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Introduction to Pharmaceutical Dosage form | Pharmaceutics

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Drugs are rarely administered as pure chemical entity, Almost always given as formulated preparations i.e Dosage form. They are administered in the different dosage forms after converting them into a suitable dosage formulation. Drug substances are seldom administered alone; rather they are given as part of a formulation in combination with one or more nonmedicinal …

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Pharmaceutical Suppositories & Suppository bases

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Suppositories Suppositories are solid dosage forms intended for insertion into body orifices/cavities (nasal, vegina, rectal, ear, nose) where they melt, soften, or dissolve and exert localized or systemic effects. The medicament is incorporated into a suppository base. Suppository must dissolve in the body cavity fluid to release drug/medicament. The suppository can be used for both …

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Drug Stability Testing of Pharmaceutical Products

Any Pharmaceutical products are expected to meet their specifications for identity, purity, quality, and strength throughout their defined storage period at specific storage conditions, in a specific container/closure system. Stability Testing of Pharmaceutical Products The stability of a pharmaceutical product may be defined as the capability of a formulation to remain within its physical, chemical, …

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Clarification & Filtration (Pharmaceutics) notes

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Terms used in Filtration FILTRATION may be defined as the ‚ÄúSeparation of solids from a fluid by means of a porous medium that retains the solids but allows the fluid to pass. CLARIFICATION: When solid does not exceed 1.0%, filtration is termed as clarification & filtrate is the primary product. STRAINING: The object of filtration …

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