Drug Inspector TNPSC previous year exam papers

Drug Inspector/DI TNPSC Previous Year Question paper 2019 with Answer Key

1..Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 Pharmaceutical Science/Pharmacy PaperDownload | Ans.Key
2.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 Clinical Pharmacology PaperDownload Ans.Key
3.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 Chemistry PaperDownload | Ans.Key
4.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 MD Microbiology PaperDownload | Ans.Key
5.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 Pharmaceutical Chemistry PaperDownload | Ans.Key
6..Drug Inspector TNPSC 2019 General Study PaperDownload | Ans.Key
DI paper TNPSC 2019

Drug Inspector/DI TNPSC Previous Year Question paper 2009 with Answer Key

1.Drug Inspector TNPSC 2009 paperDownload
Drug Inspector Exam Papar TNPSC 2009

Download more DI Previous year Exam papers here


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