Defect of Sugar-coating tablet

Problems in Sugar Coating of Tablets

Common Problems that can occur during the sugar coating process and their solutions

  • 1. Chipping of the tablet coating
  • 2. Cracking
  • 3. Non-drying of the coating
  • 4. Twinning
  • 5. Uneven colouring
  • 6. Blooming
  • 7. Sweating
  • 8. Marbling

1. Chipping of the tablet coating

  • This is often caused by a low concentration or absence of polymer
  • add more polymer to the coating solution.
  • Another cause is the excessive use of pigments and insoluble fibres
  • reduce the number of fillers

2. Cracking

  • Expansion of the tablet during or after coating caused by stress relaxation or moisture absorption –
  • consider the use of seal coat or extend the time between the sugar coating and compaction

3. Non-drying of the coating

  • Excessive presence of invert sugar –
  • avoid the excess heating of the sucrose syrup under acidic conditions

4. Twinning

  • High edge walls/flat surface
  • modify or alter the punch design

5. Uneven colouring

  • Poor distribution of coating solution
  • add sufficient liquid and ensure that it is fully mixed
  • Colour migration due to under/rapid drying
  • optimize the drying condition and use pigments
  • Uneven sub coat layer
  • achieve the required smoothness during the sub coat application
  • Wash back of pigment colour coating
  • avoid excess colour coating liquid
  • Excessive drying between colour application
  • optimize the drying conditions

6. Blooming and Sweating

  • Extra moisture in the finished tablet coat
  • dry properly to ensure the appropriate moisture level

7. Marbling

  • Uneven coating surface
  • make sure to achieve smooth coating before the polishing step

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