Drug Inspector CGPSC Paper 2015 with Answer Key-Chhattisgarh

CGPSC Drug Inspector Solved Paper 2015-pdf

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Q.1) The WIDAL test is performed for

[a]          Typhoid fever

[b]          Malaria fever

[c]          Dengue fever

[d]          None of the above

Q.2)       The types of toothed tissue forceps are

[a]          Allis type

[b]          Lane’s type

[c]          Magnitan’s type

[d]          All of the above

Q.3)       Who is the ex-officio chairman of the Central Insecticide Board constituted to government about manufacture sale storage transport and distribution of insecticides with a view to ensure safety to human beings or animals?

[a]          Drugs Controller, India

[b]          Plant Protection Advisor, to the govt of India

[c]          Chief Advisor of Factories

[d]          Director- General of Health Services

Q.4)       Trepline and Trocar are

[a]          Surgical cutting instrument

[b]          Accessories and implants

[c]          Refrector

[d]          All of the above

Q.5)       To declare and make rule for any manufacturing process of operation as ‘Dangerous operations’ who is empowered under the Factories Act, 1948?

[a]          Central Government

[b]          State Government

[c]          District Administration

[d]          Inspector of Factories

Q.6)       The total number of members nominated by Central Government in Pharmacy Council of India

[a]          5

[b]          6

[c]          4

[d]          8

Q.7)       The Metzenbaun scissors are used

[a]          To dissect soft tissue

[b]          To cut surface

[c]          Both A and B

[d]          None of the above

Q.8)       Ceiling price of Schedule formulation is calculated by the formula:

P([C] = P(S)­ (1 + M/100) In this P(S)  signifies

[a]          Price of highest paid formulation

[b]          Average price of retailer

[c]          Margin to retail

[d]          Maximum Retail price

Q.9)       Mosquito clamp is used to

[a]          Hold mosquitoes

[b]          Stop blood flow

[c]          Hold delicate tissue and compress bleeding vessels

[d]          None of the above

Q.10)     Which body is entrusted with the task of maintaining the Central Register of Pharmacists? 

[a]          State Pharmacy Council

[b]          Pharmacy Council of India

[c]          Medical Council of India

[d]          Drug Controller of India

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