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Pharmaceutical Mixture

.A mixture is a liquid preparation meant for oral administration in which medicament or medicaments are dissolved, suspended, or dispersed in a suitable vehicle. or Mixtures are  Liquid preparation meant for oral administration, & dispensed in a bottle with severe doses.


If pharmaceutical mixture is supplied as a single dose, mixtures is called Draught.

Advantage of mixture:-

  • 1. Easy to administer.
  • 2. Suitable for the insoluble drug.
  • 3. Suitable for the immiscible drug.
  • 4. The bioavailability is more compare to solid dosage form.

Disadvantage of mixture:-

  • 1. Less soluble than solid dosage form.
  • 2. Incompatibilities.
  • 3. Stability.
  • 4. Expensive.
  • 5. Bulky to carry.

Classification of Mixture

1. Simple mixture containing soluble substances

2. Mixture containing diffusible solids

3. Mixture containing indiffusible solids

4. Mixture containing Precipitate forming liquids

5. Mixture containing Slightly soluble liquid

Simple mixture containing soluble substancesMixture containing diffusible solidsMixture containing indiffusible solidsMixture containing Precipitate forming liquidsMixture containing Slightly soluble liquid
It contains only soluble ingredients & is represented by true solution. It is a clear homogenous mixture.Diffusible solids are those which do not dissolve in water but upon shaking the powdered drug is evenly diffused throughout liquid & remain distributed uniformly for sufficient time.Indiffusible solids are not soluble in water & do not remain uniformly distributed in vehicle for sufficient time. Therefore suspending agents are added to suspend a drug.
Suspending agents:– Compound tragacanth powder(CTP) & Tragacanth mucilage (TM)
Certain liquid preparations contain liquid containing (resin), when mixed with water, resin is precipitated which may adhere to the sides of the bottles & this will not re-diffuse upon shaking. To prevent this suspending agents CTP (compound tragacanth powder), TM (tragacanth mucilage) are usedSlightly soluble liquid is not readily diffusible. So suspending agent is added to dispersed such mixture as CTP & TM
Example:-Carminative mixture, Expectorant mixture, Diarrhoea mixture etc.Example:-Bismuth subnitrate, Magnesium carbonate.Example:-Acetyl salicylic acid, Quinine salicylate, calomel, Phenacetin, chalk powder, Benzoic acid, Phenobarbitone etcExample:-resin extract, tinctures etcExample:-Paraldehyde liquid
Types of Mixture

Storage of Mixtures

  • Mixtures are extemporaneously preparations.  So that Mixtures are not prepared to keep them for a long period since they are mainly prescribed for acute conditions (cough, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation etc). Which can be used in within a short period (not more than 3 days to prevent deterioration).
  • Mixtures are dispensed in plain glass bottles with uniform internal diameter.
  • The bottle should be fitted with a suitable cork which ensures its easy removal and to prevent spilling of Mixture

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