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Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Aerosols

QUALITY CONTROL TESTS Quality control of Aerosol tests include the following testing parameters of:- 1. Propellents2. Valves, Actuator, Dip Tubes3. Containers4. Weight Checking5. Leak Testing6. Spray Pattern Testing 1. Propellent Vapor pressure and density of the propellant are determined and compared with-specification sheet. Parameter Tested By Identification Gas Chromatography IR Spectroscopy Purity and acceptability Moisture, …

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ANTIOXIDANT: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

ANTIOXIDANTS Antioxidants are reducing agents which are added to the drugs or other pharmaceutical preparations to prevent their oxidation. Requirements of an Ideal Antioxidant Official Antioxidant HYPOPHOSPHORUS ACID M.F.: H3PO2 Preparation: It is prepared by mixing calcium hypophosphite with sulphuric acid or oxalic acid. The insoluble calcium salt is filtered and collected. Ca(H2PO2)2 (Calcium hypophosphite)+ H2SO4 …

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Differential staining: Gram staining & Acid-fast staining technique

As name indicates these technique imparts different colour to different bacteria or bacterial structure. It allows us to differentiate between different kinds of bacterial cells or different parts of a bacterial cell. Differential stain technique includes the following technique:- 1. Gram staining 2. Acid Fast staining/Zeihl-Neelsen staining 3. Albert’s stains 1. Gram staining The most …

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