AIIMS pharmacist previous year question papers March 2023

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Memory Based

Q.1)     Which of the following antibiotic is not given orally

*[a]      Gentamycin

[b]        Amoxicillin

[c]        Ciprofloxacin

[d]        Cotrimoxazole

Q.2)    Identify the mechanism of Hamer mill

[a]        Attrition

[b]        Cutting

*[c]      Impact

[d]        Compression

Q.3)    Duhring rule is related to

[a]        Crystallization

*[b]      Diatilation

[c]        Filtration

[d]        Size reduction

Q.4)    Which of the following is an anti-metabolic agent

[a]        Cyclophosphormide

[b]        Chlorambucil

*[c]      Methotrexate

[d]        Doxorubicin

Q.5)    Ring present in Proton pump inhibitor omiprazole

[a]        Benzene

* [b]     Benzimidazole

[c]        Pyridine

[d]        Indole

Q.6)    Both impact and attrition is the principle of

* [a]     Fluid energy mill

[b]        Disintegrator

[c]        Cutter mill

[d]        Hammer mill

Q.7)    Simple syrup IP contains…….sucrose

[a]        66.7 % w/v

[b]        85 % w/v

[c]        70 % w/v

*[d]      66.7 % w/w

[S7] Simple syrup contain 85% w/v (65% w/w); specific gravity 1.313 (USP) or 66.7% w/w as per Indian Pharmacopeia/BP.

Q.8)     Great baby syndrome is caused by

[a]  Gentamycin

[b]  Doxorubicin

*[c]            Chloramphenicol

[d]  Amikacin

Q.9)     Antidot for organophosphate poisoning is

[a]  Flumazenil

[b]  Pyridoxine

* [c]           Atropine

[d]  Sodium nitrite

Q.10)  Which of the following is not obtained from papaver somniferum

[a]  Morphin

[b]  Coding

[c]  Thebain

* [d]           Reserpine

Q.11)  Which sterilization technique is used for sterilization of surgical tracing

[a]  Dry heat sterilization

* [b]           Moist heat sterilization

[c]  Radiation sterilization

[d]  Gaseous sterilization

Q.12)          Which of the following is not a property of non steroid anti inflammatory drugs

[a]  Antipyretic

[b]  Anti thrombotic

* [c]           Hypothermia

[d]  Anti inflammatory

Q.13)  Instruction to pharmacist is given in which part of prescription

*[a]            Subscriptions

[b]  Superscripson

[c]  inScription

[d]  Signatura

Q.14)  Which of the following drugs do not need therapeutic drug monitoring

[a]  ketamine

[b]  phenytoin

* [c]           Theophylline

[d]  Codeine

Q.15)  Drug approved in India by

* [a]           CDSCO

[b]  FDA

[c]  MHRD

[d]  PMDA

Q.16)  Which among the following is the least soluble

[a]  Solution

[b]  Suspension

[c]  Uncoated tablet

* [d]           Enteric coated tablet

Q.17)  Beta blockers are not used for

[a]  Hypertension

* [b]           Asthma

[c]  Glucoma

[d]  Angina

Q.18)  Among the following which is not a bulk laxitive

[a]  bran

* [b]           lactulose

[c]  psyllium

[d]  methyl cellulose

Q.19)          Which of the following is the most preferred root of administration of Asthma treatment

* [a]           Inhalation

[b]  Oral

[c]  Subcutaneous

[d]  Intravenous

Q.20)  Half life of first order reaction is

[a]  1/K

* [b]           0.693/K

[c]  2K +1

[d]  K

Q.21)  To protect from UV rays tablet are stored in

Ans:          ambered color bottle

Q.22)  which antibiotics is used in micronized form

Ans:          griseofulvin

Q.23)  diuretics property

Ans:          increase urine output

Q.24)  Which of the following antihypertensive drug is prodrug

Ans:          enalapril

Q.25)  Which of the following solution followed pseudo plastic flow

Ans:          polymeric solution

Q.26)  Which of the following drug is not used as transdermal patches

Ans:          Theophylline

Q.27)  Which of the following drug is enzyme inducer

Ans:          phenobarbitone

Q.28)  Which coating is done in desolution apparatus ‘basket’

Ans:          Gold coating

Q.29)  Disulfiram like reaction is caused by which antidiarheal agent

Ans:          metronidazole

Q.30)  Which of the following tablet is placed sublingually

Ans:          Nitro glycerine

Q.31)  Mayers Regent give which type of precipitation

Ans:          cream

Q.32)  antidote for acetaminophen is

Ans:          N-acetyl cystein

Q.33)          drug sold under the prescription of registered medical practitioner comes under

Ans:          Schedule H

Q.34)  Used in medical termination of pregnancy

Ans:          mifepristone

Q.35)  Drugs most widely used as anti-inflammatory and painkiller

Ans:     NSAIDs

Q.36)  Pharmacy education and regulation is maintained by

Ans:          Pharmacy act 1948

Q.37)  If car’s index is 10% then flow of powder will be

Ans:          Excellent

Q.38)  High transaminase is related to which disease

Ans:          hepatitis

Q.39)  HLB value is used for

Ans:          Surfactant

Q.40)  Which of the following cell is part of immune system

Ans:          T Lymphocytes

Q.41)  Which of the following is 5-lipoxygenase  inhibitor

Ans:          Zileuton

Q.42)  Which drug is obtained from animal sources

Ans:          Insulin

Q.43)  Sterilization is process of

Ans:          Removal of all form of microorganism

Q.44)  Longest acting insulin

Ans:          glargine

Q.45)  NDA is filed after which phase of clinical TRIAL

Ans:     phase 3

Q.46)  All of these are example of antiseptic and disinfectant accept

Ans:          Ethacrynic acid

Q.47)  LESINURAD is used in

Ans:          gouty arthritis

Q.48)  Dextrose concentration in isotonic solution

Ans:          5% w/v

Q.49)  NaCl in 2 l of solution to make it isotonic

Ans:          18 g

Q.50)  hypertensive Crisis occurs in which type of interaction


Q.51)  Test used for flavonoid

Ans:          shinoda test

Q.52)  Following vitamin does not have antioxidant property

Ans:          Vitamin D

Q.53)  Progesterone is secreted by

Ans:          Placenta

Q.54)  Purpose of pharmaco vigilance

Ans:          Detection assessment understanding and prevention of adverse events

Q.55)  HMG CO-A reductase INHIBITOR used for

Ans:          hyperlipidemia

Q.56)  Central government launched scheme for drug at affordable price

Ans:          PMBJP

Q.57)  Complete description of drug is given in

Ans:          Pharmacopoeia

Q.58)  Following is Zwitter ions surfactant

Ans:          Lecithin

Q.59)  Therapeutic index measures

Ans:          Safety

Q.60)  deliquescent material have property of

Ans:          Loss of water

Q.61)  Shear stress and shear stain is measured by

Ans:          rotation viscometer

Q.62)  Which distillation Method is used for volatile oil extraction

Ans:          Steam distillation

Q.63)  Which Of the following drug is not an epileptic drug

Ans:          Cyclosporin

Q.64)  August kekule discovered structure of

Ans:          Benzeen

Q.65)  bolting of lubricant passes through

Ans:          passes through 150 mesh nylon clothes

Q.66)  Example OF EUDRAGIT

Ans:          L, S,FS AND E POLYMER

Q.67)  Which of the following is not present in RNA

Ans:          Thymidine

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