BFUHS Pharmacy officer (Pharmacist) Question Paper 2018 with Key Answer

For the recruitment of Pharmacy officer (Pharmacist) in the Punjab, BFUHS organize the examination. Question paper contains total 100 MCQ from Pharmacy section. In Punjab, Only B.Pharm candidates are eligible for the post of Pharmacist (Diploma in Pharmacy student are not eligible to apply for the post of Pharmacy officer).

BFUHS Pharmacist Solved Question Paper 2018 pdf:- Download

BFUHS Pharmacy Officer Paper 2018

Q.1) Crystalluria is the side effect associated with:

[a] Quinolones

[b] Azoles


[d] Taxol

Q.2) The Drugs and Cosmetic act was passed in:

[a] 1940

[b] 1945

[c] 1947

[d] 1946

Q.3) Which of the following is a female sex hormone ?

[a] Stilbesterol

[b] Testosterone

[c] Estrogen

[d] Benzesterol

Q.4) Chloroquine is a:

[a] 4-Amino Quinoline

[b] Acridine

[c] Biguanide


Q.5) In the pediatric dose calculation, children in the first twenty days of birth comes under the class of:

[a] Infant

[b] Child

[c] Neonatal

[d] Just born

Q.6) A naturally occurring carminative is:

[a] Asafoetida

[b] Asoka

[c] Arjuna

[d] Agar

Q.7) The meaning of Latin term Rx:

[a] Take thou

[b] when necessary

[c] send

[d] write

Q.8) The DPO Q.Drug Price Control Order) was exercised by central government in:

[a] 1985

[b] 1995

[c] 1987

[d] 1997

Q.9) Myocardium is a special muscle tissue found only in the:

[a] Brain

[b] Heart

[c] Stomach

[d] Lungs

Q.10) The schedule to which ‘List of drugs to be sold on prescription only’ belongs to:

[a] Schedule L

[b] Schedule W

[c] Schedule X

[d] Schedule M

Q.11) Mannitol is:

[a] Loop diuretic

[b] Osmotic diuretic

[c] Potassium sparing diuretic

[d] Carbonic anhydrase diuretic

Q.12) The formulations used for dental hygiene are known as:

[a] Insufflation

[b] Snuffs

[c] Cachets

[d] Dentifrices

Q.13) Erythroblastosis foetalis arises due to the incompatibility in the:

[a] Lymph

[b] Blood

[c] Synovial fluid

[d] Bile

Q.14) A parenteral anticoagulant drug is:

[a] Penicillin

[b] Phfenindione

[c] Warfarin

[d] Heparin

15. Drugs and Magic Remedies act was passed in:

[a] 1956

[b] 1954

[c] 1952

[d] 1953

Q.16) A non-drug part added to formulation to aid dilution, stability maintaining, taste masking etc. is known as:

[a] Presensitive

[b] Active ingredient

[c] Additive

[d] Binding agent

Q.17)  Tropaue alkaloids can be identified by:

[a] Thalloquin test

[b] Vitali test

[c] Biuret test

[d] Millon’s test

Q.18) The powerhouse of the is:

[a] Golgi bodies

[b] Mitochondria

[c] Ribosomes

[d] Nucleus

Q.19) Which of the following is not a benzodiazepine ?

[a] Diazepam

[b] Nitrazepam

[c] Zolpidem

[d] Triazolam

Q.20) Which of the following is a natural emulsifying agent obtained from vegetable source?

[a] Starch

[b] Gelatin

[c] Egg yolk

[d] Wool fat

Q.21) A chelating agent used in the case of poisoning is:

[a] Sodium phosphate

[b] Dimercaprol

[c] Ferroin

[d] Bismuth subnitrate

Q.22) Filter sheets made of cellulose are:

[a] Seitz filter

[b] Membrane filter

[c] Glass fiber filter

[d] Sintered glass filter

Q.23) One fluid ounce is:

[a] 60 ml

[b] 15 ml

[c] 30 ml

[d] 10 ml

Q.24) The plant drug which is oxytoxic:

[a] Ergot

[b] Kurchi

[c] Vinca

[d] Cocaine

Q.25) The diagnostic agent used for the functioning of thyroid gland:

[a] Fe-59

[b] I-131

[c] Co-60

[d] P-32

Q.26) The constituent of cholesterol termed as bad cholesterol is:

[a] HDL

[b] LDL

[c] VLDL

[d] Triglycerides

Q.27) Sterols belong to the class of:

[a] Lipids

[b] Waxes

[c] Carbohydrates

[d] Proteins

Q.28) Hepatitis is a:

[a] Bacterial infection

[b] Protozoal infection

[c] Fungal infection

[d] Viral infection

Q.29) A leukotriene receptor antagonist used in allergic cough is:

[a] Rofecoxib

[b] Theophylline

[c] Losartsn

[d] Montelukast

Q.30) The sulphonamide used for burn Therapy is:

[a] Sulfadiazine

[b] Sulfadoxine

[c] Sulfacetamide

[d] Sulfapyridine

Q.31) A hypotonic solution can be made isotonic by addition of:

[a] Sodium Chloride

[b] Potassium Chloride

[c] Calcium Chloride

[d] Magnesium Chloride

Q.32) The pathogenic organism in milk is killed by:

[a] Tyndalization

[b] Pasteurization

[c] Autoclaving

[d] Dry heat sterilization

Q.33) Agent promoting easy bowel evacuation is termed as:

[a] Protective

[b] Antacids

[c] Adsorbents

[d] Laxatives

Q.34) Morphine, codeine and thebaine is contained in:

[a] Quassia

[b] Kurchi

[c] Gelatin

[d] Opium

Q.35) Amantadine is the drug used as:

[a] Antibacterial

[b] Antiviral

[c] Antifungal

[d] Antiprotozoal

Q.36) The antifungal drug, fluconazole belongs to the class of:

[a] Pyridine

[b] Azoles

[c] Pyrimidines

[d] Acridines

Q.37) The first Indian Pharmacopoeia was published in:

[a] 1948

[b] 1960

[c] 1955

[d] 1966

Q.38) Ranitidine is a:

[a] H2 antagonist

[b] H1 antagonist

[c] Beta adrenergic antagonist

[d] Alpha adrenergic antagonist

Q.39) Creams are:

[a] Emulsions

[b] Suspensions

[c] Ointments

[d] Pastes

Q.40) Ocuserts are:

[a] Ear preparations

[b] Nasal preparations

[c] Oral preparations

[d] Eye preparations

Q.41) Eugenol is contained in:

[a] Clove

[b] Capsicum

[c] cardamom

[d] Coriander

Q.42)  Tuberculosis is diagnosed by:

[a] Widal test

[b] Elisa test

[c] Mantoux test

[d] Alerts method

Q.43) One among the following is a communicable disease:

[a] Cancer

[b] Diabetes

[c] Hypertension

[d] Filariasis

Q.44) An example of sulfonyl urea is:

[a] Metformin

[b] Tolbutamide

[c] Rosiglitazone

[d] Repaglinide

Q.45) Blood plasma and blood serum preparations are dried by:

[a] Freeze dryer

[b] Vacuum dryer

[c] spray dryer

[d] Fluidized bed dryer

Q.46) The medicinal agents used for the increase in urine output is known as:

[a] Urinary antiseptics

[b] Diuretics

[c] Stimulants

[d] Antiseptics

Q.47) Phenobarbitone is a:

[a] Sedative

[b] Antitussive

[c] Antipsychotic

[d] Anxiolytic

Q.48) An analgesic containing para amino phenol group is:

[a] Paracetamol

[b] Ibuprofen

[c] Aspirin

[d] Indomethacin

Q.49) Acetyl salicylic acid is:

[a] Sulindac

[b] Aspirin

[c] Mefenamic acid

[d] Nalidixic acid

Q.50) chlorpromazine is an antipsychotic drug possessing:

[a] Butyrophenone

[b] Thioxanthine

[c] Phenothiazine

[d] Acridine

Q.51) Which among the following is a tricyclic antidepressant drug?

[a] Amitryptiline

[b] Trazodone

[c] Phenelezine

[d] Fluoxetine

Q.52) Salbutamol is a:

[a] Mast cell stabilizer

[b] Bronchodilator

[c] Immunosuppressant

[d] Antitussive

Q.53) Which among the following is an anti-dandruff drug?

[a] Zinc sulphate

[b] Selenium sulfide

[c] Zinc carbonate

[d] Sodium fluoride

Q.54) The component of tablet machine which controls the shape and size of the tablet is:

[a] Hopper

[b] Punches

[c] Cam track

[d] Dies

Q.55) Calamine is:

[a] Basic              zinc        oxide

[b] Basic              zinc        sulfide

[c] Basic              zinc        carbonate

[d] Basic              zinc        hydroxide

Q.56) Vitamin tablets are generally formulated as:

[a] Hypodermic tablets

[b] Sublingual tablets

[c] Effervescent tablets

[d] Chewable tablets

Q.57) Ciprofloxacin is a:

[a] Quinoline drug

[b] Quinolone drug

[c] Isoquinoline drug

[d] Quinuclidine drug

Q.58) The crude drug with the Latin name Withania somnifera is:

[a] Brahmi

[b] Hyoscyamus

[c] Aswagandha

[d] ipecac

Q.59) One among the following is a volatile oil containing crude drug:

[a] Chirata

[b] Cardamom

[c] Linseed

[d] Myrobalan

Q.60) A Crude drug used as cardiotonic:

[a] Dhatura

[b] Cinchona

[c] Ephedra

[d] Ergot

Q.61) Belladona belongs to the family of:

[a] solanaceae

[b] Piperaceae

[c] Papavaraceae

[d] Rutaceae

Q.62) The active ingredient that forms froth when shaken with water:

[a] Alkaloid

[b] Tannin

[c] Gum

[d] Saponin

Q.63) Emetine is the main ingredient of:

[a] Ipecac

[b] Isapgol

[c] Pyrethrum

[d] Rhubarb

Q.64)  The rod shaped bacteria are:

[a] Coccus

[b] Spirilla

[c] Bacillus

[d] Vibrios

Q.65) Widal test is used for the diagnosis of:

[a] Typhoid

[b] AIDS

[c] Jaundice

[d] Meningitis

Q.66) The disease caused by Entamoeba histolytica:

[a] Malaria

[b] Trypanosomiasis

[c] Filariasis

[d] Amoebiasis

Q.67) Hospital acquired infectious are called:

[a] Primary infection

[b] Secondary infection

[c] Nosocomial infection

[d] Latent infection

Q.68) EEG utilized to diagnose the diseases associated with the:

[a] Heart

[b] Kidney

[c] Abdomen

[d] Brain

Q.69) Which of the following is an antidiuretic hormone?

[a] Oxytocin

[b] Follicle stimulating hormone

[c] Vasopressin

[d] Luteinizing hormone

Q.70) The hormone involved in the secretion and regulation of milk:

[a] TSH

[b] FSH

[c] Prolactin

[d] Thyroxine

Q.71) An antimalarial obtained from natural source is:

[a] Strychnine

[b] Brucine

[c] Reserpine

[d] Quinine

Q.72) Ascaris lumbricoides is a:

[a] Helminth

[b] Protozoa

[c] Amoeba


Q.73) Kala Azar is a type of:

[a] Giardiasis

[b] Leishmaniasis

[c] Helminthiasis

[d] Schistosomiasis

Q.74) The presence of pathogenic bacteria hi blood is called:

[a] Toxemia

[b] Septicemia

[c] Bacteremia

[d] Anemia

Q.75) Dettol is used as:

[a] Antiseptic

[b] Disinfectant

[c] Antimicrobial

[d] Antibiotic

Q.76) An antibiotic possessing the beta lactam ring is:

[a] Penicillin

[b] Erythromycin

[c] Streptomycin

[d] Chloramphenicol

Q.77)  Which of the following is a catecholamine?

[a] Thyroxine

[b] Melanine

[c] Tyramine

[d] Dopamine

Q.78) Passive immunity is obtained by injecting:

[a] Antiserum

[b] Antigens

[c] Vaccines

[d] Antibodies

Q.79) An acid containing in bacterial cell wall is:

[a] Muramic acid

[b] Formic acid

[c] Stearic acid

[d] Palmitic acid

Q.80) Which of the following is an antihistaminic drug?

[a] Diphenhydramine

[b] Chlordiazepoxide

[c] Pilocarpine

[d] Amphetainine

Q.81) A narcotic analgesic:

[a] Reserpine

[b] Papaverine

[c] Quinine

[d] Morphine

 Q.82) Which of the following is not an eicosanoid?

[a] Interleukin

[b] Leukotriene

[c] Thromboxane

[d] Prostaglandin

Q.83) Which of the following is a NSAID drug?

[a] Morphine

[b] Heroin

[c] Codeine

[d] Diclofenac

Q.84) The extraction process where powdered crude ding is kept in contact with suitable solvent for suitable time:

[a] Percolation

[b] Decoction

[c] Maceration

[d] Reserved percolation

Q.85) Which of the following is used as a binder?

[a] Talc

[b] Starch

[c] Cellulose

[d] Kaolin

Q.86) Which of the following is an analeptic drug?

[a] Caffeine

[b] Nikethamide

[c] Cocaine

[d] Amphetamine

Q.87) Which among the following is an anti-filarial drug?

[a] DEC

[b] FNH

[c] PAS

[d] DDS

Q.88) The schedule for Good manufacturing practices and requirement of factory premises for the manufacture of belongs to:

[a] Schedule X

[b] Schedule W

[c] Schedule L

[d] Schedule M

Q.89) A preparation containing killed or attenuated viruses is termed as:

[a] Vaccine

[b] Antiserum

[c] Toxin

[d] Toxoid

Q.90) Dapsone is used for the therapy of

[a] Tuberculosis

[b] Amoebicide

[c] Leprosy

[d] Helminthiasis

Q.91) Curcmninoids are present in:

[a] Squill

[b] Turmeric

[c] Honey

[d] Acacia

Q.92) The cardiovascular disease associated with the disorder of heart rate or rhythm is called:

[a] Arrhythmia

[b] Myocardial infarction

[c] Angina pectoris

[d] Ischemia

Q.93) Yeasts come under a group of:

[a] Bacteria

[b] Fungi

[c] Protozoa

[d] Virus

Q.94) Drugs suppressing nausea and vomiting are:

[a] Anti-emetic

[b] Anti-diarrheal

[c] Anti-ulcer

[d] Antiseptic

Q.95) Which of the following drugs is used as a neuromuscular blocking agent?

[a] Methocarbamol

[b] Succinyl Choline

[c] Tizanidine

[d] Baclofen

Q.96) Which of the following is beta adrenergic blocker?

[a] Ramipril

[b] Valsartan

[c] Verapamil

[d] Propranolol

Q.97) Agents used for reducing acidity in stomach is termed as:

[a] Acidifier

[b] Protective

[c] Adsorbent

[d] Antacid

Q.98) The complete separation of two phases in emulsion is called:

[a] Creaming

[b] Sedimenting

[c] Cracking

[d] Leaching

Q.99) Lachrymal glands produces

[a] Tear

[b] Wax

[c] Sweat

[d] Sebum

Q.100) One among the following is an alkylating anticancer ding:

[a] Chloramphenicol

[b] Chlorambucil

[c] Chlorhexidine [d] Clotrimazole

BFUHS Pharmacist Solved Question Paper 2018 pdf:- Download

BFUHS Pharmacy Officer Paper 2018

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