Drug Inspector/DI Previous Year Paper of Sikkim Public Service Commission (SPSC) 2020

Please find the Main Written Examination for the post of Drug Inspector under Sikkim State Subordinate Paramedical Service/SPSC.

Written exam of DI consist two papers:-

  1. Paper I: General awareness/English Download pdf
  2. Paper-II: Pharmacy

Paper-II Pharmacy

Note: You can also download paper as pdf at the end of page

  1. Normal blood pressure in young adult is

A. 100/60
B. 80/80
C. 140/90
D. 120/80

2. The glomerulus is

A. a network of capillaries

B. alymph node

C. alarge artery entering the kidney
D. none of the above

  1. The uppermost portion of intestine is the

A. Cecum

B. Jejunum
C. lleum

D. Duodenum

  1. The bundles of HIS are found in the

A. Lung
B. Heart
C. Liver
D. Intestine

  1. When light rays come to a focus behind the retina, the eye is said to be

A. Hypermetropic
B. Presbyopic
C. Astigmatic

D. Myopic

  1. Progressive fibrosis and scarring of the liver are known as

A. Diverticulitis
B. Diverticulosis
C. Hepatitis
D. Cirrhosis

  1. Which is not an essential amino acid?

A. Glutamine
B. Tryptophane
C. Valine

D. Threonine

8. Which substance gives largest number of calories per gram?

A. Carbohydrates
B. Proteins

C. Minerals

D. Fats

  1. Deficiency of Folic Acid will cause

A. Anemia
B. Rickets
C. Night blindness
D. Beriberi

  1. The mineral zinc is most important for

A. Blood cell formation
B. Bone formation

C. Oxidative process
D. Normal growth

  1. The WHO guidelines for the herbal drugs contaminants include

A. Purines and Pyrimidine bases

B. Amino acids

C. Pentoses

D. Pesticidal residue, arsenic, heavy metals, microbial load

  1. Borntrager’s test is performed for identification of

A. Digitoxin
B. Reserpine
C. Anthraquinone glycosides
D. Ephedrine

  1. Kurchi bark is used to treat

A. Malaria

B. Hypertension

C. Constipation

D. Amoebic dysentery

  1. Reserpine is active constituent of

A. Rauwolfia
B. Cinnamon
C. Cinchona
D. Senna

  1. The biological source of cinnamon bark is

A. dried inner bark of the shoots of coppiced trees of Cinnamomum Zeylanicum fam Lauraceae

B. dried inner bark of the shoots of coppiced trees of Cinnamomum Indicum fam Lauracea

C. dried wood of Cinnamomum Camphora fam Lauracea

D. dried inner bark of of the shoots of coppiced trees of Cinnamomum Loureirii fam Lauracea

16. Active constituent of which drugs which cause dilation of pupil

A. Ephedra
B. Belladona
C. Nux Vomica
D. Bael

  1. Which of the following is known as Jesuit’s bark?

A. Kurchi

B. Cinnamon
C. Cinchona
D. Rauwolfia

  1. The Excise Officer-in-charge of Bonded Laboratory may permit to take a sample from each batch of the finished product free of duty up to a maximum amount of

A. 250 ml
B. 150 ml
C. 100 mi
D. 50 ml

  1. The term of Patent for ordinary invention from the date of patent is

A. 7 years
B. 14 years
C. 5 years
D. 10 tears

  1. Ganja as per the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985 is

A. Flowering and fruiting tops of cannabis sativa

B. Flowering and fruiting top, leaves and seeds of cannabis sativa
C. Roots of cannabis sativa

D. All parts of cannabis sativa

  1. Licenses for retail sale of drugs are issued by

A. Drugs controller General of India

B. Drugs Inspector

C. Director of Health Services of the state
D. Drug Licensing Authority

  1. Biological and microbiological tests on drugs are conducted at

A. Delhi

B. Calcutta
C. Chennai
D. Kasauli

  1. An establishment having a qualified person and engaged in compounding of
    drugs is called

A. Drug store

B. Chemists and druggists
C. Pharmacy

D. Medical store

  1. List of ailments and diseases that a drug should not claim to cure is given in schedule

A. M
B. L
C. J
D. H,

  1. Which of the following drugs is a scheduled bulk-drug?

A. Alprazolam
B. Codeine
C. Salbutamol
D. Amikacin

  1. Drug samples from magistrate are sent for analysis to

A. State Drug Testing Lab

B. Regional Research Lab
C. Pharmacy Council of India
D. Central Drug Laboratory

  1. Enzymatic activity of the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase is stopped by the action of drug-

A. Cephalexin

B. Trimethoprim
C. Azithromycin
D. Levofloxacin

  1. What kind of substances cannot permeate membranes by passive diffusion?

A. Lipid soluble substances
B. Non- ionized substances
C. Hydrophobic substances
D. Hydrophilic substances

  1. The mean of the 10 values is 20, if we add 10 in each observation the mean for the new value will be: –

A. 20
B. 0
C. 30
D. 10

  1. The volume of distribution (Vd) relates to: –

A. Single to a daily dose of an administered drug

B. Administered dose to body weight

C. Unchanged drug reaching systematic circulation

D. Amount of a drug in the body to the concentration of drug in plasma

31. Which of the following type of cells are distributed throughout connective tissue and release diverse array of mediators of allergic manifestation:

A. Eosinophils
B. Basophils
C. Mast cells
D. Dendritic cells

  1. When increased amount of drug/ substance is needed to produce the desired effect the phenomenon is known as-

A. Withdrawal
B. Tolerance
C. Psychological dependence
D. Physiological dependence

  1. The relative peak area in doublet “NMR” should be

A. 1:1
B. 1:2
C. 1:3
D. 1:4

  1. Test microorganism used for microbiological assay of Vitamin B12 is:

A. Lactobacillus leichamanii,
B. Lactobacillus casei,

C. Lactobacillus viridiscens

D. Lactobacillus plantarum

  1. A Karl Fischer titration is used to determine:

A. the concentration of Cl. in a water sample,
B. the alcohol content of blood,

C. the water content of a sample,

D. the pH of a water sample

  1. What is the name of an instrument used to measure the absorbance of a colored compound in solution?

A. Coulometer,
B. Colorimeter,
C. Calorimeter
D. Colourmeter

  1. Which of the following is a component of the coenzyme A?
    A. Retinol
    B, Pantothenic acid
    C. Pyridoxine
    D. Retinoic acid
  2. As per IP, uncoated tablets must disintegrate within ……… minutes to pass the disintegration test.
    A. 60
    B. 30
    C. 15
    D. 5

39. Vitamin-E is formulated and supplied as:

A. tablet
B. soft gelatin capsule
C. hard gelatin capsule
D. all above

  1. Vanishing cream is …….. emulsion.
    A. o/w type

B. w/o type

C. multiple

D. not an

  1. In preparation of ointment by fusion method, melting/ addition of the
    ingredients is done

A. simultaneously

B. randomly

C. in increasing order of their melting point

D. in decreasing order of their melting point

  1. Which of the following blood products is not reconstituted before administration?
    A. conc. RBCs

B. dried human plasma

C. human fibrin foam

D. human fibrinogen

  1. Drugs which bind selectively to plasma protein, have apparent volume of distribution …………. their true volume of distribution

A. smaller than

B. larger than

C. equal to

D. none of the above

  1. Tonicity of parenteral products must be equal to ………. % w/v of sodium chioride.
    A. 0.009
    B. 0.09
    Cc. 0.9
    D. 9.0
  2. DMSO (Dimethyl sulphoxide) is most commonly used as:
    A. Preservative
    B. Skin penetration enhancer
    C. Solubiliser
    D. Antioxidant
  1. Select Proton Pump Inhibitor drug.

A. Famotidine
B. Lansoprazole
C. Acetazolamide
D. Losartan

  1. Example of a Calcium channel blocker is:

A. Captopril
B. Lisinopril
C. Benzapril
D. Varapamil

  1. Which among the following is a long-acting Vasodilator?
    A. lsosorbide
    B. Nitroglycerine
    C. Minoxidil
    D. Nicordanil
  2. Which among the following is a Biguanide category of the antidiabetic drug?
    A. Tolbutamide
    B. Metformin
    C. Repaglinide
    D. Nateglinide
  3. Barbituric acid is prepared by the condensation of:

A. Malonic acid and Urea

B. Diethyimalonate and Urea

C. Malonic acid and methyl Urea

D. Diethylmalonate and Methyl Urea

Write detailed notes on ANY FIVE of the following: (20X5=100)

1) Applications of Turbidimetry and Nephelometry

  1. Drug Receptors
  2. Requirements of parenteral preparations.
  4. Sikkim Anti-Drugs Act, 2006
  5. Nutritional deficiency diseases.
  6. Incompatibility
  7. Process of taking sample by the Drug Inspector.

Attempt ANY TWO of the following- (25×2=50)

  1. Discuss about Drug Biotransformation.
  2. Explain various IPQC tests for tablets as per IP.
  3. Define and classify Narcotic Analgesics with structural examples. Give SAR of morphine and its analogues.
  4. Discuss conditions and procedure for grant of Retail and Wholesale Drugs License.

Download Drug Inspector Previous year paper pdf 2019 SPSC Sikkim

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