AMC Pharmacist Question Paper 2022

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Pharmacist Paper 2022: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Note: Here our team has included only MCQ Question of Pharmacy subject.

1)           Relative sweetness of sucrose, to saccharin is

a)  1:100

b)  1:300

c)  1:400

d)  1:500

2)           Following statement is more accurate with respect to limitation of Arrhenius relationship for stability prediction

a)  Order of degradation will alter at higher temperature

b)  Equal moisture concentrations will be mentioned at different temperatures

c)  Less relative humidity & oxygen solubility at higher temperature

d)  Same degradation mechanism may predominate at different temperature

3)           Lakes of Dyes available commercially contain maximum upto …..pure dye

a)  15 %

b)  10 %

c)  25 %

d)  50 %

4)           Type 2nd glass container

a)  Suitable for alkaline solution

b)  Most inert classes and show high hydrolytic resistance

c)  Suitable for most acidic and neutral aqueous preparation

d)  Suitable for non-aqueous preparation

5)           Dimethyl sulfoxide act as penetration enhancer for topical formulation by

a)  Increasing solubility

b)  Denaturing protein

c)  Increasing trans-epidermal loss

d)  Altering solvent nature of membrane

6)           SHICK Test is a sterile filtrate from a culture of

a)  Rechettsia prowazeki

b)  Mycobacterium Diphtheriae

c)  Coryne bacterium Diphtheriae

d)  Actinobacillus mallei

7)           Violin gut is obtained from intestine of

a)  Horse

b)  Cat

c)  Sheep

d)  Camel

8)           An Excipient Ludipress used for liquid dosage form is a coprocessed excipient of

a)  PticInsi Dextrose monohydrate + Kollidon 30

b)  Lactose monohydrate + Kollidon 30

c)  Lactose monohydrate + Kollidon 30 + Kollidon CL

d)  Dextrose monohydrate + Kollidon 30 + Kollidon CL

9)           Pyrogen present in container can be destroyed by heating the containers at

a)  121 ºC or 15 mins

b)  121 ºC for 30 mins

c)  210 ºC for 4 hrs

d)  210 ºC for 1 hrs

10)        Capsule making the Bloom Strength of gelatin is proportional to molecular weight of the gelatin and is a measure of the

a)  Cohensive strength of the solvent molecules

b)  Cohensive strength of the crosslinking that occurs between gelatin molecules

c)  Adhensive strength of gelatin with dipping pins

d)  Adhensive strength of gelatin with other molecules

11)        Choose the wrong statement from the following with regard to Amorphous solids

a)  Usually they are anisotropic

b)  They tend to flow when subjected to sufficient pressure

c)  Considered as super cooled fluids

d)  They do not have definite melting point

12)        The Crenulation effect on the cell wall is caused by………. Solutions and this effect is………..

a)  Hypertonic, reversible

b)  Hypotonic, reversible

c)  Hypertonic, Irreversible

d)  hypertonic Irreversible

13)        The drug concentration between minimum effective concentration (MEC) and maximum safe concentration (MSC) is called

a)  Toxic range

b)  Therapeutic index

c)  Therapeutic range

d)  Therapeutic ratio

14)        A metabolite of spironolactone is

a)  Aldosterone

b)  Canrenone

c)  Corticosteroids

d)  Pregnilonone

15)        For thermophilic microorganisms, the minimum growth temperature required is

a)  20 ºC

b)  37 ºC

c)  45 ºC

d)  65 ºC

16)        The temperature dependence and theory of viscosity is expressed by the following

a)  Stern-Volmer equation

b)  Arrhenius equation of chemical Kinetic

c)  Higuchi equation

d)  Gibb’s equation

17)        Which of the following is not a fundamental(primary) factor considered for selection of a location for the construction of Pharmaceutical for chemical plant

a)  Soil

b)  Market for products

c)  Labour supply

d)  Raw materials

18)        The following Gram Positive Bacteria species is positive for coagulase test (test for the ability of bacteria to cause blood plasma to clot)

a)  S. epidermidis

b)  S. aureus

c)  S. Saprophyticus

d)  S. lactis

19)        The version of GMP in India that describe requirement of factory premises for manufacture of Cosmetic

a)  Schedule M

b)  Schedule M III

c)  Schedule M II

d)  Schedule M I

20)        The fungus is also known as opportunity pathogen, often isolated from warm blooded animals

a)  Aspergillusniger

b)  Penicillinum notatum

c)  Penicillinium chrysogenum

d) Candida albicans

21)        Which of the following will result is very closest value to the glomerular filtration rate

a)  Insulin clearance

b)  Albumin clearance

c)  Measure of blood urea nitrogen

d)  Creatinine clearance

22)        A widely accepted detector electrode for pH measurement

a)  Platinum wire

b)  Glass electrode

c)  Silver silver chloride electrode

d)  Lanthanum fluoride

23)        Staphylococcus aureus is used for the IP assay of

a)  Bleomycin

b)  Doxycycline

c)  Carbenicillin

d)  Kanamycin

24)        Increasing the proportion of the dispersed phase of an emulsion by more than 60% may lead to

a)  Cracking

b)  Frothing

c)  Phase inversion

d)  Creaming

25)        The rate of drug bioavailability is most rapid when the drug is formulated as a

a)  Solution

b)  Suspension

c)  Gelatin capsule

d)  Tablet

26)        State Pharmacy Council should have……… Number of elected members

a)  5

b)  6

c)  7

d)  None

27)        The Polymorphs exhibit the following different properties except….

a)  X-ray crystal and diffraction pattern

b)  Melting points

c)  Solubility

d)  Chemical structure

28)        Method of study truck distribution pattern is

a)  Mass spectrophotometry

b)  Nuclear Magnetic resonance

c)  Fluorometry

d)  UV visible spectrophotometry

29)        Which of the following powder shows the greatest degree of the dustibility

a)  Talcum powder

b)  Lycopodium powder

c)  Fine charcoal

d)  Potato starch

30)        The Dispersion of course material by shearing in a narrow gap between static cone and rapidly rotating cone is caused by

a)  Colloidal mill

b)  Electrical dispersion

c)  Peptization

d)  Ultrasonic Irradiation

31)        When the concentration of an aqueous sodium solution has the same colligative properties as the solution in question the value so obtained is known as

a)  Normality

b)  Isotonicity value

c)  Molarity

d)  Molality

32)        Plasmid is a

a)  Macromolecules involved in the protein synthesis

b)  Circular piece of duplex DNA

c)  A hybrid DNA that is formed by joining piece of DNA

d)  Endogenous substance secreted by one type of cell

33)        Centistoke stock is the CGS unit of for the following property

a)  Surface tension

b)  Coefficient of viscosity

c)  Fluidity

d)  Kinematics viscosity

34)        A term which describe a cofactor that is finally bound to enzyme

a)  Holoenzyme

b)  Prosthetic

c)  Coenzyme

d)  Transferase

35)        When a solid forms a gel more rapidly when gently shaken or otherwise sheared than when allotted to form a gel while the material is kept at rest, the phenomena is known as

a)  Thixotrophy

b)  Rheopexy

c)  Negative rheopexy

d)  Anti-thixotropy

36)        In the process of extraction, ethanol is used as a solvent for

a)  Sucrose

b)  Wax

c)  Alkaloids

d)  Gums

37)        Serum albumin has a molecular weight of

a)  34000

b)  65000

c)  44000

d)  59000

38)        The metabolic function of riboflavin involves the following

a)  FMN & FAD


c)  AMP & ATP

d)  Rectin & Retinine

39)        One of the ex officio member of the the pharmacy counselling of India is

a)  Director general of Health Services

b)  Government analyst

c)  Registrar of the state Pharmacy Council

d)  Director general of veterinary Research Institute

40)        The schedule in drug and cosmetic act that deals with the requirement and guideline for clinical trial,import and manufacture of new drug is

a)  Schedule O

b)  Schedule M

c)  Schedule F

d)  Schedule Y

41)        A retardant material that form a hydrophilic matrix in the formulation of matrix tablet is

a)  HPMC

b)  CAP

c)  Polyethylene


42)        Fraction of administered dose(which may be  in form of Astro of salt) of active drug is termed as

a)  Activity factor

b)  Formulation factor

c)  Intrinsic factor

d)  Salt factor

43)        An organism which has been implicated as a positive cause of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer is

a)  Campylobacter Jejuni

b)  E. coli

c)  Helicobacter pylori

d)  Giardia lambia

44)        Which of the following is example of invert sugar

a)  Sucralose

b)  Lactulose

c)  Lactose

d)  Sucrose

45)        New drug delivery system which is composed of phospholipids that spontaneously form a multilamellar, concentric bilayer vesicles with layers of aqueous media separating the liquid layers

a)  Products

b)  Liposomes

c)  Cosmetic pumps

d)  Nanoparticles

46)        Isoniazid is a primary antitubercular agent that

a)  Requires pyridoxine supplementation

b)  Causes of ocular complication that are reversible if the drive is discontinued

c)  Is auto toxic and nephrotoxic

d)  Should never be used due to its hepatotoxicity

47)        Decreased risk of atherosclerosis is associated with increase in….

a)  Very low density lipoproteins

b)  Low density lipoprotein

c)  Cholesterol

d)  High density lipoprotein

48)        Co-trimoxazole is combination of trimethoprim with sulfamethoxazole. Which of the following statement is correct about cotrimoxazole?

a)  Cotrimoxazole is contraindicated during pregnancy

b)  E most effective ratio of trimethoprim: Cotrimoxazole in plasma 20:1

c)  Trimethoprim: Sulfamethoxazole are administered in a dose ratio of 5:1 to achieve optimal synergistic effect

d)  Cotrimoxazole is ineffective in treating respiratory tract infection

49)        Identify the diuretic which cause hyperuricemia, 10 to raise serum calcium and also cause magnesium depletion

a)  Acetazolamide

b)  Furosemide

c)  Mannitol

d)  Chlorothiazide

50)        Mitomycin C is an antibiotic isolated from…

a)  Streptomyces peucetius

b)  Streptomyces verticillus

c)  Streptomyces antibiotics

d)  Streptomyces caespitosus

51)        Unless otherwise stated in the individual monograph of the Pharmacopoeia, in the disintegration test for enteric coated tablet, first The dissolution is carried out in

a)  0.1 M HCl

b)  Phosphate buffer

c)  Water

d)  0.1 M H2SO4

52)        One of the following statement with respect to carbachol is not correct identify

a)  It can be administered orally

b)  It possesses both muscarinic and nicotinic action

c)  It is more susceptible to hydrolysis as compared to acetylcholine

d)  The amino group decreases electrophilicity of the carbonyl group

53)        The mechanism by which fluoride inhibits dental caries is

a)  By increasing susceptibility to a sit

b)  By increasing the sensitivity of tooth enamel

c)  Decreasing acid solubility of enamel

d)  Increased acid solubility of enamel

54)        Lycopodium spore Method can be used to find out percentage purity of crude drug which contain

a)  Multi layered tissue or cell

b)  Well-defined particle which can be counted

c)  oil globules

d)  Characteristic particles of irregular thickness the length of which can be measured

55)        Which of the following drugs posses antiplatelet effect

a)  Erythropoietin

b)  Urokinase

c)  Desmopressin

d)  Clopidogrel

56)        Choose the correct excipient for enhancing solubility in tablet manufacturer

a)  PEG

b)  Microcrystalline cellulose

c)  Talc

d)  Lactose

57)        Plasmodium resistance of chloroquine is due to

a)  Induction of inactivating enzyme

b)  Change in receptor structure

c)  Increase in the activity of DNA repair mechanism

d)  Decreased carrier mediated drug transport

58)        Meloxicam belongs to which class of NSAIDs of

a)  preferential Cox 2 inhibitor

b)  Selective Cox 1 inhibitor

c)  Preferential Cox 1 inhibitor

d)  Selective Cox 2 inhibitor

59)        Which one of the following is not the property of osmotic diuretic

a)  Undergo limited reabsorption by the renal tubules

b)  Are relatively inert pharmacologically

c)  The inmate carbonic anhydrase

d)  Freely filtrate at the glomerulus

60)        Which one of the following statement is true for cancer cells

a)  Oncoprotein produced by cancer cell act a neighbouring cells

b)  Cancer cells require stimulation by growth factor (c)

c)  Cancer cells are highly sensitive to growth inhibitory signals

d)  Cancer cells produce oncoproteins in the absence of growth factors for external stimuli

61)        Which of the following neurotransmitter is formed in demand and act immediately

a)  Acetylcholine

b)  histamine

c)  Nitric oxide

d)  Adrenaline

62)        In one of the following situations metabolic acidosis does not occur

a)  Uncontrolled Diabetes mellitus

b)  Therapeutic administration of acetazolamide

c)  Chronic renal failure

d)  Production of less amount of lactic acid

63)        Which one of the following is an organ specific (localized) autoimmune disease

a)  Grave disease

b)  Scleroderma

c)  Polyarteritisnodosa

d)  Rheumatoid arthritis

64)        Following pairs represent antibiotic and its. Identify Correct pair

a)  Griseofulvin: Bacteria

b)  Polyenes: Fungi

c)  Colistin: Fungi

d)  Macrolides: Actinomycetes

65)        As per the drug and cosmetic act 1940, if a drug is not labelled in prescribed manner it is a

a)  Spurious drug

b)  Substandard drug

c)  Adulterated drug

d)  Misbranded drug

66)        The measured property of Ayurvedic herb “rasa” indicates

a)  Taste

b)  Post digestive effect

c)  Potency

d)  Physico-chemical properties

67)        The general purpose soda line glass is not  suitable material for fabricating the container for

a)  Parenteral

b)  Oral solutions

c)  Liquid for external use

d)  Dry powder

68)        In colour test for alkaloid colchicine with mineral acid gives……. Colour

a)  Blue

b)  Red

c)  Yellow

d)  Violet

69)        Nicotine from tobacco is an alkaloid which is

a)  Oxygen free liquid

b)  Semi solid

c)  Crystalline

d)  Oxygen free solida

70)        In solid solid mixing,_____ is the large scale continuous type mixer

a)  Sigma blender

b)  Ribbon blender

c)  Zigzag blender

d)  Twin shell blender

71)        Gold beater skin test is used to detect the presence of____ of class of compounds?

a)  Tannis

b)  Steroids

c)  Glycerides

d)  Resins

72)        International organisation for standardization (ISO) standard pertaining to quality system model for Quality Assurance in production, installation and servicing is given under

a)  ISO 9000

b)  ISO 9001

c)  ISO 9002

d)  ISO 9004

73)        Blood level monitoring of HbA1c is important in which of the given disease States?

a)  Hypercholesterolemia

b)  Diabetes mellitus

c)  Myocardial interaction

d)  Congestive heart failure

74)        Who is the current President of Pharmacy counselling of India?

a)  Dr Montu M.Patel

b)  Dr. B. Suresh

c)  Dr. Pramod Yeole

d)  Dr. Shailendra Saraf

75)        With reference to recent development regarding ‘ recombinant vector vaccine, consider the following statement? 1. Genetic engineering is applied in the development of the vaccine; 2. Bacteria and virus are used as vector ; Which of the statement given above is/are correct

a)  1

b)  2

c)  1&2

d)  Neither 1 or 2

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