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We are pleased to provide you with a comprehensive collection of solved previous year BSSC Pharmacist question papers, including the 2018 paper. These papers have been meticulously solved by experienced pharmacists, ensuring that you have access to accurate and up-to-date solutions.

BSSC Pharmacist Previous Question Paper with solution pdf

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Q.1)The valency of carbon is

[a] 2

[b] 3

[c] 5

[d] 4

Q.2)The main adverse effect of Chloramphenicol is

[a] Gray Baby syndrome

[b] Nausea

[c] Alopecia

[d] Seizures

Q.3)What organ is responsible for metabolism in the “first pass effect

[a] Liver

[b] Brain

[c] Spleen

[d] Heart

Q.4)What is the only movable bone of the skull

[a] Temporal

[b] Maxilla

[c] Mandible

[d] Zygomatic

Q.5)Unequal distribution of color on a tablet, refers to

[a] Mottling

[b] Capping

[c] Sticking

[d] Picking

Q.6)Physical and chemical changes or-reactions that occur with in the body are collectively known as

[a] Physiology

[b] Assimilation

[c] Excretion

[d] Metabolism

Q.7)Type-I diabetes is treated by

[a] Biguanides

[b] Insulin preparations

[c] Sulphonyl ureas

[d] None of the above

Q.8)Schedule C and C1 deals with

[a] GLP

[b] GMP

[c] Biologicals

[d] Skin

Q.9)Hydroxyapatite is found in

[a] Teeth

[b] Blood

[c] Hair

[d] Skin

Q.10)Which of the following is not an antitubercular drug

[a] Chloromphenicol

[b] Cycloserine

[c] Ethambutol

[d] Ethionamide

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