Drug Inspector Previous Year Question paper Gujrat/ GPSC 2010

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DI GPSC Exam Paper 2010-Gujrat

1.    Patients suffering from multidrug resistant tuberculosis can be treated with all of the following drugs except:

a.     Tobramycin

b.    Amikacin

c.     Ciprofloxacin

d.    Clarithromycin

2.    Which of the following anti malarial drug is safe during pregnancy?

a.     Amodiaquine

b.    Proguanil

c.     Primaquine

d.    Chloroquine

3.    Mechanism of action of Ketoconazole is

a.     Inhibits ergo sterol synthesis

b.    Inhibits DNA gyrase

c.     Inhibits dihydropteroatesynthetase

d.    Induces translation misreadings

4.    Monitoring plasma drug concentration is useful while using

a.     Antihypertensive drugs

b.    Levodopa

c.     Lithium carbonate

d.    MAO inhibitors

5.    Codeine differs in structure from morphine by

a.     N-methyl group

b.    Acetyl group at Ci and C6

c.     -OCzHs group

d.    -OCH3 group

6.    Sanguiamarine belongs to the subgroup of

a.     Morphinans

b.    Benzyl isoquinolines

c.     Phthalideisoquinolines

d.    Benzophenanthrenes

7.    Dovers powder used as a diaphoretic contains

a.     lpecac and Opium

b.    Senna and Cinchona

c.     Opium and cinchona

d.    All of the above

8.    ……………. is the dimmer of flavones and flavonones.

a.     Chalcones

b.    Aurones

c.     Biflavanoids

d.    Dihydroflavones

9.    The wavelength source in NMR spectrometer is

a.     Goniometer

b.    Radiofrequency oscillator

c.     High voltage generator

d.    Klystron oscillator

10.  Morphine does not cause

a.     Constriction of the pupil

b.    CNS depression

c.     Respiratory depression

d.    Diarrhoea

11.  o,m,p-isomers can be differentiated on the basis of

a.     Chemical Shift

b.    Coupling constant

c.     Extinction coefficient

d.    Dipole moment

12.  Isotopes differ in

a.     The number of protons

b.    The valency number

c.     The chemical activity

d.    The number of neutrons

13.  Purity of water for injection is checked by

a.     Potential testing

b.    Pyrogen testing

c.     Conductivity testing

d.    pH Testing

14.  The phosphate of a metal has the formula MHP04.The formula of its Bromide would be

a.     MBr

b.    MBrz

c.     MBr3

d.    MBr4

15.  Geometrical isomerism is possible in case of

a.     2-Pentene

b.    Pentane

c.     Propene

d.    Ethene

16.  The IUPAC name of the compound having the formula(CH3)2CHCH2C1.

a.     2-methyl-3-chloropropane

b.    l-chloro-3-methyl butane

c.     1-chloropentane

d.    2-methyl-4-chlorobutane

17.  In mammals, the major fat in adipose tissue is

a.     Triglyceride

b.    Cholesterol

c.     Sphingolipids

d.    Phospholipid

18.  Ferritinis

a.     Co enzyme

b.    The stored form of iron

c.     Non-protein moiety

d.    ls enzyme

19.  Active form of Vitamin D in man is

a.     Cholecalciferol

b.    Calcifediol

c.     Calciferol

d.    Calcitriol

20.  Many drugs are chiral. In a synthesis of chiral drug molecules in symmetric environment,

a.     Always one enantiomer is obtained

b.    Always both enantiomers are in equal amounts

c.     Always both enantiomers are in unequal amounts

d.    None of the above

21.  Homatropine is a

a.     Tropine ester of amino acetic acid

b.    Tropine ester of mendelic acid

c.     Tropine methyl bromide ester of mendelic acid

d.    Tropine ester of amino formic acid

22.  List of the drugs whose import, manufacture and sale, labelling and packaging are governed by special provisions are included in schedule

a.     x

b.    K

c.     H

d.    G

23.  Dose dumping may be a general problem in the formulation of

a.     Soft gelatin capsules

b.    Suppositories

c.     Modified release drug products

d.    None of the above

24.  Which of the following is useful as diluent, binder, disintegrating agent as well as lubricant in tablet formulations?

a.     Starch

b.    Tragacanth

c.     Sucrose

d.    None of the above

25.  Capping in tablets mainly occurs due to

a.     Less upper punch pressure

b.    Poor flowability of granules

c.     Proper formulation design

d.    Entrapment of air in tablet during compression

26.  The franz diffusion cell which is used for the evaluation of transdermal drug delivery systems consists of

a.     1 chamber

b.    2 chamber

c.     3 chamber

d.    None of the above

27.  Quick breaking aerosols are applicable

a.     Orally

b.    Parenterally

c.     Topical

d.    Ophthalmically

28.  In an osmotic drug delivery system, the drug is released through

a.     Polymeric matrix

b.    Delivery orifice

c.     Plastic matrix

d.    None of the above

29.  Parenteral product must be

a.     Packed in bottle

b.    Sterilized

c.     Free from viable/living organism

d.    Pyrogenic

30.  Water attack test is generally performed for

a.     USP type I glass

b.    USP type II glass

c.     USP type III glass

d.    All of above

31.  Silicone based adhesives used in transdermal drug delivery possess

a.     Excellent chemical stability

b.    Low toxicity

c.     Skin compatibility

d.    All of the above

32.  The plasma-drug concentration in meg/ml data obtained after the oral administration of 50 mg of a drug are 5.5 in 1 h,9.2 in 2 h,14.9 in 3 h,10.3 in 4h,7.1 in 5 h, and 2.2 in 6h.The AUC for the blood data will be

a.     45.35 meg/ml, h

b.    55.35 meg/ml, h

c.     50.35 meg/ml, h

d.    46.35 meg/ml, h

33.  Schleuniger tester is used for the tablets to measure

a.     Roughness

b.    Hardness

c.     Dissolution

d.    Friability

34.  Creatinine clearance is used as a measurement of

a.     Passive renal absorption

b.    Glomerular filtration rate

c.     Drug metabolism rate

d.    Renal excretion rate

35.  The drug of choice in prolonged febrile convulsions is

a.     Carbamazepine

b.    Diazepam

c.     Phonation

d.    Paracetamol

36.  Which one of the following antihistamines is least to cause sedation?

a.     Diphenhydramine

b.    Desloratadine

c.     Chlorphenamine

d.    Alimemazine

37.  The following electrolyte disturbance causes digitalis toxicity

a.     Hypocalcemia

b.    Hypernatremia

c.     Hypokalemia

d.    Hyperkalemia

38.  Which of the following antifungal drug causes drug-drug interaction as it has a greater propensity to inhibit mammalian cytochrome P 450 enzymes

a.     Itraconazole

b.    Fluconazole

c.     Ketoconazole

d.    Miconazole

39.  Select the incorrect statement from the following:

a.     Half life of atropine is 4 hours

b.    Acetylcholine and atropine show irreversible antagonism

c.     Atropine is a central nervous system stimulant

d.    Atropine produces cycloplegia

40.  The anti-inflammatory agent which selectively inhibits COX-H gene expression is

a.     Rofecoxib

b.    Dexamethasone

c.     Ibuprofen

d.    Nimesulide

41.  Vascular endothelial growth factor and Fibroblast growth factor are similar in all respects except:

a.     Both are potent endothelial cell mitogens

b.    Both are localized on cells and extracellular matrix, particularly in the lungs

c.     Both stimulate endothelial cell synthesis of pro-teases including plasminogen activator and Metalloptreinases

d.    Both lack a Secretory signal sequence

42.  Ma-Huang is the synonym of which drug?

a.     Belladonna

b.    Opium

c.     Ephedra

d.    Ipecac

43.  Coffee Arabica contains_caffeine,

a.     10%

b.    1-2%

c.     20%

d.    0.5%

44.  Anaferine and Anahygrine alkaloids are present in

a.     Hyocyomu

b.    Ashwagandha

c.     Vinca

d.    Vasaka

45.  Constituents which exhibit steroidal type of action are found in

a.     Dioscorea

b.    Senega

c.     Ashwagandha

d.    Ajuga parviflora

46.  Select the synonyms of aconite root,

a.     Vachang

b.    Monkshood

c.     All of the above

d.    None of the above

47.  Diosgenineis

a.     An alkaloid obtained from dioscorea

b.    A carbohydrate from dioscorea

c.     A glycoside from dioscorea

d.    None of the above

48.  Glandular hair having a unicellular or occasionally a short unicellular padiel with a unicellular bicellular terminal gland is characteristic of

a.     Senna leaves

b.    Belladona Leaves

c.     Datura Stramonium leaves

d.    Digitalis purpurea leaves

49.  The drug which is bacterial to all three pools extracellular, intracellular, and necrotic caseum of turbercle bacilli is

a.     Isoniazide

b.    Ethambutol

c.     Pyrazinamide

d.    Rifampin

50.  The most useful class of drugs in the long term treatment of hypertension is

a.     Thiazide diuretics

b.    Osmotic diuretics

c.     Mercurial diuretics

d.    Pentazocin

51.  Which of the following drug is not acting on opioid k (Kappa) receptor?

a.     Buprenorphine

b.    Butorphanol

c.     Nalbuphine

d.    Pentazocine

52.  Which of the following crosses the blood-brain barrier?

a.     GABA

b.    Propranolol

c.     Suxamethonium

d.    Dopamine

53.  Most of the drugs are absorbed in the body by means of

a.     Active transport

b.    Passive transport

c.     Ion-pair transport

d.    Facilitated diffusion

54.  Insulin stimulates glucose transport by promoting the translocation of

a.     GLUT 4

b.    GLUT 2 and GLUT4

c.     GLUT land GLUT4

d.    GLUT2

55.  Ptylin is secreted by

a.     Pancreas

b.    Lachrymeal gland

c.     Parotid gland

d.    None of the above

56.  Which of the following is COX-2 inhibitor?

a.     Aspirin

b.    Ibuprofen

c.     Diclofenac sodium

d.    Celecoxib

57.  Which following adrenergic agonist does not contain 3,4-dihydroxy nucleus?

a.     Ephedrine

b.    Albuterol

c.     Phenylpropanolamine

d.    Terbutaline

58.  …………… is selective ACE inhibitor

a.     Atenolol

b.    Ramipril

c.     Losartan

d.    Nifedipine

59.  Which of the following is third generation fluoroqui-nokme?

a.     Lomefloxacin

b.    Ciprofloxacin

c.     Gemifloxacin

d.    Gatifloxacin

60.  QSAR stands’ for

a.     Qualitative structure activity relationship

b.    Quantitative structure action relationship

c.     Quantitative structure activity relationship

d.    Qualitative structure activity relativity

61.  Which of the following is a cholesterol absorption inhibitor?

a.     Atorvastatin

b.    Ezetimibe

c.     Fenofibrate

d.    Nicotinic acid

62.  One of the following is HIV NNRT inhibitor:

a.     Lopinavir

b.    Efavirenz

c.     Zidovudine

d.    Acyclovir

63.  Which of the following is not a sulpha drug?

a.     Captopril

b.    Enalapril

c.     Fosinopril

d.    Losartan

64.  ____is potassium sparing diuretic.

a.     Furosemide

b.    Eplerenone

c.     Ethacrynic acid

d.    Hydrochlorthiazide

65.  Which of the following beta blocker produces nitric oxide?

a.     Atenolol

b.    Pindolol

c.     Metoprolol

d.    Betaxolol

66.  As per ICH guideline, lower limit of quantification is S/N ratio.

a.     2

b.    3

c.     5

d.    10

67.  0.9%w/v NaCl solution is equal to

a.     2 meq per 10ml

b.    1.53 meq per 10 ml

c.     20 meq per 10ml

d.    None of the above

68.  RP-HPLC involves

a.     Less polar mobile phase less than stationary phase

b.    Less polar stationary phase less than mobile phase

c.     Reverse osmosis

d.    Forward osmosis

69.  The statement “Store in cool place” as per IP means

a.     Store at room temperature

b.    Store between 2C to 8C

c.     Store at any temperature between 8C to 25C

d.    Store at 8C

70.  A retardant material that forms a hydrophilic matrix in the formulation of matrix tablet is

a.     H.P.M.C.

b.    C.A.P.

c.     Polyethylene

d.    Carnuba wax

71.  Tetrabromofluorecin produces _____ stain during folic apptication on the lips.

a.     Bluish Red

b.    Reddish blue

c.     Orange Yellowish,

d.    Yellowish blue

72.  If the expiry date of tablet is not mentioned on the tablet, means that expiry time in years is

a.     2year

b.    3 years

c.     4 years

d.    5 years

73.  Which order of the reaction is followed by photo decomposition of the drug?

a.     First

b.    Pseudo first

c.     Second

d.    Zero

74.  Glass used for the preparation of vials ampoules and transfusion bottles is

a.     Type-II soda lime glass

b.    Type-III soda lime glass

c.     Borosilicate glass

d.    Neutral glass

75.  Which tissue has the greatest capacity of biotransformation of drugs

a.     Brain

b.    Kidney

c.     Liver

d.    Lung

76.  Clinical trials are performed on

a.     Animals

b.    Humans

c.     Both

d.    None of the above

77.  The loading dose(DL)of a drug is usually based on the

a.     Total body clearance(CL.)of the drug

b.    Percentage of drug bound to plasma proteins

c.     Fraction of drug excreted unchanged in the urine

d.    Apparent volume of distribution(Vd)and desired drug concentration in plasma

78.  License for wholesale of drug specified in Schedule C and C, are issued in the forms

a.     20A

b.    20B

c.     21B

d.    22A

79.  On cancellation of manufacturing license, the loan license is

a.     Cancelled

b.    Suspended

c.     Temporary suspended

d.    None of the above

80.  Drug retail sale licenses are issued by

a.     Drug controller of India

b.    Union health minister

c.     Drug controller authority of the states

d.    Director of Health services

81.  The record for the drugs having date of expiry should be preserved for a period of at least

a.     5years

b.    2 years

c.     1 year

d.    3 years

82.  Which type of trichome is present in ashwagandha?

a.     Branched

b.    Lignified

c.     Glandular

d.    None of the above

83.  Chotta chand is synonym for

a.     Rauwolfia Serpentina

b.    Rauwolfia Densiflora

c.     Rauwolfia Perakensis

d.    Rauwolfia Tetraphylla

84.  How can we detect the rhizomes from the root of the Rauwolfia?

a.     By the presence of small central pith

b.    By the-absence of small central pith

c.     By the presence of vascular bundle

d.    None of the above

85.  Ergotoxine group of alkaloid is/are mixture of


2. Ergocornine

3. Ergocryptine

4. Ergometine

a.     1, 2 and 3 

b.    2, 3 and 4

c.     1, 2 and 4 

d.    None of the above

86.  A disease called ‘stripe canker’ is connected with which of the following drug?

a.     Nux vomica 

b.    Rauwolfia 

c.     Ashwagandha

d.    Cinchona

87.  If cyanocobalamine is imported under the name of tetracycline, it will be called adulterated drug

a.     Spurious drug 

b.    Misbranded drug 

c.     Substitute drug

d.    None of the above

88.  Ergot powder gives blue colour with

a.     p-dimethylamino benzaldehyde 

b.    o-dimethylamino benzaldehyde

c.     All of the above 

d.    None of the above

89.  Neomycin is obtained from

a.     E. Coli 

b.    B. Subtilis 

c.     S. aeruginosa 

d.    S. fradiae

90.  Biological and biotechnological products are listed in Schedule

a.     A 

b.    B 

c.     C and C1 

d.    X

91.  Carbopols are polymerized from

a.     Methacrylate esters 

b.    Acrylic acid 

c.     Ethylene glycols 

d.    Bis-phenol + phosgene

92.  Hard gelatin capsule of size 3 will accommodate approximately —— volume in ml.

a.     1 

b.    2 

c.     3 

d.    75

93.  The international name for small box vaccine is

a.     BC 

b.    DTP 

c.     Viriola 

d.    Vibrio

94.  Blood flow through a capillary is described by the equation known as

a.     Lengmuir 

b.    Noyes Whitney 

c.     Stokes 

d.    Hilderbrand

95.  Compact size and low weight mass instrument is

a.     EI-TOF 

b.    Maldi-Quadrupole 

c.     Maldi-TOF 

d.    Lon trap

96.  In polarography current must be blocked,

a.     Residual 

b.    Migration 

c.     Diffusion 

d.    None

97.  IP 2007 and USP 2006 use nitrite titration for those drugs having

a.     phenolic structure 

b.    1 ° Aromatic amine 

c.     Unsaturation 

d.    3 ° Nitrogen

98.  A non-hazardous substitute for RIA is

a.     Flame photometry 

b.    HPLC 

c.     Fluorometry 

d.    GCMS

99.  LCMS is widely used in

a.     Multielectrolyte assay 

b.    Drug metabolite study

c.     Complex mixture assay 

d.    Paint biosynthesis

100.  Pantothenic acid is a part of

a.     Renin 

b.    Carboxypeptidase 

c.     Co-enzyme A 

d.    NAD

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