol

d)  Glycerol

15)        Which of the following vitamin is essential in citric acid metabolism?

a)  Retinol

b)  Thaimine

c)  Ascorbic acid

d)  Cyanocobalamin

16)        The epithelium composed of a single layer of flattened Cell is termed as

a)  Pavement epithelium

b)  Ciliated epithelium

c)  Cuboidal epithelium

d)  Colimnar epithelium

17)        The phase of the cell cycle during which the cell may leave the cell cycle is

a)  M

b)  S

c)  G0

d)  G1

18)        The schedule regarding standard of disinfectant fluid is

a)  Schedule P

b)  Schedule J

c)  Schedule O

d)  Schedule R

19)        Which of the following is credited to the profit and loss account?

a)  Printing and stationery

b)  Carriage outward

c)  Cash discount from creditors

d)  Advertisement

20)        Cohort study is associated with which of the following method of epidemiology?

a)  Analytical epidemiology

b)  Experimental epidemiology

c)  Quantitative epidemiology

d)  Descriptive epidemiology

21)        The synthetic fat base consisting of a mixture of TRAI, di and Monu glyceride of saturated fatty acid are known as

a)  Witespol

b)  Massa estarinum

c)  Maasuppol

d)  Wecobee

22)        In the Imperial weight system, 1/2 scruple represents

a)  10 grains

b)  40 grains

c)  60 grains

d)  20 grains

23)        The strength of 1 in 400 is equivalent to

a)  0.1 %

b)  0.04%

c)  0.143%

d)  0.25%

24)        The aromatic water used as carminative for infants in gripe water is

a)  Chloroform water

b)  Camphor water

c)  anise water

d)  dill water

25)        The subsequent penalty on the offence related to the manufacture, sale, distribution, stocking, exhibition, offering for sale or distribution of spurious drug but not manufactured under the name of any Other Drugs is

a)  Imprisonment up to ten year or fine up to 5,000 or both

b)  Imprisonment for not less than 6 year to 10 year and fine of not less than 10000

c)  Imprisonment for 2 to 4 year or fine of not less than 5000 or both

d)  Imprisonment upto 10 year or fine upto 20000 or both

26)        Which of the following is a current asset?

a)  Inventory

b)  Quorum

c)  Debenture

d)  Tender

27)        The communicable disease caused by RNA paramyxovirus is

a)  Measles

b)  Tuberculosis

c)  Chicken pox

d)  Diphtheria

28)        Sporangiospores are associate with

a)  Glomeromycetes

b)  Ascomycetes

c)  Basidiomycetes

d)  phycomycetes

29)        Section 9 of the National list of essential medicines is specially about

a)  Antiparkinsonism medicines

b)  Anti infective medicnines

c)  Anti migraine medicines

d)  Antineoplastic medicines

30)        The paediatric dose of {(surface area of child/ surface area of adult)x100}=% of adult dose was proposed by

a)  Young

b)  Catzel

c)  Dilling

d)  Fried

31)        In India, the national malaria eradication programme was launched in

a)  1972

b)  1947

c)  1963

d)  1958

32) The number of Gram required for preparing 8 oz of 6 % solution of mercuric chloride is____(35 g in 8 oz males 1 % solution)

a)  320 grams

b)  210 g

c)  175 grams

d)  144 g

33)        The schedule corresponding to proforma for application for licence, issue and renewal of licence, and for sending member and under the drug and cosmetic act is

a)  Schedule D1

b)  Schedule A

c)  Schedule E1

d)  Schedule K

34)        Which of the following is an example of ointment made by chemical reaction?

a)  Iodine ointment

b)  Ammoniated Mercury ointment

c)  Calamine ointment

d)  Salicyclic acid ointment

35)        Which of the following is an example of external preparation of suspension containing indiffusible  solid

a)  Phenobarbitone

b)  Hydrocortisone

c)  Aspirin

d)  Sulphadimidine

36)        Which of the following liquid preparation is applied externally to the skin and not in the cavities?

a)  Ear Drops

b)  Enemas

c)  Collodions

d)  Douches

37)        The solvent contained in dimercaprol injection is

a)  Dimethyl formamide

b)  Ethyl acetate

c)  Benzyl benzoate

d)  Alcohol

38)        The measurement of equilibrium constant in charge transfer Complex was derived by

a)  Clausius

b)  Debye

c)  Benesi

d)  Nernst

39)        Among the surface active agent, Quaternary ammonium chloride is categorised as

a)  Wetting agent

b)  Emulsifying agent

c)  Cationic agent

d)  Anionic agent

40)        Which of the following is used as an antioxidant for aqueous injection?

a)  Thiourea

b)  thiocarbamise

c)  Thiosemicarbazide

d)  Thiomersal

41)        The minimum number of physician required in the pharmacy and therapeutic committee is

a)  2

b)  3

c)  4

d)  5

42)        isoniazid phenytoin interaction resulting toxicity is a result of

a)  interaction associated with distribution

b)  interaction associated with absorption

c)  interaction associated with excretion

d)  interaction associate with metabolism

43) The principal product of corrosion in dezincification is

a)  arsenic

b)  copper

c)  antimony

d)  phosphorus

44)        The most emulsifying agent used in parenteral is

a)  borax

b)  lecithin

c)  gelatin

d)  methyl cellulose

45)        first in first out method is a method associated with

a)  codification of items

b)  pricing of materials

c)  purchase procedure

d)  inventory control technique

46)        in coarse dispersion, the condition  when no clear supernatant is shown on standing is known as

a)  phase equilibrium

b)  Donnan  membrane equilibrium

c)  Ionic Equilibrium

d)  population equilibrium

47)        The law related to the study of gas  solubility is known as

a)  Faraday’s law

b)  Ohm’s law

c)  Henry’s law

d)  Nernst’s law

48)        which of the following diseases is caused by treponema pallidum

a)  tetanus

b)  leptospirosis

c)  syphilis

d)  pinta

49)        the advice on a prescription ‘hora somni’  means

a)  early morning

b)  once a day

c)  in the evening

d)  at bedtime

50)        The accounting concept where income is measured by the amount charged for goods sold or service rendered to customer is known as

a)  The matching concept

b)  The cost concept

c)  The Entity concept

d)  The revenue realisation concept

51)        In Electrolytes, the sum of two transference numbers, t+ & t- is equal to

a)  0

b)  2

c)  1

d)  3

52)        Dimethyldocylammonip propane sulfonate is example of a/an____colloid

a)  Anionic

b)  Nonionic

c)  Catio oknic

d)  Ampholytic

53)        The ratio of velocity of light in one medium to the velocity in a second medium is known as

a)  Molar polarizability

b)  Refractive index

c)  Molar refractivity

d)  Molar polarization

54)        The term associated with the Rapid onset and progress of a disease is termed as

a)  Systemic

b)  Chronic

c)  Local

d)  Acute

55)        The antimicrobial action of mercuric chloride is attributed to the inhibition of enzyme having___ group.

a)  Hydroxyl

b)  Sulfhydryl

c)  Amide

d)  Sulfone

56)        Krystal crystallizer works on the principle of of:

a)  Supersaturation by salting out

b)  Supersaturation by cooling

c)  Supersaturation by adiabatic evaporation

d)  Supersaturation by evaporation of solvent

57)        The vitamin used by clostridium tetani as a Growth stimulator is

a)  Pyridoxine

b)  Riboflavin

c)  Tocopherol

d)  Niacin

58)        Complexone III is otherwise known as

a)  Potassium paramagnate

b)  Cupric iodide

c)  Disodium edetate

d)  Ferri ferrocyanide

59)        Which of the following is an example of water soluble and water miscible suppository base

a)  Suppocire base

b)  Glycerinated gelatin

c)  Wecobee base

d)  Cocoa butter

60)        The specialised cell known as astrocyte are present in which of the following biological barriers in the body?

a)  Capillary endothelial barrier

b)  Cell membrane barrier

c)  Blood brain barrier

d)  Blood cerebrospinal fluid barrier

61)        Which of the following is an example of inorganic two-phase systems gels?

a)  Tragacanth gel

b)  Aluminium hydroxide gel

c)  Polyethylene gel

d)  Carcopol gel

62)        The reagent used in the assay of oxygen is

a)  Alkaline pyrogallol solution

b)  Neutral ferric chloride

c)  Acetous perchloric acid

d)  Neutral formaldehyde

63)        The heavy chain corresponding to the immunoglobulin IgA is:

a)  γ

b)  β

c)  a

d)  µ

64)        The approximate moisture content of the hard gelatin capsule in normal condition is

a)  13-16%

b)  3-6 %

c)  7-10%

d)  20-25%

65)        Which of the following is categorised as having intermediate risk potential with reference to bioequivalence study

a)  Phenytoin

b)  Ephedrine

c)  Quinidine

d)  Griseofulvin

66)        The T Lymphocytes involved in mediating the development of T cells are

a)  Inducer T cell

b)  Cytotoxic T cell

c)  Suppressor T cell

d)  Helper T cell

67)        The pharmacokinetic parameters like distribution and elimination together is called

a)  Absorption

b)  Excretion

c)  Metabolism

d)  Disposition

68)        The antisense as drug used for the treatment of cytomegalovirus infection with AIDS is

a)  Filgrastim

b)  Kogenate

c)  Refludan

d)  Fomovirsen

69)        The toxic gas obtained on decomposition of teflon is

a)  Chlorotrifluoro ethylene

b)  Perfluoroisobutene

c)  Epoxy Propane

d)  Polyprolene

70)        The IP specification for nominal mesh aperture of 180 micrometre corresponds to

a)  Seive number 100

b)  Seive number 44

c)  Seive number 60

d)  Seive number 85

71)        Which of the following drugs is assayed by complexometric titration as per pharmacopeial standards?

a)  Calcium aminosalicylate

b)  Magnesium Sulphate

c)  Zinc oxide

d)  Potassium Bromide

72)        The most preferred production method of l-glutamic acid is through

a)  Chemical synthesis

b)  Extraction

c)  Intermediate production

d)  Fermentation

73)        In gravimetric analysis for the determination of ash value, the acid insoluble portion of acid is determined by boiling with

a)  Ammonium hydroxide

b)  Acetic acid

c)  Dilute hydrochloric acid

d)  Sodium chloride

74)        The blood protein to which vitamin B12 bind  is

a)  a 2 globulin

b)  a2 acid glycoprotein

c)  a1 acid glycoprotein

d)  a1 globulin

75)        Which of the following is used for standardization in redox titration?

a)  Calcium carbonate

b)  Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate

c)  Sulphanilic acid

d)  Potassium hydrogen phthalate

76)        The permanent red colour obtained in the end of The titration in volhard’s method is due to the formation of

a)  Ferric thiocyanate

b)  Ammonium chromate

c)  Silver chromate

d)  Ammonium thiocyanate

77)        Which of the following is used as tablet direct compression excipient?

a)  DiBasic calcium phosphate

b)  Titanium dioxide

c)  Hydroxyl ethyl cellulose

d)  Sodium chloride

78)        The prominent nutraceutical used for allergy relief is/are

a)  Green tea

b)  Momordica

c)  flax seeds

d)  Ginko biloba

79)        Which of the following is not an organoleptics factor for the standardization of herbal drugs

a)  Odour

b)  Colour

c)  Taste

d)  Moisture content

80)        Which of the following traditional medicine is Semi solid dosage form?

a)  Vatika

b)  Satva

c)  Asava

d)  Avaleha

81)        Which of the following is an oeogum obtained from the stem of Commiphora?

a)  Asafoetida

b)  Myrrh

c)  Ginger

d)  Camphor

82)        The buffer present in water soluble ratio of a contrast media is:

a)  Tartrate buffer

b)  Acetate buffer

c)  Citrate buffer

d)  Sulphate buffer

83)        An unpleasant ammonical odoue is generated in which of the following drug during storage due to humidity?

a)  Saffron

b)  Ergot

c)  Cinnamon

d)  Rhubarb

84)        The antibiotic having mechanism of action attributed to muco peptide synthesis inhibition is

a)  Chloramphenicol

b)  Cycloserine

c)  Bacitracin

d)  Penicillin

85)        The indicator used in non aqueous titration of barbiturates is

a)  Thymol blue

b)  Bromocresol green

c)  Crystal Violet

d)  Phenolphthalein

86)        Nitrous oxide should be stored in metal cylinder with temperature not exceeding

a)  36 Cº

b)  26 Cº

c)  45 Cº

d)  10 Cº

87)        Aleurone grains present in seed are a type of

a)  Transport proteins

b)  Storage proteins

c)  Contractile protein

d)  Defensive protein

88)        Which of the following is a dye that produced result similar to Litmus Paper

a)  Lawsone

b)  Curcumin

c)  Morin

d)  Azolitmin

89)        The pungency of Ginger is due to the presence of which of the following formal August phenols

a)  Citral

b)  Borneol

c)  Gingerol

d)  Cineole

90)        The pH of range of ____ indicator is 6.8- 6.4

a)  Methyl red

b)  Phenol red

c)  Bromocresol green

d)  Methyl orange

91)        Dioscin is an example of

a)  Mucilage

b)  Triterpenoid

c)  Alkaloidal resin

d)  Steroid saponin

92)        The most abundant extracellular ions in the body is

a)  K+

b)  Na+

c)  Mg+

d)  Ca2+

93)        The inorganic compound used as an emetic is

a)  Copper sulphate

b)  Ferric chloride

c)  Iodine

d)  Sodium iodide

94)        Clonidine structurally is an____ derivative

a)  Pyrazoline

b)  Pyrimidine

c)  Triazine

d)  Imidazoline

95)        Which of the following cholesterol-lowering agent is naphthalenyl ester derivative?

a)  Lovastatin

b)  Clofibrate

c)  Colestipol

d)  Gemfibrozil

96)        Which of the following is an example of azo indicator

a)  Ferroin

b)  Phenol red

c)  Phenolphthalein

d)  Methyl red

97)        Which of the following is the brilliant red dye obtained from insects?

a)  Carajurin

b)  Ocher

c)  Cochineal

d)  Indigo

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